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  1. Alex W

    The not invincible Man City discussion

    I always liked him, seems a long time ago since the fans railed against Mr Glick and GSE towards the end for our transfer dealings (particularly when we missed out on Salmon first time, almost a blessing till we went and paid double for him the next summer!)
  2. Alex W

    The not invincible Man City discussion

    Our own Tom Glick, if I'm not mistaken?
  3. Alex W

    The Derby Way - A Progression

    On the note of the 70's,apology if I wasn't clear enough but my point was the Derby Way merely seems to hark back to a successful period rather than making any direct comparisons, just as West Ham's own way harking back to their heyday. Rather than a direct comparison to the old days, I see our own way comparable to the sort of system we saw before us in 2014, or a similar, progressive game (Ajax mk2 seemed to be Steve's initial design).
  4. Alex W

    The Derby Way - A Progression

    Gentleman please, let's agree to disagree and stop distracting from the adulation my post was getting. Gary's post match comments regarding "We attempted to play football and lost 4-1" were alarming after the Preston game but he seems to taking such comments as mine to heart. If that was indeed an attempt to play football vs Sunderland than he has rather shot himself in the foot there as that in of itself should not be a problem whatsoever to him with this squad. We shall see how the rest of this season's football pans out. I can't see this lasting into next summer. Here's to a much needed improvement following Preston. We won't get such luck every week. (Also, on a positive note, shout out to Joe Ledley who seems a very calming influence in the side, he needs to play as much as possible in the final run-in).
  5. Alex W

    Rowett - In or Out?

    I don't think that's quite true, they drop points at home.
  6. Alex W

    Preston North End V Derby County

    They fluffed their lines and we did just enough. Not a good performance but they worked and took their luck, after Friday we need to take that.
  7. Alex W

    The Derby Way - A Progression

    I certainly don't think he's a buffoon, he has however hired badly and this hiring doesn't follow in line with his 'Derby Way' whatsoever from all evidence presented. I do believe Gary is aware of the style of football required of him. We have been a long way from that all season. Key cogs that could play that style have been removed for his often effecient but boring play style. I'm sure Mel has thoughts on it. If Mel comes out as happy with this football himself then that's a different matter and I too will take more of an aim.
  8. Alex W

    The Derby Way - A Progression

    We were so close to that and on a small budget at that time too. An abundance of riches only dragged us further away from realising that potential. A real mess of an attempt. Well meant but badly put together throughout.
  9. I wouldn't consider this a rant, though it may come across as one. At the moment I'm more disheartened with Derby over the last two years than I ever have been (a comment that can be thrown around a little liberally on fan forums but a true statement in this case). I'm disheartened because I bought into something the club put forward as the future, at a time when we were faltering. I believed in that something and the future it promised, and, to put it humbly, they've taken that theory and had a big **** right in the middle of it. I'm not best pleased. The Derby Way. This was never a tangible thing with any specific meaning. A great many clubs have had magical spells in their history and luckily we're one of them. A lucky few of you all were around to see it. This 'Derby Way' was at least however thrust forward as a new beginning, an intended staple of our play that I'm not sure harked back to anything more than successful days in the 70's when we were the envy of much of the country. Despite this I hoped, as intended, that it was a motto highlight and actively worked on Swansea-esque intention of building a style of play within the club that would bring back the magic that McClaren installed in his first season (and half of his second) and grow over time, with consecutive managers if necessary. Attractive and progressive football, something to show for our efforts beyond just a final result and a ball in a net once every ninety minites, an intention to excite and play the 'right way'. I'm not saying it's foolproof but when we lose trying to do so with a coherent plan I can live with it, I can live with the philosophy. My question to you good people is: Where the **** did that go and why is our current manager so clearly going in the completely opposite direction? Because that is where my major frustrations sit at the moment. It's where my apathy lies and where my anger at times rears its head as I made the stupid, probably naive decision to buy into it. Hook, line and sinker. Gary Rowett does not play progressive football. He plays percentage football. Apparently this was enough for a great many fans when winning. I disagree. I have not been happy, quite frankly, since the opening day. It panicked me. That panic has grown into disappointment and now apathy. Gary even seems to hold a disdain for that style, or at least comments made towards his own brand of football have irked him into taking shots at those who play progressive styles through quotes and interviews. His signings appear to support that theory, as do his decisions on players let go. Will Hughes was isolated last season and benched frequently. It's no surprise to me that he left. Martin has not been used anywhere nearly enough. I believe that may well be due to, much like Mr Pearson's reasoning, he doesn't run enough. Which Mr Jerome does wonderfully well. Unfortunately, Jerome isn't a patch on Martin and although a worker for the cause does not affect games as Martin did for us in his pomp. Key players from the intended Derby Way (both of whom McClaren intended to build the side through) that Gary deems not worth it for his style. I'm not an irrational or rash person. I understand Gary has his own style. I also understand that people enjoy football that I don't. Furthermore, I understand that my opinion as a singular fan doesn't matter beyond the overall fanbase viewpoint. What I would say however is that we've taken such a deviation from that spark of magic we saw in 2014 that it may well be unretrievable now if we even intended to implement it oncemore this summer. The average squad age, wage bill and now technically limited squad members all point towards that footballing philosophy, that Derby Way, being as dead as the hopes for a new dawn under McClaren almost five years ago. I don't directly care who leads it. I don't care who gets sacked, if it takes a season of playing kids or how many points it costs us next year. As a fan, I want that footballing theory back. I want The Derby Way, such as it was, to be adhered to. And whoever the manager is, that manager must follow that theory with their own twist. We need a director of football to oversee that and a hierarchy to support it. All of this takes time but this is, in my eyes, how the club evolves. Our manager to manager/style to style approach that we're all aware of has not fallen as I'd have hoped when Gary was appointed. This is where all attentions must point this summer and it's where my eyes will firmly rest. Perhaps, finally, we should put in place that ideology that has gone missing since 2015. A cohesive transfer policy to match, a style of football we can appreciate and a long term plab to match both. It's not too much to ask for, is it? But please, not as it sits now, with the current philosophy we see before us. Because if this is 'The Derby Way' that was heralded before us then we've fallen a long way from grace indeed. I expected a lot better this year. And I hoped for even less. They have met neither expectation.
  10. Alex W

