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  1. Surprised we ain't debuting next seasons kit, or a one off shirt like 2007's.
  2. Media are absolute bankers to print this poo days before the final. Why not quiz Terry on the Boro link huh?
  3. Nerves are starting to kick in now. You just know we’ll either get battered 4-0 or Keogh will head home in injury time. One of the two IMO. Grealish and Abraham are the key for them, keep em quiet and we will have a chance
  4. Would love someone like Aaron Mooy if we go up, really think he'd fit in nicely in that midfield. If we can't get Mount back, Mooy wouldn't be a bad replacement IMO. Other random names i'll love to see here if we go up: Tom Cairney, Dwight Gayle, Sol Bamba (Why didn't we sign him in 2016!?), Fabian Delph, Tammy Abraham, Michael Hector, Ollie Mcburnie, John Mcginn, Conor Hourihane.
  5. His Wikipedia is full of info anyway, sign him
  6. But on this present day, all three of the players I mentioned have shown they are capable at this level and beyond and have been consistent performers for the past 2-3 seasons. Whereas this Becker lad has come back off a half decent season in Holland, it's way too Camara, Blackman and Albentosa like signing players off the back of 6 month purple patch. When was the last overseas success we signed anyway? We have been crap since the Burley era for spotting a gem abroad 😕 If we go up we'd be loaded with dough, i'd happily see us spend 50 odd million on Tomori, Wilson, Bowen, Maupay ETC. All young players with massive potential.
  7. No, but If we go up, i'd want us to be liked with the likes of Che Adams, Ollie Mcburnie, Neal Maupay, Jarrod Bowen. Players we can improve and potentially sell for mega ££. I'm all for a unknown gem coming to the club, but we've failed countless times (Albentosa, Camara, Ssewankambo...) to sign players outside the UK. They either get homesick or just not much cop
  8. We need top quality if we go up. Some of the players we have been linked with are bog standard to say the least
  9. Big ask for a 38 year old to come in and play potentially 120 minutes of football against quick attacking players like Grealish, Green and Adomah, especially coming back from injury. That LB spot is cursed.
  10. Liverpool wanting 20m according to Daily Fail. Mount must be a close to the same figure. I'd take them both and Tomori in a flash if we went up. Not as if we are signing another Earnshaw or Miller.
  11. Should have played Bennett at PP. Dallad isn't a natural at left back and nobody wanted to run at him for some reason, was probably the easiest game he'll have. Get Bogle forward too ffs, his crossing is what causes teams major problems. Huddlestone, Bennett, Marriott to start for me. Drop Nugenet, Johnson and Lawrence
  12. No passion whatsoever. Where's the desire to win against these dirty bar stewards
  13. Especially when you are up against a team with 6 foot pluses like Wheater and Ameobi. Our midgets wouldn't stand a chance at getting there heads onto a ball with those lanky gits.
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