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  1. Just back from Newfoundland, Yani. Where are you ? It is the second biggest country in the world 🙂
  2. Think Boydie is doing a fair impression of Bryso. Off for a plate of scadan; see ya soon.
  3. Stay with it mate. This beats 'Zen and the Art of Motorbike Maintenance'. If it all gets too much, get some Peat and Diesel on.
  4. And fish n chips from the Bay, I trust ? Some lovely BBG memories in the vid.
  5. Pedant’s corner..isn’t it the Duke of Wellington. And Kelvingrove has a great pizza place (Baffo) next to Brewdog, so somewhere for @Inverurie Ram to hang out when everyone else goes for a hipster beer 😎
  6. HMP Grampian more likely. Almost brand new, but the pillows are a bit firm. Just visiting.
  7. So just three weeks to look up the coming together of a Half Man Half Biscuit gig and a suitable away game. Wedding Present and an RL game on the Sunday heading back north. New season, new parrot required ?
  8. Keogh "Listen, the fine gentleman behind us advises that the score is currently one one" to be continued...
  9. @Inverurie Ram, was listening to Another Sunny Day ( not that it was) on the way back from Maud tonight. Hope the Ref is generous.
  10. Nerves are tattered after the Wakey game tonight. Where are you tomorrow ? And what’ s the odds on a KR, Saints, Rams triple ?
  11. I always love your optimism.....
  12. 2tups

    Beer Thread

    Was in Islay a few months back. Absolutely love the stuff. But Ardbeg’s the better visit. Is there an Eddie’s guide to Belgium ? And if not, could David please pin one.
  13. Dean Saunders was such an electric talent. Trying to remember how he never got capped for England 🐏⛑
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