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  1. Absolutely - but 5 games is enough to drop someone.
  2. And so far everyone one of them has made a good account of themselves.
  3. Not jumping on any scapegoat, but he doesn't warrant keeping his place atm, that's three poor performances in a row. He could come good, but atm I'd prefer a Sibley or Holmes in that position. Or if he's playing the number 10 - stick Lawrence there instead.
  4. Definitely got a team worth challenging. Feels like we are still finding our feet with new signings/ systems. There's a few glaringly obvious issues IMO, which I think Cocu will sort - set piece delivery and ball turnover at the top of that list!
  5. And as you have seen so far Cocu is a reactive manager. Performances are not bad, but it's not great either atm. I believe players need time to show what they can do, but 15 games? That's a third of the season gone hoping flojo will become a world beater. I guarantee tonight he'll make significant changes to the formation and starting eleven.
  6. Yup I'd like to see Knight over Shinnie as a more attacking option though, either a 4312 (Waghorn and Marriott up top) 433 (Waghorn on the right) or a 4231, Lawrence in the number 10 (his best position) but with mediocre wingers in Bennett and Paterson. Knight Bielik Dowell Lawrence Waghorn Marriott or Knight Bielik Dowell Waghorn Marriott Lawrence or this Bielik Dowell Bennett Lawrence Paterson Waghorn
  7. My thinking too - hoping this is his breakthough year with Knight.
  8. From what I've heard from Charlton and Arsenal fans - he really thrives as a DM and looks awkward as a CM.
  9. Good article - always seems in good spirits in his interviews.
  10. I found this amusing, particularly as when you add just Wayne Rooney to that list, it automatically puts us 8th! #GlobalClub. Instagram team here: https://www.tankpr.co.uk/most-followed-premier-league-squads-instagram/
  11. It seems a bit bizarre we sign two really good, quality and well though out players in Clarke and Beilik. Then Rooney and then a last minute scramble for Patterson and Hamer? I'd rather we didn't bother and just play Bennett on the wing and bring Ravas through 🤷‍♂️
  12. The right side of the midfield three or a number 10 when Lawrence gets tired. Dowell - Beilik - Rooney
  13. Just watched his interview - didn't confirm or deny it. Unless you are on about a different interview?
  14. A good results against (I think) a mid table side. Didn't feel like we was at our best but two moments of magic was the difference. For me there was some obvious improvements to be made, which coincidentally are in the positions that we have/are looking to strengthen - DM and RW. Hoping Beilik starts on Saturday and we can get a winger in before then, if not I think Bennett should start over Zoon. Good away performance.
  15. Coleen Rooney was kicking off about fake news stories last night. Could be baalocks.
  16. Nothing, the only winger we have been linked too that hasn't gone to a rival team is Diangana. Can't see it being Wilson, we would have enquired but he'll likely go to a prem team.
  17. Yep - that's all they do and then they just fact check within the media team at Derby who will only confirm/deny when they want it public knowledge. No personal opinion, insight or breaking news - just click bait waffle. 'Latest on Matt Clarke' "Matt Clarke is a man who played for Portsmouth and is now at Brighton - Derby are interested".
  18. I think this would be a domino effect should or should Maguire not join united. Maguire to United Dunk to Leicester Webster to Brighton But this would leave Bristol without a centre half and they would likely have first dibs on Clarke as part of the Webster deal. My guess, no Maguire to united and we'll get Clarke on loan.
  19. For any fans of The Wire: "OMAR COMING YO" http://youtu.be/UmtuRRhtGQw
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