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  1. Yes but a bloody negative one, who we are better without, I bet you sit there all game moaning, your the type of fan I hate to sit next to, a fan who has never played the game in there life. Now you do one Mr negative.
  2. We are 7th, 2 points away from the play offs, come on, we have been through a lot worse times being a Rams fan. Let's see were we finish before we all start slitting our wrists.
  3. The trouble with you Roy Mac5 you always seem to love it when Derby lose, you are always posting more when things are going not well, that's why some of us think your a troll, or maybe something else, we all know it was poor, but to be honest with you , when Frank came in, most of us said it would take time, and a top 10 finish would be OK, it's gonna time, and plenty of support from us the fans and Mel the owner, when did you have anything positive to say about any Derby manager in the last 10 years?
  4. No excuses that was poor tonight, from everyone, Millwall, got there tactics spot on, take your time on all set plays, get under Derbys skin, get under the fans skin, and in the end 2 shots on goal all game, 1 from us 1 from there, it was awful tonight, and the atmosphere was as poor as I can remembered for a long time, but let's all move on, as we have a massive game on Monday and we MUST ALL, be ready, as with 14 games left, all is not lost, if we beat the red dogs then we can all bounce again together. Once a Ram always a Ram, come rain or shine.
  5. Can anyone with a season ticket buy a Forest one tomorrow, I have only been to 4, or is it still 6 away games even tomorrow.
  6. No Mount has to come straight back in, we have missed him, a certain starter for myself, Frank and anyone else who understands the game.
  7. I agree Angry it is a opportunity missed, but in general I am pleased how Frank has done so far, think the last 15 games will be very interesting indeed, think with players like Mount and Marriott on there way back from injury and the additions of Cole and King to the squad, we should be good enough to get into the play offs, then the fun will really begin.
  8. Wow, you are way off the mark, Frank and Jody for myself, and many other right minded fans are doing a good job, you are so over the top, last 4 league games we have taken 8 points, beat Millwall on Wednesday and we are in the top 6, we have important players returning like Marriott and Mount, we have just added two quality players to the squad in King and Cole, we have a very exciting last 15 cup finals to look forward to, so stop your over the top negativity and get behind your club. I think you could end up eating your own words, Derby are in a good place right now.
  9. Totally agree, we are in alright form, points wise good, and with Mount, Marriott coming back from injury and Cole and King now added to the squad, I believe the next 15 games will be very interesting, and I for one can not wait, could be a season to remember?
  10. Think he will come back refreshed and ready to go, he will start against the red dogs, and hit the winner, for a fantastic 1-0, victory, with Mount,Marriott and Cole in the team, we will have a much stronger team out there for our remaining games, the run in looks to be a very exciting one, and the squad is looking strong for that run in. So let get behind the lads.
  11. That team looks good to me, we will win 3-0, get the 3 points, then the excitement can build before the red dogs match.
  12. Poor today no excuses from myself, We all know it was poor me, you and Frank, felt sorry today for all those 1000s who travelled down at stupid oh clock, or who have paid to stay in a hotel, but that's football for you, dust ourselves down and get a very important 3 points on Wednesday night v Millwall, which I think we will do. P.S for those of you who went down today great support , could hear you all second half driving the boys on, you where a credit again today, as our away support usually is.
  13. Only been to one game abroad and that was Barcelona v AC Milan, about 13 years ago, it was a friendly, great occasion, with 93000 in attendance, Barcelona won 2-1, kicked off at about 10 pm, after fireworks, bought my ticket from the bank and sat way up, but still a great view, saw some great players that night like Eto, Ronaldinho, Nesta and Mancini, but after the game there was no taxis, took me hours to get back to the hotel, but a night I will never forget, and yes I wore my Rams top.
  14. What did I say the other week, one poor result or performance, and the boo boys are back, Mclovin, and Roymac5 only post to be negative, I think I have a chant coming along, you only post when your moaning post when your moaning.
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