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  1. Anyone else heard a rumour that we,re playing a warm up friendly at Pride Park on Saturday ? Anyone know the opposition ? Apologies if this has already been covered on here
  2. This thread just runs and runs , unlike Kieran Dowell
  3. All red at Sligo except a few well aged black ones in an undeveloped bit of one stand , they were the ones from the BBG , unless it was all blarney ! there was another tenuous Rams link to Sligo Rovers , Marcos brother Ricardo Gabbiadini played for them , i thought about getting his name on a shirt , but after a brief glance in my wallet , the moment passed
  4. Sligo Rovers in the Irish league , was over there last year and heard the story , we got a shout out on the tannoy at half time "to the 11 Derby County fans you,re welcome at The Rovers anytime" it was a 1-1 draw against St Patricks Athletic in case you,re wondering !
  5. The Popside seats live on , we sold them to another club when we left the BBG , anyone know which club ?
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