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Jacob Murphy


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3 minutes ago, whiteroseram said:

Interesting that people have clearly seen our match yesterday (and generally good performance) and concluded we must be in for a winger. 

I suspect they're right of course 

Because they saw Josefzoon has the physique of a 13 year old ballet dancer and the end product of Leon Best in a Derby shirt.

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5 minutes ago, Papahet said:

Meh rather Ibe 

Yeah, I think Ayew perhaps could have a higher ceiling than Ibe but I think Ibe would be a much more solid choice for what we know and need. Regardless, out of the three, Murphy would be last on my list. I'd like to see us do what we can to get Ibe, but a passive comment from Nixon that was very much misaligned with everything that we need doesn't fill me with the greatest confidence. 

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