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  1. Still no closer according to ol’ Nixon. Strange considering Percy said weeks ago (drinkgate) it’s going to be announced soon
  2. Was hoping Marriott would be the 20 a season man to replace Martin and Vydra’s goals. I just don’t think he’s that great TBH, sure he gets the odd goal here and there but he’s really nowt special... I don’t get the lovefest for him at all.
  3. Not one player I’d give over 6/10. Seriously needs some fresh blood in January. No width, no creativity, no flair. It’s all too bland, I think Boro were just dogshit last weekend BTW and it’s papered over a lot of the flaws in this squad
  4. Another game where Sibley runs the midfield. He’s some talent, please get him a loan ASAP if we dont plan on using him in the first team.
  5. Only started going in 95, so pretty envious of anyone who went during our success in the 70s. For me personally: Winning promotion against Palace 95/96. My first season going to games: we sign Igor, have a 20 goal player in Sturridge and go on a 20 game unbeaten run. Pretty surreal and amazed we didn’t pip Sunderland to 1st even today. Wanchopes debut goal at Old Trafford. Will never forget the play offs against Southampton at PP, running on the pitch once Idiakez skyed it and getting absolutely caked in mud 😆 Dave Jones last minute goal against Sheffield Wednesday 👍 unreal angle against Mark Crossley if I remember
  6. Got to be the easiest 3 points we'll have all season, Boro truly piss poor. If only we had the baalocks to attack from the off, rather than the last ten minutes. Would have been out of sigh
  7. I can’t blame him for wanting to sell up TBH. 100 odd million on a Championship club to see it go backwards? Madness. He got his man in Rowett, he fooks off. He then goes one better in Lampard, he fooks off the second Chelsea call. Berate by Rush, berate by the players. XX amount spent under Clement. WTF? I’d need counselling for all the poo some of this bunch of tossers have thrown at him. Sell up and enjoy life fella I fookin would, most cursed club in the game
  8. Hendrick getting involved ..HA! The same fella who Derby stuck by when he was in and out of court for kicking someone in? Pipe up & get a haircut. Unbelievable hypocrisy
  9. I’m gutted this isn’t being filmed for a Amazon Documentary, would be an absolutely quality watch.
  10. 91/92 loss 4-3. Glad we finally battered them at the BBG in the promotion season
  11. Doing himself no favours. I swear he’s benching Marriott for the banter now. Dowell hasn’t played in weeks and suddenly goes straight into the eleven huh? You have Wisdom who often gets overlooked for a really average loanee in Clarke - not impressed me since Huddersfield. Why won’t he try Marriott and Martin? Made for one another but just can’t see it! It’s like Deeney and Vydra from a few years ago, let Martin do the donkey work and Marriott to feed off him. Whittaker coming on was random as hell, rate the lad but he’s nowhere near ready to be thrown in like that, is he trying to prove a point or what? Where’s Mason Bennett suddenly vanished to? Buchanan? Jozefzoon? The side isn’t settled one bit it’s rotating for the sake of rotating and then folk wonder why we can’t get a rhythm going. I feel for MM because it’s happening again, stupidly long contract handed out and no sigh of improvement. January won’t be that great, who’ll want to come to a bottom half mid table side ?
  12. Would love to know what Cocu and the rest of these supposed highly rated coaches do on the training ground, I see no improvement since they’ve arrived. Our keepers have been dogshite since Given came in too TBH
  13. Absolutely poo again. Half these players aren’t championship standard let alone top six
  14. He’s 6’5 and struggles to take a ball out the air, that’s pretty poor IMO. Carson was poor, but we won games and the defence looked fairly confident with him at the back, it really doesn’t nowadays with Roos
  15. Come on, need this sorting. want us to get some money behind us and get that roof on PP for the Oasis reunion
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