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  1. 5 points in last ten. If we don’t win any of the next 3, we could end up having nothing to play for like Wednesday on the final weekend. Frightening stuff but possible.
  2. Not a good thing, what happens if Derby are stuck down there a decade or more. Could just end up a league 1 team forever. Think we will go down this season sadly but think we will bounce back at some point but the possibility of several years down there makes the situation very bleak.
  3. Fans just can’t accept he punches the ball a lot instead of catching which is what is coached a lot these days. When you get thousands of own fans screaming catch it in pouring rain when there is a whipped cross coming in with speed and then ironic cheers if he catches a ball it’s amazing he actually copes with that sort of none sense. Also because of Wembley v Villa we need scapegoats, we don’t have Keogh anymore.
  4. Exactly, I can’t believe we lost yesterday but that’s Derby. maybe it’s just destined for Derby to be relegated, the opposition keeper becomes super human when he plays us and we do hit the post a fair few times.
  5. Roos doesn’t make many ‘howlers’ and I would argue Marshall has made a lot of incredible saves. The best keeper we have had in recent years is Carson. The amount of points we gained with him in goal was impressive. Between Carson and Keogh with last ditch tackles and clearances / saves. It may have been 16/17 I can’t remember but around that time.
  6. Wouldn’t say it was a howler. Wisdom and Shinnie more at fault. It came fast through a load of players. Marshall may be disappointed but overall he made some good stops yesterday.
  7. Tactics were right yesterday. We had to push and our midfield looked stronger than previous matches in more advanced positions. We had options off the ball and had good movement. Passing a bit dodgy as normal first part of the match. I could not disagree with any of the subs or way we played. Kazim Richards came on and had two glorious chances! We kept Blackburn camped in their half for a lot if the first half, they looked dangerous on the break but tactics were not to blame yesterday. Individual errors and inability to finish chances cost us. Again, the players have proven to be not good enou
  8. Marshall made two excellent saves yesterday and another important one. He’s made some mistakes but yesterday he was good.
  9. It is definitely a personnel issue as much or more than tactical. We've had a thin squad all season. Can't believe it's all down to tactics! No way!
  10. Good performance overall with some shocking defending. Nice attacking play, better movement. Can’t take chances. Probably going down.
  11. Don’t think it’s in Derby’s hands anymore if Birmingham win their next match.
  12. Rotherham will finish above us. Think it’s league 1. Terrible result
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