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  1. Be tough for youngsters to come into the team on Wednesday night at pp the atmosphere could get toxic if we go a goal down. We are not the most patience fans in the world ask Bogle after some dicks in the east stand started to moan at him.
  2. Went the wrong way, we are finished now in this game. Feel for the 3000 who made the effort to go
  3. For me let's try 442 this half with Waghorn up top and Lawrence and Paterson out wide, let's give it a go, an early goal could change the game completely.
  4. Next shot will be a Derby goal, come on Chrissy Martin, score some goals for Derby, we want more, more, more.
  5. Agree love London away games, missing this one but will be in London for Fulham away on the Wednesday night, hotel booked, booked time off work as well 😁
  6. Think with B4 leading the charge in London, and Bielik and Shinnie in the middle and Martin banging a brace, we will be 6 games unbeaten in a 2-0 away win, all those going sing load and proud, and drive us onto another victory.
  7. My is also losing to Plymouth at home, thanks to Steve Cherry, wonder if any of us will see Derby lift the FA Cup, I hope to god I will, I am, 48 years young, so still got time on my side 😆😆
  8. Cocu will be fine, and so will this team, think you will find a more settled team after the international break, both Shinnie and Martin will be main stays now, Davis as our captain, and then in two months time Rooney will be here, so that final ball will not be lacking, good times ahead, and Cocu will bring a nice calm dressing room in time, where players will develop and get better with time.
  9. Correct, did you celebrate Lawrence goal today, or did you boo, or do you not go any more to games, because what happened or have you not been for years, today we won for that I am a very happy rams fan, love winning and always will do, just like Arsenal fans love winning games with Tony Adams as there captain, who went to prison for his drink driving habits.
  10. Why not Cocu and Morris, get over yourself, young adults do make mistakes, we all make mistakes, did Keogh, Lawrence., Bennett kill any one No, did they rape any one No, did they beat any one up No, did they racially abuse any one No, they have been punished, and know they let themselves down and there families down and the club, loved Lawrence celebrations today and you know what I will now forget about it and support them all, why because it's over and much worse things will happened, in fact i loved it when Lawrence scored today.
  11. Good to get the win before the international break, 7 points out the last 9 is what I expected and got, after the international break we have 2 away against Charlton and Hull and a home game against Wigan in between to end October I would take 5 points and 6 would be fantastic. Thought today was much better in midfield but our final ball was often lacking just like Barnsley away, think Rooney will really improve this weakness, so as long as we are in the top 10 by the time he arrives I am sure we can reach the play offs again, also still need a wide player and a goalkeeper as Roos and Jozz are not good enough, and are our weak links.
  12. Fantastic performance, we have lacked this type of midfielder all season, think him and Bielik could form an excellent partnership, got stuck in won his tackles, kept it moving, covered every inch of the pitch, played the ball forwards, looking forward to seeing Shinnie have a great impact on this Dcfc team. Easy MOM today.
  13. I agree with this 100 percent, thought Bielik was very good in the DM role in the second half, can put a tackle in, burst pass people and can also spot a pass, I think by Christmas we will be in the top 10 pushing the top 6, ready for Rooney to kick us on again, still believe that we will finish in the play offs position, but my glass is always half full anyway.
  14. Well I enjoyed the game last night, yes pissed off with them scoring in the 94th minute to deny us a victory I thought we deserved, some off our football was very good at time, some really good positives Martin scoring again and having a good effect on the game, Paterson and Holmes looking good, Davis looking very dominant and Bielik in time could be one hell of a player, and I thought a good atmosphere from the away end, I am also looking forward to the Luton game on Saturday one I believe we could win by 3 goals or more, I can see it clicking into gear soon and some team are going to get a good beating, let's hope it happens on Saturday.
  15. Yes mate 110 percent, its on the website, go to tickets and it saids adult 25 pound, cash only, so only a 2 pound increase, get yourself down there mate.
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