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  1. Absolutely beautiful, can’t remember a kit as smart as this. Hopefully we can make a few top class signings from the money made by the millions of these shirts that are sold😍
  2. 4am start tomorrow cannot wait!! F**cking come on you rams
  3. 50/50 with Holmes and Lawrence for me would be nice to see him at no. 10 I suppose. Can get behind Bennett in for one of the two also as we need someone to try and bully mings as best they can
  4. Got to be the diamond again, carry on the momentum. Roos bogle keogh Tomori Cole Johnson Wilson Mount Holmes Waghorn Marriott good to see that we can bring in so many players that weren’t on the pitch for the 4-0 match and can hopefully take villa by surprise to some extent. Harsh to leave Lawrence and Bennett our but feel they can bring a lot off the bench when called for. Cannot wait for the match and let’s hope this time next week we’ll be a premier league team.🤞
  5. Really hope me and a couple mates can get tickets to this. Try to get down whenever I can as I live up north so hope I can be eligible for the general sale. I had the tickets confirmed in 2014 but then our WiFi cut out as we were paying for them. Checked 5 minutes later and they were all gone. (Blessing in disguise I know). Just hope I can get there this year. Can’t face missing out again. Big piss up with fellow rams fans needed🐏
  6. Horrible performance last night. Ruined another Tuesday night watching another awful derby midweek display. Can’t quite understand what went wrong but it was a cocktail of errors on and off the pitch. The season may well be over, however we’re definitely still in it mathematically... On to Saturday though and bolton are in a right mess so could be a chance for us to completely freshen up the team and play a team that could spark some life into us for the final 6 games of the season. Or at the very least give us some idea as to who frank will want to include in the team next season. I think it’s important we give include some youngsters in the 18 because they will surely have 100% more fight than any of that lot showed us last night. Id go with Carson bogle keogh tomori Wisdom Hudds Holmes Mount Bennett Marriott Wilson bench: Roos, Cole, Johnson, Lawrence, Sibley, Mitchell Lawson, Bird COYR
  7. Whatever position we’re in next season I hope we give the likes of bird, sibley, Mitchell Lawson and, Whittaker a go in the squad. It amazes me that sibley hasn’t been given a sniff yet considering how well he’s been playing.
  8. Season over, playoffs gone. Cheers to another brilliant season 👍
  9. What makes this sh*tshow even more annoying is yet again all the teams around us are losing and yet again we can’t capitalise.
  10. In my opinion, there’s no reason why we can’t go on and win at least 5 of these games and go on to hopefully finish high up the top 6. Millwall win forest draw villa loss Wigan win Wednesday win stoke draw rotherham win However... this is derby.
  11. Would hope this gets our promotion push kickstarted again. 2-0 rams wilson fgs
  12. Think this is a brilliant signing as cover, one of hibs’ best players on his day when he was there. On occasions he was far too good for the league. Couple mates of mine tell me he would make mistakes from time to time but they were down to complaisancy due to the sometimes poor standard of the league but all in all he was a standard above. Hibs fans were sorry to see him go after he triggered the clause in his contract allowing him to leave. Only 30 so still got a few years in him. Could work out very well for us!
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