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  1. I went to England matches at the Euros and the ticket app worked pretty well (I didn’t have any issues). Scanned straight from your phone.
  2. I’m not talking about mentality, just stating a fact. Without the points deduction they would’ve had more points than us after 46 games. It’s quite a sad state of affairs that we were only better than two teams from League One (one that was 8th when their season finished) and only survived because another team had a points deduction.
  3. We stayed up because Sheffield Wednesday had a points deduction. Had they not we would be in League One.
  4. A Rotherham win tonight would put us in the bottom three. How is that a good result for us?
  5. We’d be in the bottom three if Sheffield Wednesday hadn’t had that points deduction. The bottom three are showing that they are fighting for survival. We are not.
  6. Not suggesting a protest is the thing to do. It’d be pretty pointless IMO.
  7. We’ve improved table-wise since Cocu left but it’s pretty damming that we’d be in the relegation zone if it wasn’t for Sheffield Wednesday’s points deduction. 1 win in 12 isn’t good enough.
  8. Possibly when McClaren left to go to Man Utd. What a team that was.
  9. Relive - Leeds A play-offs wish I was there - Man Utd A 96/97. I became interested in football the season after so missed it completely. Seeing Wanchope’s debut goal would’ve been great (he’s my favourite Derby player). Also Watford H 1999/2000 sticks in my mind as I was too ill to go. We won 4-0 and we didn’t win many that season.
  10. Forest had postponed for a waterlogged pitch last season. Absolute joke that Rotherham’s new stadium doesn’t have adequate facilities.
  11. The pink kit has been good for us but We were unbeaten in the grey kit we had 2 seasons ago (beating Man Utd etc.). I don’t remember as much fanfare about that. Just saying.
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