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  1. Anybody able to tell me the rooney chant? Still don’t know the full words.
  2. Not sure how he would fair in the championship but he does a great job at hearts. Can be quite injury prone but when he’s fit he’s a good finisher and he’s probably the strongest player iv ever seen play. The way he uses his body to hold people off is ridiculous. At the right price I’d say he’s worth a go?
  3. Josefzoon must be the best trainer in the world... how is he still in this team?
  4. Roos bogle Davies Clarke Lowe Huddlestone Bielik Holmes waghorn Martin Paterson
  5. Anyone else notice that the sky sports have removed tom Lawrence from the efl intro pretty quickly? Just seen it now
  6. Even though I wasn’t at the match, I can completely understand some fans frustrations after spending their hard earned money to watch what. However, we hired Cocu to hopefully guide us to the premier league however long that may be. Not to win the carabao cup. It is awful knowing that we went out to forest but we need to keep faith in cocu. It is still so early on!
  7. Tom Lawrence tonight was outstanding. In attack and defence he proved the player that a lot of fans didn’t believe he was. He is an outstanding player and professional. The fact that he has had stick from some of our fans over the past couple of months is a disgrace after the few months he has had. After losing my mum when I was Young I thought it was a lovely touch with his celebration tonight and it was an inspiration for anyone who has lost someone important to them in their lives. Well done Tom❤️
  8. Who’s this Hummels bloke? And what’s he done to be compared keogh...?
  9. As a Derby fan the past year I have been in dreamland. We had Lampard as a manager and he brought in mount Wilson and tomori. They are and always will be three of our best ever loans. He then bought in one of England’s best ever left backs (Ashley Cole) for those who didn’t know. And now... we have cocu as a manager with a seemingly superb exciting style of play. He has since brought in dowell Bielik and Clarke. These three singings look absolutely immense and now to top it all off we are close to singing Wayne F*****g Rooney. Yes Wayne Rooney. Mel Morris is one hell of a football genius and I am here for it 100%. As it stands we start the season with a 2-1 stunning win over hudds whilst forest lose at home first match. Could it be better to be a Derby fan right now??? COYR 😍
  10. These signings are bad for your health. They’re too addictive. I want more now iv got the taste for them😂
  11. No from me. Give sibley and knight a chance or bring in a top quality player to actually significantly improve the team.
  12. Their player Soni looked very good. Would love to try get him or a player like him. Have no idea how much he would be valued at but he’s 21 and looked quite tricky but also direct. The type of winger we’ve been missing.
  13. Would like to see this starting lineup on Saturday. Roos bogle Keogh Evans Lowe Huddlestone Dowell Sibley Lawrence Waghorn bennett Ideally would like to see a new keeper and a new winger brought in soon but doubt it will be before rangers. As far as the bench is concerned I’d want to see knight involved at some point as he sharp tonight and hopefully Marriott will be fit to play some part in the game. I know it’s about performance but living in I’m really hoping we can get a result to avoid the stick off my SPL favouring mates... COYR 🐏🐏🐏
  14. If lamps had any respect for us then he’d send him here immediately. I don’t think my heart could take it seeing him somewhere else on loan.
  15. Anyone actually seen any pictures of him out there? Has he managed to get there yet?
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