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  1. Think if we became an established Premier League club, we would beat this, our fan base is strong considering the size of the city. In the 11 point season, we sold out every match.
  2. We definitely need more creativity. I have been hoping Joswiak could offer it but at the moment we just lack a bit of extra something. Watford- Will Hughes/ Sarr, Forest- Knockaert, Norwich-Buendia
  3. Would say mostly due to covid and no fans. Every match has lost its spark. Maybe we are also sick of playing each other, plus there are not as many fights and red cards as there were a few years ago (seemed to be constant).
  4. This type of behaviour should not be associated alongside any club really. Some clubs may have more idiots among them but this is a societal and social media issue. Racists and trolls will use any excuse whether it’s football, politics or whatever. Doesn’t matter if it’s a Forest fan, this is unfortunately prevalent in our society.
  5. He's still young and in spite of his poor performance, he has shown lots of promise. I guess high transfer fees at his age would be based heavily around potential. I think he has shown enough already to suggest he can have a solid career. Championship and international footballer at his age, captain etc, he's done well.
  6. That's an interesting one, would think relegation would be more likely, fewer teams to catch us. Playoffs would take a crazy run of results. I think how we are playing though, we will be fine and easily safe.
  7. Thought we just looked really poor after their goal and before ours. Forest had total control. We had a few chances but we just looked 2nd best for a lot of that in my opinion. Midfield especially. We could barely put three passes together.
  8. Derby’s poorest match under Rooney and still created chances and got a point.
  9. He’s actually a really nice guy. Too nice to play for Forest scum
  10. Wasn’t the best match. Poor performance, missed 2 glorious chances, but overall we were second best for most of that. Knockaert looked a class above. Great equaliser. A point gained considering.
  11. Forest just look miles better. Really have lost it since our goal. Knockaert is running it. We can’t string anything together. Really poor.
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