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We Are Derby Scotland,Fraserburgh, Elgin,Edinburgh & Glasgow Rams Calling

Inverurie Ram

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We Are Derby Scotland,Fraserburgh, Elgin,Edinburgh & Glasgow Rams Calling…………

Any Dundee, Inverness, Rams etc?Anyone else from Scotland out there etc.

I received a lovely e-mail from Aimee at Writing East Midlands CIC as below, and I’m asking my fellow Scottish Rams if they would fancy a trip to Pride Park soon? On a Saturday before a game, where we could be involved in a “We Are Derby” session, in the morning, which we could share our stories about being Derby County fans, living in Scotland etc.

HI Rich, 

Thank so much for your email and it is brilliant to hear how you all support DCFC all the way from Aberdeenshire.  We could absolutely look at running a session for the We.Are.Derby project for you before  a match on a Saturday if you let me know a date when you’re planning on coming to Derby?  Alternatively, we could also run an online session for you with Jamie Thrasivoulou who is the lead writer on the project and famous for his We Are Derby poem, would this be of interest to you, and if so, when would work?  We’d absolutely love to hear more and feature you in the project, and also connect with other fans Fraserburgh, Elgin, Edinburgh & Glasgow etc.  

Many thanks again  for getting in touch, and I hope you all have a wonderful festive break,

Very best 


Head of Artistic Development

Writing East Midlands CIC

@RadioactiveWaste @Elgin_Ram @Edinburgh ram @Glasgow-ram @CWC1983 @Ramadonna9 @2tups

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26 minutes ago, Elgin_Ram said:

Excellent. Hopefully we will be taking the grandkids to the Cambridge game.

@Elgin_Ram can you DM your e-mail address. I tried copying you in to an e-mail but it returned your e-mail back stating :-
   Reason:    5.1.1 The email account that you tried to reach does not exist. 

Maybe you have a new one?

Cambridge game will be too soon for me. But if there’s another game, at home probably Feb time, you can make, would be good to meet up?

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3 minutes ago, i-Ram said:

I don’t live in Scotland (it’s a lifestyle choice) but I could qualify under great grandfather rules, and I also quite like Dundee cake. 

Your in, I heard your call, now all you’ve got to do, is get yourself to Pride Park, whenever I can drag anyone from Scotland to come along with the Aberdeenshire Rams.

I promise I will not drag Mr Roos along with me, he might have to do a bit of overtime and he’s usually quite busy on a Saturday.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Still calling…….but unfortunately after e-mails requesting support and stories ,a request to @Elgin_Ram about e-mail address DM, and nothing back except @2tupssupport and a maybe (shrug of shoulders) from @RadioactiveWaste it looks like @Inverurie Ram and Inverurie Ram Juniour will probably come down to a game in late Feb, early March on our own again,with the support of that DCFC Family that @uttoxram75talks about, out there somewhere, with a “We Are Derby” workshop unlikely unless 2 or 3 of us, just do it by Zoom, I prefer real life myself, but hey ho, I’ll still always keep trying, knowing nobody will ever take my passion away for the love of Derby County ❤️

“Come on Derby….Come on Derby

Sometimes I look deep into

your eyes, I swear I can see your soul”

Up The Rams

…….and one day I might be lucky enough to meet up with @uttoxram75 for a pint before or after a game. Yeah keep the faith.

So come on Call Me…….(whatever you like!)


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