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  1. Might be a good situation. Some of the scholars from teams like Tamworth were at clubs like Villa before or vice versa, when they're young, you could have SOME players of similar abilities playing for semi pro teams, college/school teams and academies of leading clubs. Development is key and some players develop late or just are not spotted by top clubs early on.
  2. Can teams just cancel contracts like that? There surely has to be some notice period, players are usually let go yearly I think. Also, maybe Derby don't want to get rid of these players. They are young and it's probably unfair to judge them in match with little preparation.
  3. Thats not my logic, it sounds like your logic! Im making the point that you can't call one off matches like that. In terms of whats better and who is better, it counts in terms of tournament football. It's a knockout competition with one off matches. The best team won't always win but if you beat the teams in front of you constantly, you deserve to win the tournament
  4. Thats not how football works. So because a team draws with another, neither are top? Or the better team can't be a top team? I guess France are in the shadow of the Swiss then.
  5. A load of none sense. England beat some good teams this tournament. Czech Denmark Germany and Croatia are hardly minnows. Denmark really elevated their game, destroyed Wales. Croatia were finalists last World Cup and Germany are a top side. England got to the final because England played really well, they conceded hardly any goals. It’s tournament football, not like a league, always need luck etc
  6. How do you know that for sure? Hindsight is great. If he had brought those players on earlier and Italy score then what? Also if they had scored the penalties he is a genius. Italy are a top attacking team and it’s not all down to Southgate yesterday. Italy only scored one goal yesterday, there was some heroic defending and in the first half England looked threatening. Italy were always going to come back. Southgate has got England as a major contender two tournaments in a row. He gets my vote.
  7. Can’t agree with this. Southgate got England playing together, defensively strong (hardly conceded any goals). Didn’t lose a match apart from penalties. Managed his team well. Have had no issue with his subs apart from I thought yesterday he could have brought on players earlier. Don’t care what his past credentials now, England have achieved semi finals then finals at two biggest tournaments. Also, England beat Croatia who were finalists in the word cup and Denmark who scored 4 past a couple of sides and really raised their game. Italy were probably the best team in the whole tournament.
  8. There may not be a takeover soon. First I've heard of imminent
  9. Yeah, makes sense for the club. Apparently, Man City and Everton are the key clubs for Fanatics over here or at least were. Know nothing about them really, just a conversation with an ex employee last week. I’m guessing this could be kiss goodbye to cheap deals on last season shirts for a while. Or deals on anything. Interesting how they’ve partnered with Derby over other clubs. Think they’re desperate to get involved with more English footy teams. Don’t see Derby as having a global fan base, maybe we will get a franchise in the states. Derby Rams Soccer.
  10. Speaking to someone who used to work for them doubt this is good news for the customer - stock is overpriced and always problems getting it... already I noticed the prices on last years jerseys have gone from £12-55. Also, probably nothing to do with any new owners at all. maybe good deal for DCFC commercially though
  11. Don’t know, just think Derby finished lower last season than if the team had had fans in. Derby won’t be relegated.... as long as we have some kind of squad. Need a few players.
  12. With fans in the ground, we won’t be getting relegated.
  13. Good player, need defenders, need experience. Hope he gets offered a contract if he is fit. One year contract. Perfect.
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