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  1. Gary Rowett says Tweaks in January

    Sold Hendrick, Christie, Albentosa, Hughes and Ince for presumably near 30 million quid and not got a pot to piss in..HA
  2. Billy Davies

    Probably one of a few who dont hold a grudge against BD. Did the buiness in his first season, should have kept him on IMO. We would have pissed the Championship, rather than appoint PJ.
  3. January 2018 Transfer Suggestions Thread

    George Friend. Ditch Foz and Ollson
  4. Middlesbrough v Derby County match day thread.

    This would be one heck of a result if we grind this out.
  5. PPS Development

    So many food outlets. Subway, Frankies, Greggs, Starrbucks, Seven, Igors, Yard. A musuem ffs
  6. Fulham vs Derby County match day thread

    No idea what Lawrence must do in training, he must be bloody good to continue to be in the elven, ditto Huddlestone.
  7. Craig Bryson - signed for Cardiff season long loan

    All this "cares about the club" ? Toyed with the idea of leaving soon as the Play Off final whistle blew, then the second a club shown a interest he was off in a flash for talks - only doing U-turn when we offered a ridiculously long term contract (5 friggin' years) to satisfy his needs. Aye, that's love alright.
  8. Replacing Gary....a hypothetical question

    Mac, Simmo, Eric. Top coaches the 3 of them. Made for one another.
  9. Is Rowett up to the job

    GR can't get that extra 5% out of them, someone like Mac could. He came out and said countless times last season, that for the upcoming season we'd be harder to beat, more powerful, more pace, a different feel. So instead of signing these young, hungry players he goes for the been there done that route, none of which can be sold off at a potential profit and all of them likely on 20-30k contracts no doubt. O' and Andre Wisdom is currently out the side to Chris friggin' Baird WTF? Where can't he see the midfield is slow and lacks a creative spark? Why does he keep bringing Martin on? He does absolutely nothing nowadays. Why is Forsyth out the match day squad? He was one of the best left backs in the league under Mcclaren, now he's lucky to get a game for the U23's. He's no better than Darren Wassall, there I said it. Warnock was there for the taking and we went with the ex Ram plan again.
  10. George Thorne

    If it's the same cough I've got, expect him to be out for two months
  11. Kieftenbeld..... has he really signed?

    Bird is a CM, McDonald is left back for the under 23s Always thought Calum Guy would get a opportunity once we turned down the Port Vale loan. Deserves a chance, wouldn't be against Ledley coming in
  12. Kieftenbeld..... has he really signed?

    Signed a week ago and still no interview, doesn't add up. The club always run a big feature on a signing, no matter who they are. Sure he could have been in Holland last week, but I'd expect him to be in training at DCFC for the past few days, absolutely nothing since deadline day out of the club re the player.
  13. Yet Wednesday have the option to make Butterfields loan a permanent deal, seems odd we don't with Winnal.
  14. Jota - Signed for Birmingham City

    Brum deal is off apparently
  15. Rams summer 2017 transfer deadline day thread

    Can see Anya, Roos, Forsyth, Hanson and Shackell going either for a fee or a loan. Wouldn't be surprised to see Martin leave ya' know.

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