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Rooney knocked out in boxing match

Chris Mills

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​are we talking about cheating as a sportsman?

are we talking about cheating in a relationship?

Either way, if it's as a footballer, I think Rooney is one of the most honest and hardworking footballers of the last few generations, whilst his aggression has sometimes gone against the rules of the game, I don't think he's considered a 'cheat' for things like diving or conning referees etc.

If it's for cheating in a relationship, he's one of many many millions and it shouldn't effect you. If it does affect anyone, I'd gladly suggest they're hypocrites. If they've not cheated themselves, I guarantee a member of their family or a friend will have, and they will know this and not hold it against them!

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​Rooney cheats as a sportsman, everyone does. I don't blame the players though, it's the referees fault for making the wrong decision. 

It doesn't affect me, but it doesn't stop me from thinking he's a scumbag. I've never cheated, but of course I know plenty of people that have and I also think of them as scumbags. 

You're a funny one Mostyn, you seem to chase arguments. You're like me in my younger days. 

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​I'll hold my hands up, it's nothing personal to you, I have pulled posters up for it in here a few times.

I get annoyed by people disliking things for no reason. If they have good reasons, fine, but it seems a fashionable thing to dislike someone without cause.

Whether it's Michael Owen as a co-commentator, Craig Ramage as summariser, Frank Lampard, Wayne Rooney, TV programmes like Top Gear or the Derbyshire accent ;) I will always challenge for sound reasoning.

We just seem to be a nation of haters.

You think Rooney is a scumbag? Is that due to him being a scouser? Or him scuttling a prozzie? Him having a ginger beard? Anything in particular? Personally, I just see a bloke, having fun with his mates, who's lived the dream and tried to make the most of his talents. He's never harmed anyone, he's never misbehaved as an adult (he was about 17 when he dabbled the granny!), so I cannot fathom why people speak so badly of him. Is it jealousy?


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