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  1. Prediction for Sunday ? I'm going Storm by 10. Tight first half and a moment of brilliance from the Melbourne back three to decide it. Good mood after Cas woke up against East Hull and Greg Eden had a stormer. With apologies to @Inverurie Ram who is a very fine fella.
  2. You are Bernard Sumner and I claim my £5 🙂
  3. Given the amount of flat land, high wind speeds and difficulties of return travel, the choice of linesman might be an opportunity too.
  4. Guessing that the first 20 mins were a tough watch @Stagtime. Top attacking team, feeling at home in Queensland (bizarrely) and everything stuck. Not the best sign off for John Bateman, but at least they didn’t lie down or go home wondering. Think the Storm might edge the Panthers, assuming the latter win tomorrow but we’ll see. Hope you enjoyed some of it at least. 👍
  5. This I knew. Got any Gibsons ?? 🙂
  6. What, with all them Bamfords ?
  7. Thought Josh Papali and his pals in the middle were outstanding. That commitment next week and they will have a chance.
  8. @Stagtime any nails left ? 😎
  9. Well it wasn’t pretty, but onto Belgrade it is ( I think). Have a crafty day tomorrow on the Hazy Jane’s. 🍺🍺
  10. The interception changed the game and surprised GW had the legs. Roosters will be a challenge, but think it will end up with the Panthers and Storm. We’ll soon see !
  11. Sure that you’re right. Frustratingly I have the full season after of newspaper format in the blue binder. But can’t find the championship year. Great nostalgia however. Benvindos Benfica. Good luck, someone must have it.
  12. Just when COVID, the debate of Bamford versus Gibson (Gibson, even before AET) , barking transatlantic Buffoons and the EFL have you wondering what it is all coming to...along comes B4 with a rallying call. Sod 'em guys, enjoy it all, spirit of Dave Mackay (Bucko for the youngsters) and up the jocking Rams.
  13. Future son in law is a Dons, and by gentl persuasion, also a Rams fan. Family is from Eysturoy. Real shame we can’t be there tonight. All the same. It’s a long way from Goteborg.
  14. All the best, kids let you on ? For the song, I'd start with the Gumpy Dogs game ; Sorted with Three (Points) for Wizz.
  15. Great to see you back in the room, mate. Stormer of a flag. Needs a good song to go with it. All the best for tomorrow.
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