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  1. Why we have a game in hand on Forest, 2 points behind them, and 2 points behind Blackburn who are in terrible form, still 8 to 10 teams in a relegation scrap at the moment. I think we have enough to stay up if i am being honest with u, 5 wins 2 draws will see to that deffo.
  2. We where poor tonight no hiding from that. But since Wayne came in, we are in top 6 form, so a great turn around, yes he rested players, but Knight and Kazim will hopefully benefit from the rest, lets see how we do against Coventry and Barnsley, 4 points would be great, 2 not a disaster, and 3 would be good, and 6 would be out of this world, lets all get behind the team and the club, because staying in this division is so important for our futures on and off the pitch. Once A Ram Always A Ram.
  3. Thank you so much Kazim, could not have taken those lot down the road beating us, love your attitude, and can not wait to see u live next season in a full pride park stadium cheering u and the boys on to victory. Once A Ram Always A Ram.
  4. Rooney needs good half time team talk, is it time for 2 up front Gregiry, Bird off go 442, lets take the game ti them, i still believe 2-1 to the team in black and white, COYR
  5. For me Knigjt star man 9, was like watching the great Bryan Ribinson he is like dog poo he gets everywhere, CKR 8, a great number 9 performance, Shinnie 8 the same gives his all, Wisdom 7, very good centre back perfirmance, the rest i agree with lol
  6. Beat them, go above them, and shut the Notts inbreds up. Once A Ram Always A Ram. Kazim to win it for us. Can not wait now an till Friday night.
  7. Good workman like performance, we are now a team, Knight my MOTM, did not stop, also Kazim very good as well, can not wait to take the Red Dogs on now at PP, on friday, just wish it could be a full stadium to see Kazim win it for us 1-0.
  8. Cracking time to be a rams supporter, in division 2 we won more away games than ever before, going to Oldham, on the plastic pich and winning 4-1, was the day i knew we was going up, and Sheff United away 10000 seeing Gee put the ball through the keepers legs the away end went metal, that was one of the best away days of my life, then when we went up, Mr Cox bought in players like Mcminn, Shilton, Wright, Goddard and Saunders, now they where the best days of my footballing life watching that team play. Hope these times come back soon.
  9. For me, we showed plenty of spirit, the disallowed goa was a , goal all day long, there keeoer from that corner did a great save, Watfords first goal was very lucky, how it ended up in the goal, we scored a very lucky goal as well, for me we did enough for a point, against a very good Watfird team, 2 massive games coming up next week, which i can not wait for, can see us getting 6 points from them.
  10. Can not wait to get in the pub by 12, see a few mates again have a few beers, get to pp at 2.30, see a few more faces at the game, have a bounce, then if we win have a few more to celebrate and feel great all weekend, if we lose have a few more and feel poo all weekend lol Once A Ram Always A Ram.
  11. As a Derby fan i can never deal with losing to any other championship club, all games in this division is winnable, we have a decent record against the teams in the top half, for me like Mr Rooney we need to concentrate on a game a time, and like Mr Rooney i believe we can get something from this game if not a win, then a draw at the least. Once A Positive Ram Always A Positive Ram.
  12. Every game in this bang average division is winnable, dont be surprised if we get a result tomorrow night. I am backing Rooney and his back room staff to put a plan together to get us a very unlikely Derby win i am going for a hard earned 2-0, victory to the super Rams, always good to be pisitive before any game, goals from Knight and Waghorn.
  13. For me a very good 3 points, which we did not deserve, but job done, we have played better and not won this season , home against Wycombe and Coventry, away against Forest, all draws, so tonight we got a tad lucky but so what. Rooney was right in what he said we played poorly, and he will not accept that level of performance, well done to him for being honest most managers are not, we will be better against Watford, mark my words on it, and don't t be surprise if we do not get a positive result against them. Once A Ram Always A Ram.
  14. Big game tonight, i have faith in Wayne, he is doing a great job, seems to have got the squad d together, and they look like they are enjoying there football again. Going for a 2-0, rams victory goals coming from Jozwiak will play and score, and i feel its time for a Clarke headed goal frim a corner. COYR.
  15. A team full of Shinnie, will fight, battle, chase and give it his all for 90 plus minutes, then the 3 points are ours.
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