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Promotion Rivals

Bris Vegas

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Is it too early to have a pinned thread on our promotion (top six) rivals this season?


A thread with injury updates, suspensions, fixtures, results etc.


There is bound to be some televised games involving our promotion rivals where we can throw some posts in to.


At a guess I'd say that Norwich, Wolves, Watford, Ipswich, Boro, Bournemouth and Forest will be the most likely to challenge.


Anyway, games for this weekend to perhaps look out for:


Boro vs Watford

Leeds vs Wolves

Sheff Wed vs Norwich

Brum vs Bournemouth

Ipswich vs Huddersfield

Forest vs Blackburn


I can see Bournemouth breaking in to the top six this weekend.



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I fancy Charlton to be there or thereabouts come the end of the season. Vetokele, Gunmundsson and Tucudean have really improved them.


my picks for this thread: Watford, Middlesbrough, Wolves, Norwich, Forest, Charlton, Bournemouth, Cardiff and Blackburn


Ipswich and Brentford are the other teams in the top half, but I just can't see them challenging.


On topic: we have a great chance of going three points clear this weekend. Middlesbrough and Watford will be an interesting game. Hopefully Blackburn and Sheffield Wednesday can get something, too.

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Too soon probably. Norwich, Watford and Middlesborough look dangerous and they're the only three I'm really looking at yet.


Wolves, Ipswich, Forest and Charlton might fade or might not. Bournemouth look to be on the up but I wonder if they've really got the tools to do much but flirt with the top 6, I wouldn't write off Cardiff to make a run into the mix, and there's always someone who makes a run from the pack later on.


I's say we'll be top 6 or there should be an enquiry and we've got a good shot at top 2 if we can hit our form (won't keep on winning playing 75%), as for who will be challenging us, probably wait until new year to have a meaningful picture.

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Not sure why so many people are bigging up Cardiff City. They're awful, and they have been playing awful.


You know when you go through the fixtures and you think 'Ah we were abit lucky to get something from that game' - well Cardiff can say that about five or six of their games already.


A few lucky wins at home (Sheff Wed, Wigan and even Forest) have kept them from slipping into the bottom eight or so.


They were awful at the Ipro, along with Fulham the worst team we've played there all season.


I know they've got a new manager, but I don't think other then perhaps a 'honeymood period' they have it in them to win on a consistent basis.


Awful away record too, they've yet to win a game and lost at Blackpool and got incredibly lucky with draws against us and Brighton.

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Don't see what all the fuss is about Norwich, only won 1 of their last 6 league games and most against some pretty weak teams in the division.


Think they've been quite unlucky from what i've seen/read. By all means they hammered Leeds United, Rotherham and Charlton in recent home matches yet took only 2 points.


On performances so far, I'd say they are a bigger threat than Boro and Watford in terms of automatic promotion.


They don't seem to concede many goals either so I imagine as soon as they rediscover their scoring touch they'll be back to winning games again quite comfortably.


One way I use as a measure to see how good a team is is how many wins/losses they have by a two goal margin. It usually gives an indication to how dominant a team is overall that their losses can be 'unlucky/unfortunate' and their wins 'deserving'.


Leicester for instance last season won 13 by two goals or more and lost only three.

Derby won 14 and lost four

QPR in contrast won nine and lost six.


Reading in that 106 season were W21/L0


Derby when we went up under BD were a woeful W5/L5 - we lost as many games as we won by a two-goal or more margin. Shows how lucky we were!


This season:

Derby are currently W4/L0 - I reckon we won't lose more than three games all season by a two-goal margin

Watford are W5/L1

Boro W3/L1

Wolves W2/L1

Norwich W5/L0

Forest W3/L0

Charlton W0/L0

Bournemouth W3/L2

Ipswich W3/L1

Cardiff City W2/L1


From the table so far it shows how IMO and using one way of looking at 'dominant teams' that Derby, Norwich and Watford are the front three and how teams like Wolves and Charlton have been scrapping wins so far rather than actually dominating.

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