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  1. 2tups

    Aberdeenshire Rams

    Boooo ! In better news, the Villa and Daintees tickets have arrived.
  2. 2tups

    Aberdeenshire Rams

    One of the great nights. Still a bit stunned.
  3. 2tups

    Aberdeenshire Rams

    So long as the Kemnay ladies darts team are not dropping in....could happen 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿⛑🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
  4. 2tups

    New joke thread

    From the same tome : Why do elephants paint their testicles red ? So they can hide in the high, high cherry trees. What's the loudest noise in the jungle ? Giraffes eating cherries.
  5. 2tups

    Aberdeenshire Rams

    Miller and McLeish were the closest thing to McFarland and Todd that I've ever had the joy to watch. But still after all these years I can't say Come on You R@ds. Keep it sheep.
  6. 2tups

    Aberdeenshire Rams

    Hang fire. They’re booked already.
  7. 2tups

    Aberdeenshire Rams

    Very positive developments. How were the pies and is the parrot keeping well ? Villa tickets ordered.
  8. 2tups

    Aberdeenshire Rams

    I'm keen, but do have the prospect of the young un's 21st on the 3rd. Looking at seeing the Bunnymen in Utrecht with a few days in the Dam. The second weekend a definite possibility. And there's a Brewdog in the student quarters of Sheffield (if we're not drinking Thornbridge in the Tap with the local Rams).
  9. 2tups

    Aberdeenshire Rams

    The guaranteed lift home's started a 4 month stint in Stornoway, so it's soda water and lime for me, but should be good to bring the loon over and see you there. Missed MGS at Speyfest this weekend. Bah.
  10. 2tups

    Aberdeenshire Rams

    Worth checking out Fierce, Craftsman and CASC too. Only perhaps not tonight. Suspect Jeff will emerge victorious at Turf Moor, but the Dandies were not disgraced tonight.
  11. 2tups

    Aberdeenshire Rams

    Doing some scouting just now in La Coruna. One or two centre backs, but they look flat footed. Be back for more songs about chocolate and girls soon time. Keep it Rams and see ya soon.
  12. 2tups

    Most Overrated Bands of all Time

    Superb night. One of my favourite gigs ever, with his mates playing blues. The Honeydrippers I think. He barely needed a mike. Not long after John Bonham died. We chanced tickets in RECords , part of the match day ritual.
  13. 2tups

    Route 66

    And the IPAs will be awesome
  14. 2tups

    Most underrated band of all time

    We need to go see Martin if we can ever get him back north. How can I resist ? Amongst my faves (and Kurt Cobain’s) the sparse beauty of Young Marble Giants, 23Skidoo and Misty in Roots for starters from Derbyshire days. For more recent Scottish stuff, Ballboy, People , Places, Maps and we all love the XCerts’ Aberdeen 1987 ( recent ?). Got a few wee hours of Zydeco, Afro Celt Sound System and Northern Soul lined up for the next trip. For when you’ve had too much apple pie. 😎

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