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  1. Tread getting boring now, an till Frank stays or goes, let's close this tread, it's getting as boring as sky sports news, hope this is all sorted one way or the other next week, want to start getting excited for the season now.
  2. Great post mate, when going away trains, and planning the day are decided long before 5 weeks, so we get the best train prices and everyone going can make the arrangements with friends and family on what is going on, already planning Huddersfield away on Monday booking time off and getting to the game etc. But sky gives two ducks about the real fans now a days.
  3. Thanks for all the great memory's Mr Bryson, you gave your all for our great club, you will never be forgotten, you played with passion, desire and never gave up, met him once and what a down to Earth person, all the best at Aberdeen, will be keeping tabs on you while you are up there, and one moment no ram fan will ever forget was that great hat trick against the red dogs. Once A Ram Always A Ram.
  4. I also hated Chelsea as a young kid/teenager, remember them ripping the seats out at the old baseball ground think it was 81/82 season, also use to be quite a lot of trouble in the early mid eighths with Chelsea but times and football has changed and John Terry is deffo a better choice than bowyer and in my opinion Hughten, might even get Tomori back, now that would be an excellent start to things.
  5. Not a lot out there, Hughton did a good job at Brighton but think some fans will not like his style, for me Darren Moore should never have been sacked by WBA, would like him to come to our great club if Frank goes, but for me I just hope Frank stays to get the job done he started, but I can understand why he would go to Chelsea, he is a legend there and the fans adore him, so it would be tough for him to turn down.
  6. And it was a great atmosphere, record attendance apart from the England Mexico game as well, met some crazy Rangers fans that weekend in the Merry Widows after the Derby Sheffield Wednesday game, will deffo go to that game, I am already missing football.
  7. Calm down everyone, he is staying, building for the future, and taking us to the prem, no way will he go to Chelsea, he is more interested in getting Tomori here for another season. This is just noise nothing else, I have very good information on the situation, Mel and Frank already planning signings for next season.
  8. Agree with, this 100 percent, our fans were far to quiet in the stadium, we should have got behind the team more, but when you get 13000 fans just turning up because it's Wembley this can happen to most clubs, thought Villa were quiet to, now I can not wait till next season to start.
  9. One player at our club, who has given his all now for 7 years, yes Mr Keogh , would love it if he is lifting the trophy at Wembley come 5:05pm tomorrow, he has sweated blood for this club, and to see the delight on his face if we are Successful , would be a perfect end to a perfect day, at 32 Mr Keogh needs to be playing in the prem next year. This man sums Derby up at the moment, Pride, Passion and desire.
  10. Beat me to it, but I am going for a Wilson hat trick, then his price will rise to 30 million pounds, so bloody excited for this match.
  11. Agree with this 100 percent, do not want to feel like I did at the end of the QPR defeat, can not wait , but to win will make it extra special, to all you Rams fans going, let's give it our all , and roar on the team, let's lift the roof off Wembley, let's be loud and proud, and when we win, let all 38000 fans bounce as one , at the end with Frank and the boys, as a fan base and a club, we need to taste the sweet taste of success again.
  12. Do one Gibbo, your club is ducked haha, your fault for employing the poo you have, now do us all a favour and stay away from the prem for many years to come, you have blown your money on poo. Haha.
  13. My have arrived, now the excitement starts, can not wait , leaving at 6:30, on the mini bus with 13 others, staying over Monday night, hoping I am celebrating in the small hours of Tuesday morning, coooome on Derby make my year.
  14. You never know mate, they might give us and Villa some more yet, we had 42000, against QPR in the end, keep the faith hope you make it as you are a positive supporter like myself and more on here.
  15. You could go to the merlin on pp, book a table, with a screen in it, there will be food and atmosphere but it will not get to rowdy, unless we win then every Ram fan will go wild.
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