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  1. This will be tough, but got a feeling we might just get a 1-0 victory out of it, same team that started Saturday for me, will need Shinnie bite in midfield for this one, might change Forsyth if he is to knacked though. Then if not winning the game after 65 minutes bring Marriott on.
  2. Good game, so many positives since Christmas, u can now see how Cocu wants his teams to play, thought Bird was class at times, his reading of the game is excellent, also thought Rooney and Shinnie played well, Lawrence carried a threat all game, and a part from one bad pass from Wisdom he also had a good game, much more happy since Rooney joined, get a few ball playing centre backs in next season, and a new keeper, we will be banging on the door of promotion.
  3. Feeling confident for tonight, there centre backs are not the best, Rooney to bag a brace in a 2-1 victory in his 500th league game. Up the Rams
  4. Think most of u on here should take pity on me then, I started going in 79, got relagated to the 2nd division, then 4 years later we were in the 3rd, then thank god came Mr Cox, and then I could start to enjoy winning games more than losing then it felt so good. But 1 thing those poor times taught me was to always enjoy the good times and to always stick by your team. Once A Ram Always A Ram.
  5. Here we go again Roymac5, which managers in the last 15 years have u liked, and if u say Bily Davis, then please leave the forum for good, only joking mate I like your input and opinions, but please give a manager time to do a job.
  6. Roy Mac5 likes no manager, I have had this with him time and time again, we need a manager for the long term, Cocu is bringing in the youngsters and his style of play is a modern style of keeping the ball not hoof football, but nothing is good enough for Roymac5.
  7. Holmes has had a very good season, we will miss him loads, hope he can get back soon, Holmes, Bird and Rooney have been very good in the middle when they have all played together, hope the injury is not to serious.
  8. Not the best game, but the goal from Lawrence was pure class, would have won if Wisdom stays on the pitch, Bogle needs to improve his defensive side of the game Cocu was 100 percent to call him out, he has been poor for the last few games, needs to put some thought and passion into his game, best players today for me was Lawrence, Bird, Waghorn and Wisdom, Bogle and Roos to blame for there goal.
  9. Rooney has been excellent since he has arrived the best signing of the Jan window in the Championship without doubt, but since he came in the players around him have started to improve like Holmes, Bird, Lawrence and Knight, I think his will to win and be the best is rubbing off on all the other players.
  10. Cracking win that, Cocu got it right with his starting 11 and subs, starting to play the Cocu way since super Wayne came in, very happy Ram tonight, hope all who went had a cracking day out, bring on Bristol City now, would take a point, but u never know, I would keep the same 11, the only change I might make would be Shinnie for Knight, but in Cocu I trust, nice to have 3 different players hit the target again, good to see players finding the net, I am so excited for the rest of the season now.
  11. This is a massive game for us, win it, then the confidence will be flowing through the players veins, then who knows, in this very average division we could even make top6 unlikely but u never know, lose it again, then the up and down season continues great at home, poo away, think if we play like we did at Stoke, then any game in this division is winnable, fingers crossed for all rams fans who have made the long journey that u all return with massive smiles on your faces, could Rooney score his first ever goal at Swansea today, in a Derby 2-1 victory.
  12. So there we are, I was right to say once Rooney was here things would get better, and they are results wise, entertainment wise.,and a great attitude now being shown by the squad, a great start, let's keep things going, and see where it all ends up, 3 points on Saturday against Swansea, then it could really start getting exciting, good times are a coming for the Rams, I can feel it in my bones.
  13. Looking forward to this games, it's important we go into the game in form, and I am sure most will want to play in this game, so that should put a extra spring into all the players, is it winnable? Definitely, and it will be a cracking atmosphere at the ground, would love to see Derby win some silverware, but I think that's a few seasons away at the moment, since Rooney has come in, the play is definitely better, we are keeping the ball better and creating more chances, so here is hoping for a entertaining end to the season.
  14. Glad I went, should have scored more, and not been so sloppy at times, but thought Rooney was a joy to watch his vision is top draw, so glad he came to Derby to show case his skills and his desire, attitude and will to win is a great example to all of the team, also thought Holmes was again very good and took his goal well, so plenty of positives to look forward to, now let's go to Swansea and get our 2nd away win in the Championship, play on the front foot and I think it will happen
  15. Hoping for a good game tonight, and we get through so Rooney can get the winner against the mancs, that is what the FA cup is all about, but a tough game tonight, so we need to turn up and match there passion and work rate then let our football do the talking.
  16. Not a clue, but if I remember rightly he missed plenty of sitters that year, scored a cracker against us once as well, while playing for Sheff Wednesday.
  17. That Leicester play off final game, will haunt me for ever, how we ever lost that I will never know, yes Williams ducking out the way did not help granted.
  18. Loved every second of that, so many great performances, for me Rooney was just pure class, and Forsyth had Ince in his pocket all game, all good goals, and looked a team, I think we can see give Cocu time, and he will get the job done, loved Rooney's free kick, and Bogle hitting the 4th was pure heaven, get the away performances right, then watch the mighty Rams go, why are some Stoke fans such ducking idiots, would love to see them drop down to division 1.
  19. To lose that match was unbelievable no wonder Cocu is so mad, that defending was pub league standard at best, shame because with the ball at times we looked good, hope we get a few in, centre back, left back, midfielder and a forward please we need a shake up and quick, still can not believe how we threw that game away. 2 good goals as well from us tonight, and we gave 2 awful goals away, hope we get a reaction against Stoke after that performance
  20. I have also lost patience with him, 6 million pounds for a player who looks like he wants out, and that miss tonight was awful, should have buried that, the only reason he plays, is to put him in the shop window, offers nothing, apart from sulking about all game, it's very rare for me to critise a player but Lawrence has had more chances than anyone. Rant over.
  21. Agree Cocu has done great with the young players, but will he get any money to spend in this or the next transfer window, as our situation on ffp does not look good, for me Cocu has done a good job, in very hard circumstances, he has my full backing, would love him to succeed as manager of Derby.
  22. For me that was a poor game, how Robbie Savage kept saying it was a good game is beyond me, positives still in the cup, clean sheet, young lads getting game time, and more senior pros getting match fitness, let's hope for a better performance and 3 points against Luton.
  23. I think Cocu will play Tom Huddlestone instead of Bird, harsh but Cocu likes how Tom keeps the ball, for me Bird is the man, but I like Cocu, so I will back Cocu, and I hope we get the win, 1-0, Rooney has to score soon.
  24. Looking forward to this game, will be watching it on BT sports, as I could not get a ticket, if Shinnie and Marriott are both fit I would deffo start them, so my 11 would be. Roos Wisdom. Davis. Clarke. Malone Bird. Shinnie Holmes. Rooney. Knight Marriott. Think this team would get us a 2-0 victory, let's get behind them with Marriotts pace, and have runners in behind, Holmes and Knight, with Rooney picking the passes off all game. And have some energy in there with Shinnie, and also Bird will keep the ball, and he has more movement than Huddlestone, come on you Rams, get us through, and hopefully get a big draw at home to someone like Chelsea.
  25. I hope this does happen to shut them mouthy twits up down the A52, but for me, Wayne has deffo improved us, today was probably his worse game for us, but he still showed touches of class, can not wait to turn the dogs over in March, and would love it, if Wayne hits the next hat trick against the red dogs, that would be remembered for ever. Once A Ram Always A Ram.
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