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  1. Bad photos of Derby players when they were younger

    A young Mel in happier times.
  2. I watch snippets for comedy, I have a rewind people I watch for that reason, sometimes instruction. I rarely watch it now outside of with a quick meal or when youtubing on my phone in the am.
  3. FIFA 18

    Because the demo doesn't give me an insight into ultimate team which is the only thing I play, any changes there. Ten hours of the actual game for four quid (as well as all the other benefits of ea access for a bit) was well worth paying.
  4. Time to go !

    Because the fans have turned in every manager we've had when performances have dropped for a long time now. A large proportion are expecting promotion. Fan reaction can't elicit another sacking. This football can't be the final intention from Rowett. Mel must have known the football that he had played previously when he hired him. I can't imagine he'd make the same mistake as he did with Pearson, who signed up to a brand of football that he was never going to implement. This cannot be Rowetts final design or anywhere close. You can clearly still see square pegs in round holes across the side, due in most part to the squad issues (and some failed recruitment) I don't care what he does this year. Shy of relegation he gets a free pass. Next year he is judged. We simply cannot afford to sack another manager before the season is out.
  5. Time to go !

    I don't give a damn this season, there's nothing in it for us, we should be aware of that. We've chosen a percentage manager so it's not going to be pretty. When he has a squad capable of achieving his intention then I'll judge him. It's half built atm. Write this season off as one we need to undergo to stabilise the club after the manager turnover policy we've had and the recruitment knock ons since that left the squad looking as it did this summer. McCLaren shouldn't have been sacked but we are past that now. Percentage manager on a half built squad. It is what it is.
  6. FIFA 18

    I've been fairly excited for each FIFA the last few years, I paid for a month of EA access to try ten hours of gameplay a week early and thank God I did. It's garbage. Last year and 2016 were far more defensive and tactically minded than the game used to be; this year it has returned to the arcade. Pace feels so much more powerful than before, the defenders are all in possession of the turning circles of injured Darren Moore's, the ease in which you can simply pass forward and it always gets there is ridiculous and the goalkeepers are either stand in amateurs or Neuer himself. I've been positive on where the game has been attempting to go, away from the FIFA 15 'pace wins matches' philosophy but there's no way of doing that this year. I usually get to the top division with a league like Turkey or Portugal and try to win the title then retire. I haven't got a prayer of that with how bad these 'top' defenders are. For anyone also pre-ordering or ready to purchase on Friday, pay 3.99 for Ea access and try it before you do. I'm really disappointed in it. If they patch the game to hell it may be good by Christmas, I'll revisit it then.
  7. Free Agents

    In a 2 you have twice the cover, a break beyond the offensive line is a ? v 6 situation, not a ? v 5. A 4-3-3 leaves you much more exposed as there's the potential for both midfielders in front of you to be taken out of the game. Although there may be more pressing there's always the extension of cover behind you, at the expense of an extra attacking man that a 4-3-3 can deliver. The CDM in a 4-3-3 can be easily dragged out wide if a break takes place further towards the flank, in a 2 you obviously have the extra body there. It also allows Baird to play on his favoured side of the pitch, Johnson is left footed and Huddlestone tends to drift left and ping balls on occasion too so it would not affect their game. I think in this scenario he could easily be looked at as a utility option, though preferably with Huddlestone/Thorne, we'd suffer badly without either one playing the ball out.
  8. De Boer Sacked

    Stupid. Their Chairman was there yesterday watching, the went away to Burnley which is more difficult than one imagines, let one silly goal in that the manager can't stop and from there on wasted 3-4 good chances to score. On another day they'd have likely had a point as a minimum, though Burnley did decide to camp out from the 30th minute onwards with just the one goal. Daft. Hired a footballing manager who only managed to bring in a few squad players. Their squad is bang average barring some excitement in Zaha etc, if they planned to stay as it was then why hire that kind of manager in the first place? Just hire a Hodgson and survive like that.
  9. Free Agents

    In a 4-3-3 he has always looked exposed, a 4-2-3-1 is different, I'd certainly trust him enough to do a job, though this doesn't negate the need for actual cover in there.
  10. Derby County v Hull City

    Honestly don't think we've been that great, just ruthlessly efficient. Good free kick, they miss a peno and we score every chance. Second goal was Derby way, great cross for the fourth. Third goal they gave us. They've done their best to lose this but we've made two good chances and scored from two gifts. Well done. We are too narrow and have given them the ball a few times but otherwise ticking along nicely. It has been a long time since we've had one of these super efficient games.
  11. Kieftenbeld..... has he really signed?

    Guy is one who, if he's fit again, will be more likely to step up and do a job than Elsnik was.
  12. Motty to hang up the mike at 50 years

    At least we got Guy Mowbray. Motty is the voice of MOTD for me, having watched it since around 1997. He 'is' commentary for me, if we could have cloned the man I'd have sent him to every ground going. So many commentators are Sky Football cardboard cutouts or worse, utterly dull with it.
  13. Is Rowett up to the job

    My thousand turned into a hundred much earlier than expected this month but I still managed to sneak that fiver through. #TopAccountant
  14. Is Rowett up to the job

    I'm all caught up! I found a fiver.
  15. Is Rowett up to the job

    I'm already bored this season and that's likely a good thing in the long run. Regardless of what happens, (concerns over play style, players leaving) we've hired a manager who needs time to build a team around his philosophy. That's exactly what's happening now. I'm not happy with the loss of Hughes and Ince, the percentage style approach we've seen, the wingers we're operating with (roll on Lawrence), the likely loss of Martin over time as he doesn't suit what's being asked and a few other things. Having said that: The manager was backed, he managed to bring in players to match his philosophy, those players suit what he's asking for, he's known for hard working teams which has been in short supply at times and he's someone I've generally agreed with whenever a pundit or on radio. I don't like the direction of football we're likely looking at but I at least trust the manager to make the best of it and bring success eventually, whether I personally enjoy watching it or not. I'm not excited by it but things are ticking along. That, with ideally a little more excitement for most people, is what we need. Anyone questioning the manager after 5 games is coming from football's ever expanding loony asylum that has seen one league one manager go after 4 games and De Boer at threat after 3 at Palace. Unless we get relegated he gets a year as a minimum. There must be no sackings this season.

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