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  1. Supporter supports his club win lose or draw shocker how on earth you’ve managed to see the negative in that says something about you. What I take from that is, you only wear your shirt proudly when you win then?
  2. No. the tactical genius as resorted to playing people out of position in order to find players that can play his outdated football
  3. We could merge 🤯 ill get my coat
  4. No I didn’t want either of them. MON 15 years ago yes but wasn’t happy about his appointment. Had echoes of SP all over again.
  5. honestly it’s so bad. It’s like watching megson. ducking dire
  6. Jesus some sensitive people on here isn’t there for years you’ve, rightly imo, took the piss out of our finances and how we were run under fatwaz. And the fact that we don’t own our stadium. Well we are both in the same boat now. Thought this would bind us together not drive us further apart
  7. Priceoffootball@kieranmaguire shoeing your accounting and it doesn’t show a club in healthily position up poo creek lads
  8. What I take from it then you no longer own your stadium. I was right all along. Welcome t the club Why did he sell the club when apparently listening to you lot all season you wernt in any problems concerning FFP. Any concerns when Mad Mel sells the club and leases the stadium back to you at a redicularse price
  9. Thanks for that. Explained that really well
  10. so another company (owned by mad mel) owns the stadium?
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