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  1. Must win, will win, can not wait for another great home performance, we will win this one 5-1, improving our goal difference, Bristol will lose at Wednesday and for once the red dogs will do us a favour and beat Boro, top 6, then the all important game at Bristol City, it's going to tough and one hell off a end to the season, that's why I love the play offs it keeps the season alive, till the last game of the season. Will be backing our team on Monday with all the positive support they need and deserved, what ever happens, it's been a good first season for Frank, and will be an interesting summer ahead.
  2. Right just been on web site all tickets gone, and not letting you buy section 37, why is that I wonder.
  3. Waghorn is deffo better played as a number 9. He works his socks off, and he is strong lad who is hard to knock off the ball, would love to see Marriott play alongside him, think they could work together, maybe something Frank might work on in preseason, and Waghorn goal today was a perch, great finish.
  4. A tough game, and a good point in the end, could have been a victory if Tomori took his chance, but in the end we showed fighting spirit, and Waghorn hit a great goal, thought Cole was man of the match, but also thought Bryson had a good game, still all to play for, think it will go down to the last game of the season, Bristol and Boro, have 2 tough games coming up on Monday, think Wednesday will beat Bristol City, and could the red dogs do us a favour and beat Boro, all to play for, can not wait till QPR on Monday, think we will win that one, then onto Bristol City which will be tough game, a great end to the season awaits us.
  5. Sorry just checked again, you was right, one block not even up to buy yet, going not as quick as I thought, mind you the price of going away all the time is not cheap, win today, then they will be gone by Monday.
  6. No mate, the last block has 70 left, and one other has 2, that's what the Internet is saying anyway..
  7. If we are on block 38 already I would say less than a 1000 already, it's going to be another sell out by the look of it.
  8. Enjoyed the game yesterday, yes Bolton were poor, but some of our attacking moves where a joy to watch, and well done to Mount who got his first hat trick in English football, he is going to be some player, maybe a player in the Frank Lampard mode, thought Waghorn was man of the match, everything went through him and he was so strong and held the ball up like Martin use to in the Mac days, can not wait for Brum away now, a tough game, but we can do it, as a Ram we must always believe.
  9. His performance was a great number 9, game yesterday, he held the ball up, played runners in, was hard to knock off the ball, it had everything but a goal, which he deserved, will be a very important player for us us if we are going to make the play offs.
  10. For myself and 98 percent of fans Bryson, has been an excellent signing, giving his all every time he plays, maybe he is not the player he was, but he never hides and is still one of the best Derby players of the last 7 years, loved his goal yesterday, and thought he played well, getting into the box and and time again, he will be a important part of our team now in the run in, so let's get behind him and the team, like we did yesterday.
  11. Love your attitude mate, I agree 2 wins on the bounce, then it's all back on, we need at least 4 wins out of the next 6, to have any chance of the playoffs, starting with tomorrow, let's drive the team on, think we will win all our home games, so let's get on the road and support the boys in black and White, once a Ram always a Ram.
  12. Worst post of the season, you talk total rubbish, Frank is doing a good job overall, we need stability, and a manager who will give youth a chance, as we do not have the funds to go out and buy the best players at this level at the moment, so us fans need to show support and patience.
  13. I would also blame the 11 players on the pitch, we had enough out there to win, the players also have to take some responsibility, they do get paid well, you never know which Derby will turn up, think we have a lot to do now to get into the top 6, at least 4 wins required, think our away performance have let us down this year. Should beat Bolton on Saturday though, so at least I will enjoy my weekend.
  14. Great post, agree with this 100 percent, nice to be playing some good football again, players looking like they want the ball, and yes Blackburn will be tough but hoping for a 2-1 Rams win, also think if Waghorn is injured, Jack will get another chance, and will score with Mount getting the other one, 6 cup finals left, I think we will just scrape into the top 6.
  15. I agree at the mo, pp is getting a lot better atmosphere all over the stadium, long may that continue, think 99 percent of fans are behind what Frank is trying to do with the team, also notice away numbers are starting to increase as well .
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