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  1. Haha
    BriggRam got a reaction from Curtains in El DerbyCo   
    Let's hope he pits a stop to relegation and next year  puts us in pole position for promotion
  2. Clap
    BriggRam reacted to jono in El DerbyCo   
    Quite common in most clubs. The candidates all had suitable CV’s ... None of us were fundamentally opposed to any of the appointments at the time. We might have had a dislike of either Pearson’s 1970’s PE teacher mode or the razzmatazz of Lampard but they were all typical of football. We have had every variety with the exception of trying to recruit the sort of tough guy agricultural manager with a “proven record” (although Pearson might fit that bill) . where everyone would have moaned about the lack of ambition.
    The transfer policy “errors” started with Bryson and Hughes being injured in the same match which lead to panic buying at inflated prices. At the time, these were seen as bold, supportive and positive moves. Your are eating hindsight by the KFC family bucket load.
    The financial state of the club ? .. Mel filled it with money .. some spent well, some badly .. We haven’t had a fiscal mismanagement situation or anything “taken” from the club by Mel. We got in a mess on FFP and Mel coughed up by buying the stadium and paying the club money for it.
    Sam Rush ? Is Mel really responsible for another man’s ethics ? ( or lack of them ? ) 
    The fiasco ? .. Someone broke their pledges or didn’t meet their obligations .. it wasn’t Mel. Maybe Mel shouldn’t  have trusted them but good business and life is defined by trust. You have to start somewhere. Has anyone thought about Mel here ? He has obviously had some serious health issues yet he hasn’t flinched from being a DCFC man 
    yes, for sure, be sceptical or wary of new owners, we all are, we care about our club, but Mel has been a straight shooter from day one. Some of the things he’s done or wanted to do didn’t work out but he is trustworthy beyond doubt . Now maybe those he has trusted are sharks .. but that’s a different story. 
    I cannot believe how you have such a judgmental attitude to a guy who has given his best efforts and a shed load of money to this club. Your judgement is littered with an astounding lack of logical analysis. 
  3. Like
    BriggRam reacted to archram in El DerbyCo   
    I don’t think you can take anything about his attitude towards Rooney from that. Although his English is pretty good,he still gets words wrong and hesitates to find the right word. I think he’s wise to not make any sweeping comments about the club, manager and players and leave himself having to change them when he knows the situation better. I thought he came over as being quite excited and trying to not be over enthusiastic.
    As he says and other posters have said he will be judged by his works - and he most definitely will be! I just feel that I’ll wait and see. You’d think we were good at waiting, all the practice we’ve had!
  4. Like
    BriggRam reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in El DerbyCo   
    The Fake Sheikh wasn't. I can't remember any media source pointing to him being a tyre kicker. They were just as silent as that Newcastle fan said they would be.
  5. Clap
    BriggRam reacted to Newcastle Fan in Abu Derby County   
    Hello folks
    I just saw the news in the Ncl Evening Chronicle.  I posted on here a while back re the fake Sheikh and his pal Midhat (not a sheikh - actually a cockney of Indian heritage.  The press kept referring to him as a sheikh though!). 
    Whilst I’m not surprised about the outcome, I’ve come to post my sympathies.  Ludicrous to watch a football club and a section of its support strung along by obvious con men.  My contempt I reserve for the EFL (how did these duckers pass the ‘fit and proper persons’ test???) and the football press, for their complete lack of investigation into these people, instead continuing to print absolute nonsense about the money they have and the relationships they have with the Abu Dhabi royal family.
    It’s terrible when a support is taken for a ride by chancers - aided and abetted by the media.  Personally, I think some mea culpas are owed from them - but I wouldn’t hold my breath. 
    I’m glad to see you’re pulling away from the Third Division trapdoor - though of course had you went down, you’d comfortably be the biggest club in that division - you’d have a nightmare as teams like MK Dons, Scunthorpe and Sunderland try to take a scalp.
    I’m back to watch the quagmire that is our takeover - as it leaves the High Court and returns to the PL.  Imagine arguing that the financial arm of the Saudi state isn’t really part of the Saudi state?  That’s what’s happening at the moment.   Modern football is crap, isn’t it?  It definitely is with Steve Bruce as manager.  You’ll be playing us next year, so you’ll get to see in person just what we’ve been grumbling about ...
