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The Derby Way

Jimbo Ram

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The Derby Way currently:  

Goalkeeper passes it to a centre back

Passes to a full back 

Back to centre back who inches forward a bit

To midfield where it quickly comes back to defence like an allergic reaction to forward play 

Pass to a fellow centre back who panics and wizzes it to the goalkeeper

Goalkeeper hoofs in a hurry for a throw in / in to midfield where we are beaten to the ball

Opposition advance, we jog alongside like we're going for a run together 

Cross comes in bang, goal! / out for goal kick and we go again

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1 minute ago, Jimbo Ram said:

What what? Mel was clear on what he saw as the Derby way, the style of play etc, big talking point a couple of years ago. Genuine question, is our current style what he meant?

I ducking hope not

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The Derby way is based on playing entertaining football and winning games in the right way, with athletic endeavour and a smile on your face and being gracious in defeat, as after the QPR final.

I applaud Mel for his investment in my football team, but what I really want is a manager who knows how to get a team out of the Championship. Trying to play a Champions league style without elite players doesn’t always work.

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There is only really a few football clubs in the world I would say have a distinct style that they’ve played enough throughout their history to claim they have a way (barcelona and stoke lol).

Other than that it’s managers styles that they bring to a club and nothing more. Leeds for example have become a high press fast attacking team under bielsa, they certainly haven’t been that for the 20 years of football ive watched. 

Id say Derby dont have a way and sadly have maybe only had 4 or 5 managers in the last 60 years that have got us playing a way we’d like to see us play.... and would like to call our way. 

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The Derby way started about 1968 when Brian Clough took over and made us successful. It disappeared when he walked out on us in a strop. Every club wants to play football their way, which loosely translates to exciting football. In truth there is the total football way created by the Dutch (Johan Cruyff especially) and possibly how Brazil played football in up until 1970. Other than that there isn’t anything. Even Guardiola’s way is a rip off of Johan Cruyff’s.

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