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  1. Wow, we were second best all game, but who gives a duck, after Chris Martins beautiful finish, loved his celebrations, you never know this could kick start Chris Martins and Derbys season, so please to send Leeds home with there tails between there legs again, so a big thankyou to my man of the match Chris Martin for his touches, falling over and a great finish, also looks in good shape again.
  2. Any team in this division or any other division. for that matter, can beat anyone , look at Norwich beating Man City last weekend for proof of that, heard at the mo Derby have sold 1300 tickets for this, so all off you going well done get behind the boys and bring home the 3 points, I will be watching at home, due to the price and dropping my other half off , at the airport at 7 in the morning, going to Barnsley instead, think we can do it, Marriott is due a goal, for me I would play a midfield 3 of Bielik for his strength and composure Shinnie for energy and Holmes for his running on and off the ball, my prediction 2-1 to the Rams, let's see the Leeds scum crying at the end again.
  3. No mate I feel the same, Bielik will drive us on like Stimac did, it will all get better and better, would love it to start against Dirty Leeds. Now that would be a perfect start to shut the mouthy Leeds scum up.
  4. My thoughts on tonight's game, I thought we played some good stuff, Bielik could be one hell of a player, Keogh was very good again, for me Roos is poor, Huddlestone needs taking out the team, once a great player, but his best days are behind him, thought Dwayne Holmes was excellent, trying to make things happen all the time, we had our chances to win, and you can see what Cocu is trying to bring to the team, a positive things will get better, after Leeds we have games like Brum, Barnsley and Luton which we will win, think we are 3 players off getting promotion, so next year could be that season, but if we are in a good position when Wayne arrives then who knows because Wayne will improve us so so much, he will retain the ball, score goals, create and drive the team on. Let's all stay positive good times ahead.
  5. International break over, the Rams come out fighting, putting one over Mr Warnock, Neil blames everything after the Rams beat them 2-0, 2 goals for Marriott, and we all go home happy, that's if your a Rams fan.
  6. You make me laugh Roy, you moan about Rowetts style of play, Billy Davis was no better, how many 1-0 wins did we get with Billy in charge, the football we played under Billy was poo to watch, and some of his signings when we went up where awful, Clod Davis and bloody Earnshaw, hated Davis with a passion.
  7. Your post is embarrassing mate, you would boo in there face, and you call your self a supporter, if you did. Boo in there face you might get a slap, which you would have deserved.
  8. Totally agree with the last 5 comments together we are the Derby family, and we should all be together as one. My Granddad always told me Once A Ram Always A Ram. And that is what supporting a team is all about, bad times, good times we are always there supporting the boys who wear the Ram on there jersey.
  9. And Billy was part of the worst team in history, I rest my case.
  10. But last season we got to a play off final, and the season before we got in the play offs, when I started following Deruby back in 79, we had 5 really poo seasons before Mr Cox came, and gave us a club to be proud of again, listen we are not far away, we have a good owner, great stadium, mainly a good fan base, some great young players coming through and a manager who in the end will get us through this, let's stay positive, it's only 6 games in for ducks sake"
  11. Wow just like to say 6 games in and some right bankers talking poo as per, if you do not like what you see then do myself and many others a favour and stay the duck away, I go to games both home and away to support my club through THICK and THIN, that is what supporting a club is all about, and let's have this same debate after 16 games not after 6. You sound like ducking Manu fans.
  12. Another play station geek, who thinks he knows all about football, bet if you was managing this squad you would take us up no problems, grow up, we all new this was going to take time,. So support the team
  13. Come on Roy for ffs, you was behind this appointment , give him time, in fact you always have a go at all our managers, who would you have as Derby manager, slagged off Lampard a lot last season , hated Rowett, but they got us in the play offs and the final, love them or hate them that's fact, out of interest who would you have as manager? Your ducking self come on mate give it time.
  14. Listen Mel wants the young players to be given a chance, he knows he has a very tight budget to work from, want Cocu is doing is what Mel wanted, apart from the defeats, but he knows it will take time. And those fans going on about how good Frank was, are they the same ones who moaned about his first 11 against Villa, every fan in the ground knew we was not going to win that game let's all get behind our new boss Cocu. And let's support the lads when the season starts again on 13th of September, I can see it getting a lot better, then I will remind some of you the comments you were making earlier on in the season, I have book marked this thread, let's discuss in Jan 2020.
  15. Not at all, most right minded fans new it would take time, we are playing lots of youngsters who need our support not booing them and shouting poo at them, it will take time, but in the end it will work, I bet you wanted Jimbo out of the job, bottom of the table in October and looked want happened in the end, plenty of games in the championship and after 16 games you still have 90 points to play for.
  16. Great post mate, let us fans come back refresh and get behind the boys against Cardiff and lets get the 3 points, a few goals, and let's start bouncing again for ducks sake.
  17. Sounds like you want to go with how Rowett set his team up, fans hated him, but we still got in the play offs with a ageing team, but that needed changing , at the moment we have a young team who need support, they will not get that with some Derby fans but it's only 6 games in and the patience of some have gone already, please let's start to judge after 16 games have gone, we need to stay together as a club and supporters need to support this young new team, success will come but it will take time.
  18. Yes mate I agree, the atmosphere was red hot an till you got the second, then we became very quite, but when something serious came along we all stood as one and shown our respect for a footballer who had passed away, which every team should do, for me the passion at the Derby Forest games are second to none, but 99 percent of both sets of fans still respect the footballing family, only Millwall. And Leeds seem to have little or no respect at times, looking forward to getting some revenge in November at the city ground, next time it will be the Forest fans who are walking out with 10 minutes left. Once A Ram Always A Ram.
  19. Got back one hour ago, calmed down a bit after some ale, now I am always very positive, but tonight really upset me, I hate Forest with a passion, been following the Rams for 40 years and to lose in that manner was hard to take, but yes I am still behind Cocu and I hope he gets it right in the league games, but to have them Gumps taking the piss was bloody hard to take. Once A Ram Always A Ram..
  20. Just been on the website to see how many tickets we have left for Brentford, and it is sold out, that's 4 out of the first 5 away games sold out, I know most are quite local, but that's not a bad effort, and if Huddersfield was not on sky we would have sold that out as well, nice to see the Rams being backed on the road by our supporters. Looking forward to my first away game tomorrow night at Forest.
  21. Well I am going so can not wait, and I am sure the other 3300, rams fans going are going there wanting to win, I never want to lose against that lot down the a52, and I hope everyone connected with Derby wants to win, winning breeds confidence, and I know 1 or 2 red dogs so I deffo want the bragging rights. No Rams fans I know want to lose this one, and I know plenty believe me.
  22. Oh hooters the place with the second biggest tits in Nottingham, the first being in the city ground block A.
  23. Wow just been on a Forest forum the way they talk about us is a disgrace, I will be there on Tuesday night and I really hope we shut up the 6 finger Gumps, how they can call us is beyond a joke, that city is full of you know what, let's smash them and take the bragging rights and in the next round let's get Chelsea at home. I love a cup run, it can help with confidence, which is a very important thing going into the November/ December fixtures.
  24. And so it should, he has been our stand out player so far, hope he has the chance in his career to take us to the premier league, been an excellent signing for us, will be remembered and loved by most fans for years to come, mr Keogh is everything that is good about our famous club.
  25. A great post mate, and yes most fans who understand the game, can see the direction we are moving in, we have some great young players coming through, signing great young talent like Bielik, who will become a crowd favourite in time, and Rooney to come in, and he will give the younger players so much good advice,he will also lead by example, and also he will be a class act at this level, exciting times ahead for all rams fans.
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