    PS 500 pages?  Don’t know whether to say ‘well done’ or think you’re maniacs :)
    Either way, all the best for the rest of this season.  I’ve no doubt that if you’re for sale, someone genuine will come along.  Derby is a sleeping giant - get it right, and there’s no reason that the club couldn’t be sitting pretty as a PL regular pulling in big crowds. 
  6. Clap
    BriggRam got a reaction from SKRam in v Brentford (H) - Predictions   
    Sod it 
    Derby 2-1 Brentford 
    Watson fgs COYR 🐏
  7. Haha
    BriggRam reacted to Van der MoodHoover in Liam Delap   
  8. Like
    BriggRam reacted to kevinhectoring in Abu Derby County   
    I would  
  9. Clap
    BriggRam reacted to JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta in El DerbyCo   
    Some folk on here gave the fella from Newcastle grief, but he appears to have been on the money 
  10. Like
    BriggRam got a reaction from Carnero in Neil Warnock   
    Hate the bloke, but absolutely spot on about the refs, and hats off for having the nads to say it....I genuinely believe we have been let down massively by the men in black, about time something is said on SSN
  11. Cheers
    BriggRam got a reaction from Mucker1884 in “WOOOOOOO!”   
    And that stupid duckin clappy thing at Leicester 😠😠😠
  12. COYR
    BriggRam got a reaction from Mucker1884 in Colin Kazim-Richards Fan Club   
    Unfortunately I can't use the love, laugh, clap and the Ram emojis at the same time.....this is brilliant 🐏👏😂💙
  13. Haha
    BriggRam reacted to 1967RAMS in Key to beating cardiff   
    We’ve got to hold and give but do it at the right time
    We can be slow or fast but we must get to the line
    They'll always hit us and hurt us, defend and attack
    There's only one way to beat them, get round the back
    Catch us  if you can, cause we’re  the Derby  men 
    And what you're looking at is the master plan
    We ain't no hooligans, this ain't a football song
    Ram with no eyes on my chest, I know we can't go wrong
  14. Like
    BriggRam reacted to Mucker1884 in Colin Kazim-Richards Fan Club   
    With handsomeness beyond compare
    His tight-knit locks of sable hair
    With tattooed skin and eyes with joyous sheen
    His smile is like a breath of spring
    His whoop does screech like stormy rain
    And we cannot compete with him
    He scores against you in his sleep
    And there's nothing we can do to keep
    From smilin' when Wayne calls his name
    And we can easily understand
    How you could easily take our man
    But you don't know what he means to us
    Colin, Colin, Colin, Coleeeee-in
    I'm begging of you please don't take our man
    Colin, Colin, Colin, Coleeeee-in
    Please don't take him just because you can
    ... Whoop!  
  15. Haha
    BriggRam got a reaction from 1967RAMS in Well lads less 24 hours to the big one   
  16. Haha
    BriggRam got a reaction from SKRam in Well lads less 24 hours to the big one   
  17. Haha
    BriggRam got a reaction from Mucker1884 in Well lads less 24 hours to the big one   
  18. Haha
    BriggRam got a reaction from Beetroot in Well lads less 24 hours to the big one   
  19. Haha
    BriggRam reacted to TimRam in New joke thread   
  20. Haha
  21. Haha
    BriggRam got a reaction from Mucker1884 in Well lads less 24 hours to the big one   
  22. Haha
    BriggRam got a reaction from Pearl Ram in Well lads less 24 hours to the big one   
  23. Like
    BriggRam reacted to Dimmu in Colin Kazim-Richards Fan Club   
    Well done for admitting you got it wrong!
    But to say "no one was happy we signed him" and "no one expected it" is not correct though. Proof can be found from the transfer talk. 😉
  24. Like
    BriggRam reacted to LincsRam in Derby v Huddersfield match day thread.   
    Byrne might be vertically challenged but he has been our best player for a while now, very happy with his contribution.
  25. Clap
    BriggRam reacted to Ramos in Derby v Huddersfield match day thread.   
    Byrne baby Byrne - crosses incomingggggg 🎶  
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