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  1. Watched it in The Merlin on Friday , went bat**** crazy when Jozwiak scored , but when Stevie Wonder disallowed it , the words "egregious decision" were uttered loud and long !
  2. Maybe approach the club to see if individual players can promote this on twitter etc ? Frank Lampard met Reg i believe when he managed us , so he may be amenable as well , the fans who did so well with the Wisdom flag may know the best way to give this an extra shove ? Modern times , modern methods ! COYRs
  3. Nice tribute to an FA Cup winner for the club we all love , chucked £30 in , look forward to seeing the bust in Alvaston , COYRs
  4. Funeral service for Reg Harrison is this coming Tuesday 13th at Derby Cathedral , would be nice to see some Derby scarves tied outside to let the family know his part in the history of DCFC was appreciated by the current generation of fans , as he obviously was by those lucky enough to have been at Wembley in 1946 , R.I.P Reg
  5. Great bit of Italian defending on Duncan as he follows up on the 3rd goal ! Wish our defenders were as nasty , with Derby it,s |"Come on through , and bring the ball with you , we,re all friends here " , Hope to see a mean streak from us , starting at Carrow Road on Saturday
  6. Great to have Jordon back , sounds like he,s lost his way in his personal life for a few years , no one,s immune to it , rich , poor or inbetween , if we show him the love online , in town , and hopefully on a matchday , when the "old normal" comes back , there,s a great player there at 24 , ready to fullfill that early potential we saw in 2014/15 , COYRs
  7. R.I.P Reg , to bring the FA Cup back to your home town must have been amazing after what the country had just been through for 6 years , Great to hear about he was still attending games at Pride Park and had spent his life after football coaching and helping local kids , that spirit is a great credit to our area and DCFC
  8. I reckon it,s in him Sparkle , been watching season 3 of The Wire , Marvin,s a dead ringer for the ruthless young gang boss Marlo , he,s gonna bag one at Luton today and push on to play his part in the reshaped attacking options Phil,s putting together in the next few weeks
  9. Spotted my first new F***** away shirt yesterday , worn by a lad running for the bus i was on , when i realised the driver wasn,t going to wait for him , i burst out laughing , on my own , on a bus , in a mask , that,s how football gets you , it,s irrational , everyone hates the team up the road , wherever you go in the world , best not to over analyse it ! i thanked the driver as i got off
  10. Congratulations Super Jake Bucko , winning first game in management , on penalties , Vernam was impressive apparently
  11. Wilsthorpe Tavern , Long Eaton , last game i watched in there , Chris Martin equalised very late at Leeds , things got a bit emotional , some people weren,t as happy as us with the goal...hopefully we,re not barred and a winning start for DCFC
  12. We ran out to "Are you gonna go my way?" Lenny Kravitz for a while didn,t we ? Great riff , all the best Joeheadland , enjoy the skive as long as you can ! Work,s over rated
  13. Great picture , Baseball Ground looks awesome , if you told Durban and Webster at that age what the next 10 years would bring...
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