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  1. Nerves are tattered after the Wakey game tonight. Where are you tomorrow ? And what’ s the odds on a KR, Saints, Rams triple ?
  2. I always love your optimism.....
  3. 2tups

    Beer Thread

    Was in Islay a few months back. Absolutely love the stuff. But Ardbeg’s the better visit. Is there an Eddie’s guide to Belgium ? And if not, could David please pin one.
  4. Dean Saunders was such an electric talent. Trying to remember how he never got capped for England 🐏⛑
  5. The Fall rewrites were his best work imho. Duane Holmes ... 5 and O. With the actions
  6. 2tups

    Beer Thread

    Most excellent. Got to say with a lot of stuff at work and a whole pile of other stuff going on it is wonderful to see us relieve the expectation and pressure that inevitable surrounds February and the marvellous DCFC. And as you were so good as to not mention the time you gubbed us at Wheldon Road, I'll barely mention just how much I've enjoyed the start to the new season. And everybody loves a TV show,
  7. 2tups

    Beer Thread

    Suspect I might be a bit of a hophead for some on here. And whilst it didn't quite reach the 'And Boulton's saved it' moment in Madrid. Had some superb fresh beer from Verdant last night. In tins as well. All the way from somewhere past you. CAMRA membership lapsed. Well, if only I'd ever joined.
  8. Nowt's apiece with Methil. Going OK tonight.
  9. We weren't that neutral that day. Fantastic occasion and bet you sang all the way back to Leith :)
  10. Last trip to Pittodrie was a nowt nowt with Perth. Chrissy..come on down. Make that up. 😎🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿😎
  11. Peloton you say...in with the bike riders methinks. I am partial to Tiramisu I will confess. But keep the rest . John O’Hare for Scotland. And where’s Mr Frogg, Dark Matter rum...fantabidosi.
  12. Happy New Year to all rams a'where. Touched by the Doric or nae. And some time soon... road trip....
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