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  1. Derby blood

    Craig Bryson Modern Day Legend - Video

    Really hope Bryson has a injury free season, because even at 31 he will be a major plus to this team, he gives us energy in the middle, which we lacked last season, the middle 3 of Ledley, Bryson and mount looks very good to me, with Huddlestone and Thorne as back up.
  2. Derby blood

    Reading (A) Tickets

    4 tickets got today, can not wait to get behind the boys on Friday night, driving up, staying at the premier inn, will be there at about 3 o'clock, getting on the beers, hope to see our first away win of the season. Will be getting behind the team from start to finish. Once a ram always a Ram.
  3. Derby blood

    TalkSport Best Championship Grounds

    My top 5 grounds in the championship I have been to for all of the above is Derby Villa Wednesday Sheffield united Leeds.
  4. Derby blood

    Is this season a write-off already?

    Is this season a write off ? You are joking, I can not wait for the first game away to Reading, we have a young ex England great in Frank Lampard as manager, we have signed some young exciting players, and we still have some great players at our club like Carson, Keogh, Davis, Huddlestone, Lawrence and Wisdom, with the exciting young Thomas trying to break into the starting 11. I can not wait for the season to start.
  5. Derby blood

    Who looking forward to new season

    Great attitude, why not be positive, it's what is needed, why not look forward to the new season, I also think Frank has the right qualities and contacts in the game to get us to the he next level. Once a Ram always a Ram.
  6. Derby blood

    v Notts County (A) Match Thread

    A positive start yesterday, everyone smiling in the sun, let's hope this positivity stays, we must back the young lads when there form dips, not get on there backs, counting down the days till the real action starts at reading, and yes I will deffo be there, hope we have a positive season, would love to see my Derby back to where they belong, think it will be a few seasons yet, but I will be enjoying the ride with our Frank, Bryson was back to his best yesterday, if he could stay fit for 3/4 of the season that would give us a great start.
  7. Derby blood

    Reading (A) Tickets

    Booked hotel already, Took day off work, can not wait, love the first away game of the season, will take over 2000 for this no probs, let's all show our Frank what great supporters we are by turning up, and backing the team all the way.
  8. Derby blood

    Pre season

    I agree Jerome ended the season in great form, but RoyMac5 thinks different, and I heard Frank Lampard is lining RoyMac5 up as our main scout hahahaha.
  9. Derby blood

    Sell to buy?

    Tom Huddlestone will be a main player for Derby under Frank, he will what us to play a passing game, Huddlestone will love playing for Frank he will get the best out of him.
  10. Derby blood

    Sell to buy?

    Huddlestone will be a key player for Derby next season.
  11. Derby blood

    Curtis Davies signs new deal

    Fantastic news, was my player of the season last year, played 48 games for us, one of the best defenders in this league, also very important in the dressing room, captain again for me next season.
  12. Derby blood

    Matej Vydra

    Remember those times so well, my favourite times watching the Rams, Mr Cox bought some excellent players to Derby. Remember Geriant Williams signed him from Bristol Rovers for 40,000, what a player he became for us, playing in division 3,2 and 1.
  13. Derby blood

    Happy Birthday Frank

    Happy birthday Frank , hope all your wishes come true, and you take the mighty Rams to the premiership. That's one way to remember your 40th for the rest of your life, becoming a ram legend.
  14. Derby blood

    Frank's punditry- Clues on how we'll play.

    This is Franks first job in management, he will need time and patience , most fans I know will give him this, if we are bottom half at Christmas no need to panic, this club needs a bit of stability, and I think in time Frank will mould his playing style and squad to get us where we all want to be, this should be a 3 year plan to get us back to the premiership, which even Mac 1 did not manage.
  15. Derby blood

    Gary WHO ?

    The only team I ever care about is Derby, so Frank will be getting 100 percent backing, think the Derby job was to big for Gary in the end, and I hate Stoke with a passion, hope they get nowhere near promotion, can not wait till our first preseason game at Notts county, think there will be over 2000 Rams fans there to welcome our Frank.

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