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If we sign Nugent do we still want Martin back.


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Just now, mumblemumble said:

Martin, Bent, Nugent & Vydra all fighting for 1 spot - Surely this means Martin isn't returning this season?

I'd say this is about right to be honest. 

Looks like if we sign Nugent it will mean Martin staying at Fulham as they are playing hardball. 

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We seem to be looking at beefing up the squad to cover for injuries/suspensions. De Sart (or Dr Fart as my phone has just auto corrected!) allows us to maintain our shape if we lose a DM. Long term Nugent is more likely an alternate to Martin allowing consistency of formation/tactics regardless of personnel.

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6 minutes ago, duncanjwitham said:

I don't think we can (or not this season anyway).  You can only play for 2 clubs in a season, and he's already played for us and Watford.

Bugger. I think you might be right.

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2 minutes ago, Angry Ram said:

Nope.. Yesterdays man.  Oh wait, we are now yesterdays team.

Thing is m8 we haven't got anyone at all like Martin to play in a 4-3-3 so maybe that's why Nugent is coming in.  

I myself think Nugent is a more pacey player than Martin but doesn't hold the ball up or lay it off as well and doesn't knit the play up as well as Martin in a 4-3-3 and is 3 years older at 31  

All a bit confusing really as I thought Martin was coming back. 

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