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  1. I agree with your post, and yes Roos does need to come for crosses more, he does not fill me with much confidence at the moment, that's why I would start Hamer.
  2. Looking forward to this match, Bristol will be a good test for us. Think it's time for both Marriott and Bielik to start, Also I would bring in Hamer as keeper. So my team would look like this GK Hamer RB Lowe. CB Keogh. CB Clarke. LB Malone . CM Biielik. CM Evans . AM Dowell RWF Lawrence. CF. Marriott. LWF Waghorn . Think this team will have a nice balance and if Dowell is not doing the business then bring Knight on. Got to get both Waghorn and Marriott in the team, to see how they do. And Bielik for me could prove a very important player for us this season.
  3. For me Roos, is the weak link in our back 5, never comes off his line at corners, and is also average at shop stopping, think in the end he will lose the number one jersey.
  4. You have your opinion I have my, let's have a bet on it, I am very confident in my footballing knowledge 100 pound we will make top 6, to any charity of your and my choice, put your money where your mouth is because I am 100 percent confident in my opinion, at this level we have a good squad and when Rooney comes in we have a excellent squad , dare I say maybe even top 2.
  5. I also think he is a great manager, but I will disagree with you about not having the players, at this level our squad is top six material no doubt about that, two great centre halfs at this level, Bogle a great right back, Bielik is a power house who will prove his worth over the season, Lawrence is a match winner and two good forwards at this level, with Rooney to come in Jan, we have lots to look forward to, so sit back and enjoy the ride back to the Premiership, in Cocu we trust.
  6. Lol my bad of course he can not play against his employers.
  7. I agree with your post 100 percent, we are bedding in, and still not losing games, a good point at Stoke today, which we nearly grabbed all 3 points in, think we could see Bielik,Paterson and Marriott all start on Tuesday night. In Cocu I trust.
  8. Get a like from me, you are a supporter who always talks sense, a few games in and some have the knives out already, a supporter is meant to support are they not?
  9. The best partnership for myself, while it lasted , was Saunders and Goddard, also loved Ted and Micklewhite on the wings , can not believe Goddard wanted to go back down south and sign for that shower of poo Millwall, who never appreciated what a great player he was. Saunders was everything a number 9 should be , could finish, worked his arse off every game, chased down every ball, and always gave his all.
  10. They will soon go, I was hoping for 4000 plus, now it's not even on Sky the demand will be massive, hope I can get one.
  11. I might be wrong, like I was about the result at Stoke, but I do believe we took 9000 in the cup game.
  12. Yes you are right plastic pitch, but we were brillant that day I think we went second or top that day.
  13. Yes it was mate, my favourite away day ever, took 10,000 with us and when Gee scored I went from top of the terrace to the bottom, fantastic season that one was. Will never forget that game at Sheffield think we won a record breaking 11 games away that season.
  14. Thanks for the info, could have sworn it was 1-0 as well, but it was a great atmosphere and the away end was full, went on the Trent bus for about 5 pound, and had to run to the ground as the bus was late, just got in as it kicked off.
  15. Hope to get tickets for this, should be near on 5000 tickets, and a few in the home ends as Forest might not sell out, bring it on, would love Bielik the tank to get the winner.
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