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well, they ask you to come on, but you're never there.

I'm being asked that is true. But when people see me or hear me ranting they turn me the cold shoulder. The story of my life.

Should write a country song about it actually. A Cold Shoulder. A guarantee hit on the charts. :cool:

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Not listened to it for a few years now.

It was so much better when Colin Gibson and Graham Richards did it.

Nowadays if the question is even slightly controversial or detrimental to the working relationship between the BBC and DCFC, it is either not permitted to be asked or if it is, they simply cut you off.

That is the reason why it is so boring and why nothing is ever gained in listening to it.

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Worse thing is that a lot of the calls will be like "Sammon is a waste of money, get rid" but then when they've not seen him for a bit and we haven't scored its all "what's the point in Sammon on the bench if you don't use him"

They always go like that these phone ins.

Think it was Bavies last time around.

Or "if we'd have played 631..."

They don't ring up to discuss performances or players or concerns. All the calls seem to be fairytale calls about what could have happened. What can you say to that? "We should have played 442".... then what? That's it? 442 and we'd have won?

"Should have brought Bavies on for Ward". Then what? He'd have played well would he? 100% sure he'd have performed?

Just no reasoning. It's all dead simplistic moaning. Not "I like Bavies because he...". It's "he should have brought him on..."

What do they do? Check his stats against the fullback on football manager and conclude he was deffo the answer? It's not for discussing performances and form. It's a my alternate history lesson.

Like on Saturday. If Bavies had took that free kick that resulted in Sammon heading over he'd have got that in the top corner. Then if Steve had switched to 4411 and put Hughes behind Sammon then we'd have scored again.

Can we not just talk about what actually DID happen?

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I think when you've got a valid point they cut you off if they struggle to answer. Intelligent people, with constructive/sensible opinions have given up calling in. All you get now is the people from opposite ends of the spectrum but unable to justify their opinion without drooling into the phone!

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