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  1. its true. Forest were terrible especially the second half but the referee was worse. Gone from trying to play football to not trying to play football. its shocking
  2. If that a 'proper' stadium I don't want it
  3. theres a cleanliness about the championship. Players in general are behaved and don't dive. Fans are the core fans due to the league they are playing in. Its not as exposed as PL. Even though there are lots of games on TV it isn't as promoted as much and therefore gets lost in the Hyperbole of the PL which in turn makes it feel old school on the commercial side.
  4. i would still watch it if on the absolute minimal off chance we ever go up
  5. I like championship football. Far better than the greatest ever league in the worldest. ever
  6. Serious question Why was your game played behind closed doors. what have you done wrong?
  7. the only saving grace was you played someone as poor as yourself last night Wigan deserved more
  8. also known as 'clutching at straws' syndrome :):):):) wow
  9. also know as 'if my nan had balls' syndrome
  10. I saw bottles being thrown. lets hope that the police and cctv sort them out. No place for it
  11. ever heard of Notts county? they are a few 100 yards away and average 7k every week When did we spend 50M I see mad mel has put an hold onto your extension. Ran out of money I heard
  12. lets give tickets away with Mobile phone contract and a free flag with an accompanying scary mask
  13. id be embarrassed by that. Your actually proving my point. Youve been Constantly in the play offs and cant get yourself above 90%. Try being mid table at best and in relegation battles. id say youd struggle to get to 50% full. Suppose we'll be able to test that theory when FFP kick in next year for your lot
  14. Forest Capacity 30,602 Ave attendance 28.070 (sold out 5 times this season) Derby Capacity 33,597 Ave attendance 26,749 (despite being in PO all season) Id have thought with 12 fingers youd had been better at Maths.
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