    The not invincible Man City discussion

    An excellent coach who has always been supplied with an abundance of riches. I appreciate him for what he is, a man who requires the perfect pieces and if given them he creates magic. He's not one of the best managers ever but he certainly is one of the best men to ever coach a style into a team/the game. I'd like to see it tested more keenly, roll on the champions league. England is a very weak place atm with Jose's United and Chelsea giving up. Liverpool the only matchable side and they keep faltering over easy hurdles. Tottenham have disappointed, I thought they'd make more of a go of it.
  11. He might as well be. We can't change again. It's pointless. I've long since been bored with the way he plays football, lines his side up and I'm of the opinion that he buggered up what little he did have in January's mess of a window but if we're backing a manager we're backing him. Our football is play-offs at the very best, we're merely levelling out, regardless of the debacle tonight. I didn't think we looked very good when we were winning with Vydra magic and streaked our way to the automatics. That might sound daft but we just didn't look good to me. Solid yes but nothing much else, no nice football, hook and run stuff with a star performer. Vydra went off the boil, we lose Winnall, the squad is then weakened in January and that's that. We needed a winger tonight, we currently don't own one. We let Russell go on his jollies without a plan in place before releasing him, nigh on incompetence. All Sunderland needed was crosses into the box, all of our players barring Weimann are narrow. We couldn't have worked them better if we'd tried, the pieces aren't there. Give Rowett another year because, quite frankly, who else would we get? We don't have any intention as a club of whatever on earth the 'Derby Way' is if this is what we're serving up so if we're going percentage stuff he's the best man for it. Fulham have the system that we should've never deviated from. I blame everyone in the hierarchy for abandoning that, regardless of the Clement boredom that followed McLarens second season. A lot of people seem to like Rowetts football and they are welcome to it, I'll nod my head and stop watching. Here's to a team of Jerome's, ladies and gentleman. All working, all running, all percentage. Ah well. And to think, I actually like Gary.
  12. Alex W

    Richard Keogh.

    I'll allow him one horror show, he has been immense this season for me, him and Davies. Forsyth however... He doesn't look right.
  13. Alex W

    Derby County F.C. v Sunderland A.F.C

    An insult to the Donkeys, I fear.
  14. Alex W

    Fulham: In a nutshell

    I cry.
  15. As of the summer (if you include Ledley) it was stronger based on Gary's needs. It has been weakened as of January. Jerome suits his needs, Donaldson MK2. Martin never suited his direct style, sames as Hughes and a few others. We were already in need of a winger, lost Russell and replaced him with a player he didn't deem fit to make the starting 18. We now have no striking backups, a weaker wing force. Thorne returning hasn't quite given us the required boost but he needs a full pre-season to get going again after so long out. Defence is still the strongest we've had in a while and that's with a Forsyth who still doesn't look his former self to me yet. Overall, weaker as of January but as of the summer better suited to Gary's style of play.

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