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  1. Got it in one Steve , hoping Shinnie is a modern version of the Welsh Wizard . Cox,s recruitment from that period looks amazing with hindsight
  2. Good watch , heard Holloway recently on the radio say he nearly signed for us , was playing for Bristol Rovers and Derby came to check him out , but he played poorly , but his team mate shone and we signed him instead , bet the oldies on here will know who ?
  3. Had an enjoyable afternoon watching Ewe Rams in the sunshine , great to see so many youngsters getting behind the team , needed to score first half when we were on top , seen us lose twice this season already to the wrong uns , Let,s do em in November at the dungheap or life here on the border will be tough COYRs
  4. you.re ! good atmosphere against WBA btw , lively start got the crowd going and the young players will appreciate the backing they were given
  5. If your in the away end on Tuesday night , sing ! if you,re singing , sing louder ! If we lose , go down fighting , WE ARE Derby , SUPER RAMS
  6. NewquayRam you are the spirit of DCFC ! i.ve been moaning about roadworks ,footbridge and the Wyvern slip road ,and i only come in from Long Eaton , respect to BodminRam and all far flung Rams ,we,ll do it this season for you guys , then it,s Spurs ,Arsenal and....er Bramall Lane all the way
  7. Just bought 3 in the overspill area , just go on the Scunthorpe club website and specify away fans , really easy , collecting them up there ,so give yourself time to queue COYRs
  8. He came across well , the sports complex they,re at looks quality , Frank got a lot from a similar pre season thing in Tenerife last year so hopefully we can lay a good foundation again , i,d love a job where you get sent to Florida in your first week !
  9. Best signing of the recent era , worked his **** off every game , and much appreciated by the fans , hope he enjoys life at the Dons , thanks for the hat trick Craig !!
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