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  1. Where to start: 1) Brian Clough and Peter Taylor leaving. When I speak with my dad who was a season ticket holder then he said that all of Liverpool’s success should of been ours and it was very much on the cards. 2) Juventus bribing the referee. Again we probably would of won the European Cup that year. 3) The whole 2014/15 season. If Thorne had been fit we would of smashed the league. Then if we had gone injury free even without Thorne we would of been promoted. 4) All the success of the teams around us after 2014/15 season. When you look at Bournemouth, Brighton, Wolves etc we were so far ahead of them yet they are now Premier League clubs. 5) The first season back in division one with John Gregory and massively underperforming. We should of smashed it that year with our squad but we were rubbish, and that led to our misery.
  2. I would personally like to see 3 - 5 - 2. Back three of Evans, Keogh and Clarke. Wing backs of Bogle and Lowe. Midfield three of Holmes, Bielik and Dowell. Marriott and Waghorn up front. This is fitness permitting that is.
  3. I think Rooney was the fifth one from abroad he spoke about. He said at least four signings with a fifth if a very good opportunity from abroad came, which I take as being Rooney.
  4. How can he justify that foreign managers cannot handle the Championship? What about Santo at Wolves who romped the league? Or Wagner who got a very average Huddersfield team promoted? Or Farke who did the same at Norwich. Two of these three examples won the league. Not forgetting Jokanovic who was promoted twice with Watford and then Fulham. These are all very recent examples. Coco has won three league titles against Ajax who usually romp the Eredivise. If anything he should be at a mid table premier league team. He has more experience at management than Lampard and his playing career was on par if not better. Let’s face it he went to and made it at a Barcelona, where the fans are very unforgiving, whereas as the ‘messiah’ didn’t dare leave London. Now I am not saying his career wasn’t any good but he did what all good little English players did and stayed at home.
  5. We were in for Eidur Gudjohnsen when he was at Bolton. I seem to remember Jim Smith wouldn’t pay more than three million. He then went to Chelsea and we all know how well he did there and afterwards. I really believe if we had signed him we may have lasted a little longer in the Premier league the first time round.
  6. But again there was no approach from Chelsea. Do some Derby fans really believe that a choice between us and Chelsea then Lampard would choose us? Chelsea, a club where he played 13 years, won numerous trophies and in his home city or Derby, a city he only probably visited when playing for Chelsea, a club he never played for, where none of his family of friends live and has no significance for him at all.
  7. And at the time Chelsea had made no approach and Sarri was still there. He didn’t leave until June. Lampard is not going to come out and say he wants to leave and go to Chelsea. He isn’t that stupid. He was saying what he needed to say and nothing else. Everything mentioned were facts. Derby were his club, he had time left on his contract and there was a meeting with Morris.
  8. I don’t understand all the hate for Lampard going to Chelsea. He has no loyalty to us and never would have. He has no connection to us other than we took a chance on him and nothing more. Chelsea is his club so why wouldn’t he go back there when given the chance. It was always going to happen. I envisaged he would be here at least two years mainly because I thought Sarri would get two years at Chelsea. He didn’t and he ran off after a year claiming home sickness. Due to this Lampard going to Chelsea has been brought forward by 12 months. The delay in him going has been the kerfuffle over Sarri’s deal to Juventus has then Lampard’s holiday. Lampard was never going to be with us for the long run and to be hailed as a messiah is short sighted.
  9. Nothing is happening because Lampard is on holiday. I expect that when he is back Chelsea will make their approach. He isn’t going to comment as he is on holiday. Would you discuss work whilst away with your family? And also if he says he isn’t going then leaves he will get slated for being a liar, if he says yes I want to go he gets slated for being disrespectful. He made is perfectly clear when asked by Sky in the play off final build up.
  10. I understand people being hesitant about Hughton’s management style, but he has got Newcastle and Brighton promoted plus kept Norwich and Brighton in the premier league. If we go by this and the fact he is out of work then it is the logical and sensible option. I am actually sick and tired of having managers do well and then getting poached by other clubs. McClaren, Rowett and not Lampard.
  11. Yes he said he was going nowhere whilst Sarri was in a job and Chelsea made no approach for him. However, if Chelsea strike a deal with Juventus and Sarri goes then they are expected to approach us for Lampard. That is what us being reported on Sky Sports. I am not panicking as I expected him to go at some point. When will people realise that we were just a stepping stone for him. He has no loyalty to us. Yes he is grateful we gave him a chance but nothing more. Chelsea is his club and it is highly unlikely he will turn them down.
  12. If Sarri then I believe Chelsea will want Lampard. If the transfer ban isn’t lifted or suspended for appeal then he is the only manager that would most likely accept it and work with the young players. All Chelsea see is what Guardiola did at Barcelona. A former club legend who returns and turns them into the best team in the world.
  13. This has the potential to derail our season already. If Chelsea want him then make us an offer. If he wants to go then go don’t prat about. He either stays or he goes. We will obviously need to find a new manager who will turn need time to identify players that he wants. With the window closing earlier than previous seasons we cannot be delaying recruitment.
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