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v Rotherham United Predictions


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Every game, I will start a thread on the 'iPrediction League' page. I will go through the predictions you post  after each game and look for your prediction, and I'll keep a league table running. I'll only work on league games and cup games , but none of the pre-season friendlies.

all games will be based on the result at the end of normal play , i:e , if extra time is needed , the

score at the end of ninety minutes will count for this league (to allow for predicted draws etc)

All predictions need to be posted in the relevant match thread ,( ie Derby v Rotherham Predictions) ,


any elsewhere will not count .


It would help immensely if you could post the result in the following format


example :- Derby 2 Rotherham 1 Martin FRGS



Points will be gained for the following correct predictions:

For correctly nominating the winning team or a draw: +1 point
For correctly nominating the first Rams goalscorer: +2 points
For correctly predicting no Derby goals: +2 points ya miserable b'stards
For correctly nominating the scoreline (with the teams the right way around): +2 points (so 3, including the point for predicting the winning team)

And no conditionals. No "If Keogh starts, then we'll win, but if he's on the bench we'll draw" stuff - pick a result and go for it.

A total of 5 points can be picked up per game.

I'll be looking at the last prediction you make in the thread. Only predictions made before kickoff will count, and if you go back and modify your prediction after kickoff, I'll not count it.

We had a generously donated trophy last season but it's a tough economy, we'll try to have a whipround but no guarantees.

Good luck to all, especially me''.

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