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  1. Looking forward to this game, will be watching it on BT sports, as I could not get a ticket, if Shinnie and Marriott are both fit I would deffo start them, so my 11 would be. Roos Wisdom. Davis. Clarke. Malone Bird. Shinnie Holmes. Rooney. Knight Marriott. Think this team would get us a 2-0 victory, let's get behind them with Marriotts pace, and have runners in behind, Holmes and Knight, with Rooney picking the passes off all game. And have some energy in there with Shinnie, and also Bird will keep the ball, and he has more movement than Huddlestone, come on you Rams, get us through, and hopefully get a big draw at home to someone like Chelsea.
  2. I hope this does happen to shut them mouthy twits up down the A52, but for me, Wayne has deffo improved us, today was probably his worse game for us, but he still showed touches of class, can not wait to turn the dogs over in March, and would love it, if Wayne hits the next hat trick against the red dogs, that would be remembered for ever. Once A Ram Always A Ram.
  3. Holmes had a good game today, loved his energy, and he also gets us up the pitch quickly, also has time to improve, great signing from scunthorpe.
  4. Just got back in, not a great game, but we got the win, which I thought we deserved thought Knight and Holmes were very good, they give us much needed engine, that's 6 unbeaten now, starting to enjoy winning games again. On Rooney u can see he has so much class and is a team player did some lovely touches today not his best game, but u can see how much quality he has, also thought our shape without the ball was very good today. The Whisky will taste alot better again tonight after another win, let's keep this run going and get to 10 unbeaten, also pleased for Cocu, who has had a tough start to managing in England, but I think he will prove a very good manager given time.
  5. Can not wait, great feeling about the match tomorrow, think everyone connected with Derby will be up for this players, management and most of all us the fans, let's get the win, sing our hearts out and stick 2 fingers up at the EFL, think we will win this 2-0, and hope Rooney gets on the score sheet, let's make it 6 unbeaten, Derby till we die.
  6. 100 percent agree with this, would love to find a centre back as good and solid as Keogh, has Mel got 10 million plus to spend, wish he had not got in that vehicle that night of shame, we have missed him so so much this season, anyway onto the future, we need a good centre back, wide man and forward in, then promotion is ours. And PS, Bennett is a good squad player to have around, and can make a impact off the bench, we need a squad not just 11 players starting, so if the deal is right for DCFC then sign him up.
  7. First half was not good but Cocu got into them, and told them so, second half much better so well done to Cocu for that, he is here to stay, so let's get behind him, I agreed with the starting 11, apart from Lawrence, but all managers picked him, and for me he has always been inconsistent, but the last 3 managers can not all be wrong. For what's it worth I like Cocu and I hope he has success with us, and think he will, but it will take a bit of time, and I can see an improvement since Rooney came, and with players coming back I see us having a decent season from now on
  8. Do not agree the starting 11 was fine, and we got a good point away to the inform team, so what would you have done differently, have you got your badges or do you manage a under 11 team, Cocu will get us in great shape, this time next year we will be top 6 or better.
  9. Great goal from Holmes, and a good point away bring on Hull now, Rooney deffo making a difference, 5 unbeaten looking like a good second half of a season coming up.
  10. I also went, think it was one of Clements first game as Derby boss. 1-1, as well, went to the pub at the top of the hill, think it was a weather spoons pub, enjoyed the day out as I went on the train. And had quite a few beers that day as well.
  11. Great Post mate, Watched it on Espn, and the rams support was excellent, wish I was there, but well done to all that went for that great support, also every player played there part, but Rooney was something else, gets the best out of all the other players around him as well, good times around the corner my friend.
  12. That was a good away win, Sibley ran his socks off, Forsyth was good at the back as was Bogle, Huddlestone had a good game, Martin took his chance well, but my Mom was Rooney he was a delight to watch, hope he stays fit, as he also brings the best out of all them around him as well, looking forward to the rest of the season.
  13. Watching it on my mag box on Espn, playing well, Rooney is looking very good with the ball, sibley working his socks off as well, good noise from the away fans as well, hope we keep this up, better at keeping the ball today as well, probably due to Rooneys influence.
  14. What planet are u from, Rooney wil give us so much, what we lacked before he came, think the next 20 league games could be very interesting, book Mark this page please mods.
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