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DCFC Fans - Notts Forest Preview Podcast


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The Commons tattoo, yes I got banned, but I didnt post it in the NEP forum.

it appeared on the forum under my username yes, but I didn't post it.

I'll let you have a guess who did that hacking job, he out to work for the Sun.

ps, Daveo never tells anyone that he just photoshopped it, it was in fact my idea. ?

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5 minutes ago, stoners said:

Thanks for invite guys and going easy on me 

tried to be respectful being on a rivals show (maybe too much) hope I did ok for you

Nice one, haven't listened yet(but will), needed to reply to get your avatar off my home screen!

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1 hour ago, RadioactiveWaste said:

Are we getting one on this week? 

Or does that count as cruelty? 

Slight delay as the mouse that spins in the wheel of David's Internet wasn't at it last night.

Podcast coming tonight, should be up by midnight. We're all going to be very humble and mature about the whole situation I'm sure. 

Not Kenny Burns though, the overly rotund frigger. Penalty my arse. He can get Bent. (This promises to be another increase in banter with such high quality punning on offer) 

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