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  1. Both the Leicester and Southampton ties went to a replay as well so even when we’ve been drawn at home we still end up having an away match.
  2. Just to let people know the Bet365 streaming is a tiny screen. You can zoom If you have the option on your browser (or pinch the screen on mobile/tablet). This does however affect the screen quality (e.g. pixelation).
  3. I asked and they said it’s available in the UK.
  4. Bet365 are streaming it but you have to have placed a bet within the last 24 hours of the stream or have funds on your account.
  5. I was at the game and I think I must’ve been at a different match to most of the posters on here. We played better today but I don’t think we played well. We were still poor. If that was a good performance then standards really have dropped. I think we made Reading look like a good side. Charlie Adam ran the show. Cocu takes off the only striker we have that can hold the ball up for a defender. I get that we were down to 10 but it was negative I’d rather he’d taken Waghorn off if he was going to take a forward off. Knight was the only positive for me (Sibley wasn’t on long enough to comment really). He had a good game. He was unlucky with the shot that hit the bar.
  6. Your current favourite player: Martin Your current least favourite: Lawrence & Bennett Your fave of all time: Wanchope Least fave of all time: Claude Davis The 1st game you attended: Man Utd H 1997/98 The last game you attended: Millwall H 2019/20 The best ground you have ever visited: Swansea Which young Derby prospect excites you the most: Sibley Your favourite ever Derby manager: Jim Smith You've guessed it, least fave ever: Billy Davies If Derby went bust, who would be your new team: The new Derby club (if there is one) or Burton Albion If you could sign 1 player from the championship right now, who: Bowen If you could change 1 thing about Derby County right now, what would it be: Cocu to use positive tactics (mainly 2 strikers) and try to win games instead of being defensive.
  7. We didn’t win many matches from January onwards. It was relegation form. A lot of the games we won pre January we had a lot of fortune in. We slipped from second and just made it into the Play-offs. The performances against Sunderland H & Burton A were absolutely abysmal.
  8. Only 2 teams in the division have scored less than we have this season (Middlesbrough & Wigan). I think we are pretty toothless at times, especially away. I really don’t know why he changed formation/tactics after the Preston match or why we leave it until the last 10 minutes to have a go at teams. We don’t even look like scoring at the moment. Our tactics are too negative.
  9. Reading, Wigan & Middlesbrough are our next 3 away games. If we don’t get anything from those games we could be in serious trouble. We can’t just rely on our home games. I don’t understand why he’s changed formation & dropped Martin & Marriott or why he waited so long to make substitutions today. We only really threw everything at it for the last 10 minutes. I haven’t heard Cocu’s interview but if he was more concerned about conceding again than trying to get something out of the match that’s worrying.
  10. Will the Ram

    Ex Rams

    Terrific goal by Mason Mount tonight. Goal at 1:30
  11. It is one of the worst stadiums I’ve been to from a wheelchair user’s point of view. last time I went I couldn’t see because of people standing up in front. You mentioned Grimsby. Their stadium is decent.
  12. Will the Ram

    Ex Rams

    2 goals for Harry Wilson in Bournemouth’s defeat at Tottenham. First was a great freekick.
  13. Does that mean that Juande Ramos is a better Tottenham manager than Pochettino? I think not.
  14. Today I finally was able to embed a tweet on iPad. You have to get the link from the desktop site. Links from the mobile site won’t embed (for me at least).
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