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  1. Chris Martin

    Best striker we've got and will prove so over the season. He requires service to succeed. It is not his fault when it does not appear. He was fine at Sunderland, minus missing one absolute sitter. He did what he could with the nothing balls he was given. Hopefully Lawrence is smart and talented enough to work with him, he hasn't had that so far.
  2. Jason Shackell

    Shame about his injury issues. Excellent defender who should never have been hired as a passing CB.
  3. I remember the inspirational quote 'Like a blind man in fog' from a match report in one of the tabloids.
  4. You're lucky I'm physically unable to check that reviews page, young man. And you were my favorite hardcore fan as well (after all of the other ones)
  5. Joe McClaren interview re: Scouting

    Can someone therefore explain Abdoul Camara, please.
  6. Confess your unpopular Rams opinions

    I liked Claude Davis.
  7. You're off the Christmas card list, you louzy drunk.
  8. Tommy Huddlestone chant

    Someone tried it tonight.
  9. Grimsby Town v Derby County - Match day thread

    It's wet, folks. Loving the fun slides from the players at the end, they had some fun with it. Does this count as a win for the Grimsby weather? 1-1 for me.
  10. Grimsby Town v Derby County - Match day thread

    Put one on for me, I'll give you the tenner back, cheers fella.
  11. Grimsby Town v Derby County - Match day thread

    Perfect cup upset weather everyone, get your bets in.
  12. Grimsby Town v Derby County - Match day thread

    It's absolutely chucking it down, Scott and I are hiding in the local Maccies. That line-up hasn't cheered us terribly but Mason is a benefit.
  13. Grimsby Town v Derby County - Match day thread

    It's official, pod is now on tour. Come and say hello to the crew if you're there tonight, look for a looming baldy with a tooth missing, a grumpy chubster and a guy with questionable facial hair wearing an AC-DC Beanie. Two of us may be slightly worse for wear by that time @Srg
  14. Vydra and Nugent

    Martin and Vydra for me. As it always should have been. Martin couldn't have looked good yesterday yet still did, minus the sitter. The service he had to deal with was atrocious.

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