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  1. A few changes today, Lawrence owes us today, can only see a Dcfc 2-1, win, my glass is always half full. Or I am still pissed from the rum I had last night. Always believe.
  2. WBA 2 Derby 3. Plenty of goals, Sibley back on the score sheet with 2, Rooney to win it from a free kick in the 85th minute
  3. They remind me of a Billy Davis team, glad we have Cocu as a manager, because in the end it will benefit the club so much more than what the red dogs have.
  4. But he will not, Rooney has been very good since he came, no way will he drop him to the bench for such an important game. Give your head a shake.
  5. No Rooney, he has been excellent since he came, his on Fielding coaching alone is worth a place in the team, his over all game at Preston was class, against forest he was average like the rest of the team. Thank god Cocu picks the team and not you.
  6. I think I would deffo bring in Shinnie for this game, also add Lowe for pace, and maybe Whittaker for Holmes. Hamer Bogle. Evans. Clarke. Liwe Bird. Shinnie Rooney Knight. Martin. Whittaker Think this will give us a solid platform, to work from, get the full backs forward and let's have a bit of width, if Wisdom is ready then drop Evans. Big game, but WBA, will be under alot of pressure to get the 3 points, it could work to our advantage. COYR.
  7. Well said Roy, thank god we scored in that last minute. Else all the red dogs I know, would be giving me loads on Monday. And once again we can sing. We only had 10 men we only had 10, 10 men we only had 10 men.
  8. Thank god for that equaliser, made my weekend. Could not allow the dogs to beat us 3 on the bounce this year. Not our greatest performance, but still a great point in the end. Pleased Chris Martin has final got a goal against the red dogs. And remember Rams fans, they failed to beat 10 man Derby again. We only had 10 men, we only had 10 men.
  9. Such a important goal, has chance, and he is there, the one and only Chris Martin, could be a massive point in the end. Lucky point, but a great point, could not handle Forest winning again.
  10. Looking forward to this game now, and also confident we will win, its our time, Forest will sit deep, so patience will be key, Rooney and Bird to run the midfield, going 2-1, to the Rams Scores Waghorn and Sibbo, to shut them up down the A52.
  11. Not to bothered about this, get him off the wage bill, money can be spent better else where, prefer Bird and Rooney in the midfield, Shinnie as back up, also have Bielik for next season, and Evans can play there as well, so plenty of cover there, his wages could go to a good goal keeper which we are desperate for.
  12. Bloody awful news, going to see your family and this happens, there's some real twits out there, need tougher senstances, anyone with a knife serves 10 years minimum, it needs stopping. Hope Mr Wisdom, makes a full recovery and is back in a rams top soon. We have had no luck at all this season, Cocu has had problems, after problems, hope we have some good luck soon.
  13. I know Lawrence was foolish to get sent off at the end, but during the 90 minutes, he scores a wonder goal, and I thought caused them a few problems, for me for his 90 mins performance he was a 7 all day long
  14. Looking forward to this game, play like we know we can, no probs 3-1 the rams. Fancy Wayne for a couple and another Sibbo cracker. Glad to see Martin in the starting 11, positive line up again. Good mix of youth and experience. COYR.
  15. Or I had to much Rum last night lol
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