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  1. Why not use Ask Jeeves instead?
  2. Online news these days is absolutely dreadful. But saying that, I refuse to pay for the Athletic too.
  3. Don't understand the hate on Nixon? He's probably the 2nd ITK source we have after Percy. I don't like his constant highlighting every person he blocks... but then I'm not subject to the abuse he gets!!
  4. Disagree. You don't need away membership to go to 90% of away games. You're paying more for the opportunity to guarantee tickets to Forest away... rewarding those who pay financially rather than with their time and effort. I'm not against that because DCFC is a business at the end of the day... but my point being it's no different allocating tickets to people who own more of a digital currency.
  5. Probably not utilising Block Chain Technology 😂 and if it was... then we certainly missed out on a great opportunity!
  6. But that's the not the system we have in place at the moment is it? Currently priority is given to those who pay financially by owning a season ticket and away membership... There's no clause that you have actually been to those games. So what's the difference?
  7. We've always talked about fan ownership. I imagine Barcelona will only offer the fans decisions that ultimately the board arnt fussed either way... but still allows them to feel like they've got a say, or where they know or could predict the fans say. But it still let's the fans feel in control by having their vote. An example could be a vote on us offering Curtis Davies a reduced contract offer. I don't imagine the outcome to be season defining, but it would certainly increase that fan engagement I'd say by having a vote. I'd certainly buy into it, especially if it allowed other per
  8. Guessing you don't understand the utility of something like this... but that's ok.
  9. I've seen in the Crypto Currency world that there are 'Fan Tokens' for various different teams arrising including AC Milan and Barcelona. I've included an extract below which details the purpose...but could it offer more things such as ticket priority schemes etc? Would certainly generate some much needed money. Project Introduction The FC Barcelona Fan Token (BAR) is a utility token that gives FC Barcelona fans a tokenized share of influence on club decisions using the Socios application and services. The token serves as a membership key that allows users to compete for exclu
  10. He's a bang average championship player and has never given me reason to think anything otherwise. If it wasn't for his off the field antics, I'd probably keep him in the team though as that's all we are at the moment.
  11. You don't want unprofessional players like Tom Lawrence around your squad. Smart move Wales.
  12. I think the same can be said for the majority of our signings too. People are excited about our signings but when they don't work out, they slag off the recruitment team and claim they should be doing better. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
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