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  1. Derby blood

    Sheff Wed (A) Tickets

    Why do you not for a change go in the away end with all the Rams fans, then you can Start the bounce with all the other Rams fans, hope you are the one smiling at 5 o'clock next Saturday, although it could be a tough week ahead but worth it lol.
  2. Derby blood

    Snake City (A) Ticketsss - Sold Out

    Stoke tickets nearly all gone, 200 odd left for general sale, great effort as its on sky, think it's the fact we can not wait to let Rowett know what we think of him, I will be there, going on a mini bus, can not wait, last away game before Christmas, hope it's a good one, and I will see Gary in tears. 2-0 to the mighty Rams.
  3. Derby blood

    My sincerest of apologies...

    Do not bother mate, I am off to this, and most of us Rams fans want to give Stoke and Rowett a footballing lesson, I will pay you 25 pound to stay at home.
  4. Derby blood

    Craig Forsyth

    Fozzy, has been excellent for us, a great signing, gives his all, a great defender, can also put a great ball in, you will be missed by all fans who understand the game, best of luck, hope to see him back soon. A true professional, and I am told by someone who knows him a great person to.
  5. Derby blood

    Jim Smith Recognition

    Loved Jim Smith to bits, bought some excellent players to this club like Van Der Laan, Stimac, Poom, Chris Powell, Earino, Bianno, Wanchope, and many others, loved the way we played, beating all the top teams at the time, a great time to be a ram,also agree about Arthur Cox, that was my favourite time as a ram. My favourite all time rams team. With , Mark Wright, Dean Saunders, Shilton, Hindmarch, George Williams, Mcminn,Goddard, Micklewhite, Callaghan, Gregory, that team was class, followed the Rams all over the country in those days, happy, happy times, which I hope will return shortly. Once a Ram always a Ram.
  6. Derby blood

    v Sheffield Wednesday (A) Match Thread

    Thorne and Butterfield not good enough, or Frank would play them, a shame about Thorne but injury has made a massive impact on him, think he will never play at this level again. Wisdom also in the system we play struggles, but think he will be given another chance, as for Butterfield, wish he was still at Wednesday, he will never play for Derby again.
  7. Derby blood

    v Sheffield Wednesday (A) Match Thread

    Think we will get back to winning ways against Wednesday, all going enjoy, I will not be going been about 6 times, but think it's a touch expensive, so I am choosing to go to Stoke away, which should be a great atmosphere, feel Wednesday atmosphere is poor, ground falling to bits,and get fed up of Yorkshire folk telling me what great supporters they are, and we pinch all there songs, just hope we win, and start the bounce song again lol.
  8. Derby blood

    Derby County v Aston Villa Match Thread

    A bad day at the office but we move on, when Forsyth was injured some twit in the east stand was shouting abuse, if I new who it was, he would have got a slap, when a player is down, please do not hurl abuse, first poor game for ages and the moaners are off, and as for Keogh having a poor game you know naff all about football, Keogh and Marriott was our best players today, think Villa are the team to beat, played well today in the second half, so well done to them, will be good to get players like Mount,Bryson and Waghorn back.
  9. Derby blood

    Mason Mount

    Would not worry about the callers to Radio Derby, they. Never go to the Match, get players names wrong, and No nowt about football, thank god Frank is picking the team and not them ********.
  10. Derby blood

    Derby County v Aston Villa Match Thread

    A great game to look forward to, two teams who both will try and play football, that's why we will win, 2-0, we are the best footballing team in the football league, also hoping this one sells out, we deserve to be playing in front of a full stadium, this is the best football we have been playing for years, let's all enjoy the ride.
  11. Derby blood

    Craig Forsyth

    Forsyth, had a really good game yesterday, we are very lucky to have 2 very good left backs at this level, for me, Forsyth gets the nod over Malone for his defensive skills, both can be very good at going forward, as has been seen recently. A good problem for Frank to have, both would get in 95 percent of teams in the championship.
  12. Derby blood

    Who would swap Marriott for Abraham?

    Both very good players at this level, but no way would I swap Jack, in our set up, he is so important, works harder than most forwards I have seen, can finish very well, always gives defenders a hard time, if Jack keeps this up he.will play at the top level, with Derby for years to come, best 3 million we have spent in years
  13. Derby blood

    Lee Camp

    He will never learn though, after kissing the red dogs badge after the peno he saved, he has always been at fault since returning to pp, I wish he was the goalkeeper in every team we played against , he lets his emotions take control of himself, and that's why he has never made a good keeper at the top level, he is a joke that keeps giving. He will never be able to hold his head high in the city he was born in.
  14. Derby blood

    Holmes today

    Well he is 24 years old, so will reach his peak in 4 years time, love the way he plays with energy and always has his head up, and take a man on, and in the second half he was picking his team's out with some lovely passes, we have a lot of talent in this squad, believe we only paid 200.000 pound for him, and on the evidence . And what Frank has been saying about him, we have a great players on our hands, nice to see we are getting in some really talented players from the lower leagues, long may it continue.
  15. Derby blood

    Jack Marriott

    Wow, we have needed a player like Jack for years, plays off the shoulder, finds space, always gets his shots on target works his balls off, leaves it all out there, what a deal we got for him, 3 million, that's a snip of a fee, for such a good player, with bags of ability, he will be our 20 goal a season striker no probs, also think he could play at the top level. He will get better and better with time, so excited by so many things this season, and Jack is deffo one of them things.

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