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  1. Anya has only just left the club a and was an added financial strain for 4 years. Overspending like that is why the club had to sell the stadium. I think it’s pretty relevant, especially when people keep saying that supporters need to help the club financially. I renewed my season ticket before lockdown and to be honest Rams TV and a lottery of a chance of going to games is leaving me feel a bit short changed. The club not stating whether we will be refunded for matches that we can’t attend is a bit annoying (I’ve paid for a car park pass too and don’t know what will happen with th
  2. Has anyone else had issues with the picture quality through a firestick? I was watching the Sheffield United game through Firefox and pre-match everything looked like HD but during the match it didn’t look HD at all. I couldn’t see an option to alter the resolution on the site but I have seen the option on the laptop though (when I had to watch Cardiff A on it) so I’m not sure why it’s not an option through the firestick.
  3. Bournemouth may be making a bid for him: https://www.footballinsider247.com/exclusive-bournemouth-making-move-to-sign-scotland-international-in-bargain-deal/
  4. Apparently Liverpool want to sell him but they want £20M for him. Seems a lot to me: https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/liverpool-want-20m-harry-wilson-22497423?_ga=2.131196751.1749448029.1597094468-1642860298.1585739834
  5. Last minute equalisers against the Red Dogs are just as good. 🐏
  6. You could download Firefox browser for the firestick. I used that on Saturday.
  7. I renewed before lockdown. Does anyone know if I need to apply for the 10% discount or will the club automatically refund those that have renewed & chose option 3?
  8. Just be aware the iPad’s screen format isn’t widescreen (16:9). The screen will have two black bars down the sides because The iPad’s screen format is 4:3.
  9. You can watch it on the Xbox one via the Xbox’s browser (Microsoft Edge). I have done that a couple of times. You may need to download the browser from the Microsoft store on the Xbox. Just log on to dcfc.co.uk, login and go to the Rams TV section. Also to get it full screen your may need to remove the border (it’s not big but is round the edge of the screen which I found annoying). This can be done in settings: Settings > General > TV & display options > video fidelity & overscan > untick “apps can add a border”
  10. There also two other good comebacks last season. Southampton A. 2-0 with about 15 minutes to go and won on penalties. How many teams win at Old Trafford despite conceding in the first few minutes (especially when they’re from the division below). I know that they equalised but we still won. Forest A FA Cup replay 2009 was a brilliant night. 2-0 inside 15 minutes but we turned it round with Commons haunting the red dogs by getting the winner. Also winning at Forest with 10 men (with the red card being barely a minute in) has to be up there. Can’t remember that many winning
  11. I’m not sure what to choose. I’m not sure how good options 2 & 3 are as nobody knows if fans will be allowed to attend games next season either.
  12. Man City struggle to sell out their stadium. When I watch them on TV I regularly see empty blue seats. They also struggled to sell some of the top priced tickets for the EFL Cup final this season. The huge clubs sell out regardless. I also don’t regard Chelsea as a really big club. Money has certainly helped them. They were pretty average before Zola & Vialli showed up too.
  13. Buxton’s winner vs Forest 2011/12. Lawrence’s header vs reading last season. Marriott’s goal at Norwich last season although technically not the last minute.
  14. I don’t get why the Watford/Leicester match is so popular. Sure it’s dramatic but I wouldn’t say it’s the second greatest. Forest/Yeovil should really be on the list. Southampton H 2006/07 second leg should have got a mention too. I think it’s the best match Pride Park has seen. Literally drama from the first minute until the end. Rams TV are showing it on Tuesday night. Anyone too young to remember or wasn’t a fan back then it I recommend watching it.
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