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  1. I really hope this is BS, as how could a so call Derby fan do this to the club he loves, but i will wait if it becomes fact before i really let rip about our owner, time for a wine to calm me down.
  2. 199 tickets left, will get more as well, so all who want to go will get a ticket no probs, got my, as i love an away trip to south yorkshire, will be in the sheffield tap at opening time, having a good few ales before the match, hope we can bring home the 3 points, then i will not give a poo how much i have paid lol
  3. Great performance from Kelle, tonight, he has all the quality's to be a top keeper, he just needs to believe in himself, and tonight should have done his confidence a world of good, he was even coming for crosses tonight and winning it everytime, well done tonight Roos, u got the Rams a very hard fought point, man of the match for me tonight.
  4. Back by popular demand. After a hard fought point against WBA, now we turn our attentions to Stoke at home on Saturday, if we show the same heart, and a little bit more care in front of goal i believe we will win this 2-0, goals from Jozwiak and Lawrence, 3 points on saturday, could give this team a real confidence boost.
  5. Just got back in, wow my voice has gone, what great vocal support from the away end, and what a team effort to keep it at 0-0, a great point, we never gave up to night, a point deffo gained tonight, 3 points now on saturday. Great to be in the away end tonight, will deffo be making the trip to Sheffield United, the supporters, players and coaches all are in this together, and we are staying up. Once A Ram Always A Ram.
  6. How is the traffic mate, just leaving in a mo, due to my bro being late as per usual lol. Up the Rams, lets make some noise tonight boys.
  7. Sorry wrong thread thought i was in the WBA away one lol
  8. Don't think Forsyth will be on the bench mate, he is suspended still. Will miss him as well, as WBA like to pump the ball into the box.
  9. Cheers mate, Vydra scored over 20 goals the season after for Mr Rowett, unless i dreamt that one up as well lol
  10. Best signings in rhe Morris reign. Would be Vydra, Curtis Davis, both Rowett signings, Tom Ince was a exciting player and we made money on him. Also having Mount and Tomri on loan was a pleasure seeing 2 top young players, always knew these 2 would go on to better things, for me Mount will be one of Englands best players for the next 8 years at least.
  11. I leave the next one to you, only started it, as no one else could be arsed.
  12. I agree with you mate, Mel has ripped this club apart, he has got alot more wrong than he has got right in my opinion, and the sooner he is gone the better , and then hopefully the mighty Rams can rebuild again.
  13. Well guys and girls. A tough looking away trip to the Albion, but in this very average championship anything can happen, they onlly managed a draw with Millwall on saturday, so i am hoping for my first away trip off the seasin we some how manage a win, hope all us Rams Fans are bouncing at the end of the game, i am going for a 1-0, smash and grab.
  14. First away game of the season 1-0, to the Rams to send the away end crazy, Curtis from a corner 79th minute, WBA to miss a hat full.
  15. Got home from work today, and waiting for me on the hall mat was my 3 WBA tickets, stress now over, can not wait for tuesday night now.
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