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  1. I'll hold my hands up and say I said out after the really poor run of form - it looked to me like the players was not responding to him. You can't argue with recent results though and I think Rooney is the main catalyst in that improvement, along with the youth players stepping up as well. Time will tell if it's the favourable fixtures which has helped this great run or if we are genuinely in with a shout of play offs this year.
  2. Brought some of the happiest memories of being a Derby fan. RIP legend.
  3. He's right! Having played at a reasonably high level in sport,I knew the issue for me is when you start to think too much about what you are doing - rather than just doing it. Training is for thinking, improving reactions and making it second nature - game time is when it should be done automatically. There's a reason why quality players fluff their chances when they are one on one with a keeper and why horses wear blinkers - don't think or get distracted by anything, just action from instinct.
  4. Roos Bogle Davies Beilik Lowe Knight Huddlestone Holmes Paterson Waghorn Martin I think I prefer Knight in the middle - He'll get about like Holmes but with a bit more physical presence. I know Holmes is not a winger, but he looked great out-wide on Saturday. I also prefer Beilik in midfield but I think we need a ball playing centre half and Davies, Clarke isn't great if we want to play it out from the back, for that reason I'd stick with Huddlestone. Paterson looks great in that number 10 role. Marriott for the final 25 to run them ragged. Alternatively, I'd be happy with Bogle as a right winger and stick with the same back line as Saturday.
  5. A few thoughts from yesterday. It became evident earlier on in the season that with this style of play, we needed a target man. Especially with teams pressing us. Step forward Chris Martin. Not only coming from deep for his classic 14/15 flick ons, but winning the long balls as well. We are not a route one team but when teams are in the high press, it gives us that outlet. So glad he is back. Actually thought Zoon had a great game today. Nothing stand out, but so much better from what we have seen of him this season. Pato is much better in the number 10 role. Some lovely skill and touches at times. Roos needs to be stronger claiming for the ball. I think he's a good keeper and played well today, but it's either confidence or strength why he's punching all the time. Waghorn didn't have a great game, clearly got the talent but a bit short on confidence atm. Well taken goal. Holmes had a mixed game, played well, worked hard but like Waghorn, gave the ball away too often. Love that Curtis was back as captain, can still defend, just not the type of player to be playing it out from the back! Lowe has been superb all season and had a great game today. Would love to see Bogle and Lowe in both full back positions. Overall, it wasn't pretty but glad we got the win. Plenty to work on though - onwards!
  6. Much better in the number 10 role. Some lovely touches too.
  7. Like it, but would change to this: --------------------------Roos Bogle---------Keogh------------Clarke--------Malone --------------------------Beilik/ Huddlestone ---------------Holmes-----------Knight ---------------------Lawrence/Martin ---------------Marriott-----------Waghorn/Martin
  8. And so far everyone one of them has made a good account of themselves.
  9. Not jumping on any scapegoat, but he doesn't warrant keeping his place atm, that's three poor performances in a row. He could come good, but atm I'd prefer a Sibley or Holmes in that position. Or if he's playing the number 10 - stick Lawrence there instead.
  10. Definitely got a team worth challenging. Feels like we are still finding our feet with new signings/ systems. There's a few glaringly obvious issues IMO, which I think Cocu will sort - set piece delivery and ball turnover at the top of that list!
  11. For any fans of The Wire: "OMAR COMING YO" http://youtu.be/UmtuRRhtGQw
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