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  1. Rate him, but surely nowhere near match fit ..
  2. Can’t believe we’ve sold this lad and Delap for two million combined, to the two richest clubs in the world 😩
  3. No Gordon on the bench, reckon he’s gone
  4. I think I’m the small minority who thinks it’ll happen 🤦🏼‍♂️
  5. I’f it’s that bad of a mess then just get on the blower to Gadsby and let him buy a share...? I know he isn’t flashed with cash has MM, but he’s got the money to operate at this level and get us buy till the summer
  6. Wasn’t it Bin Zayed and co who had the say in getting Cocu out? Then to go on numerous Zoom meetings with the current ownership and management, I’m confused to see what they’ve got out of it.
  7. Never rated him - literally goes off the hype from the United academy well over a decade ago
  8. A million quid for someone with such potential is criminal, hard times! Id rather sell Waghorn or Lawrence on the cheap
  9. I’d imagine Davies is one of the higher earners, out of contract and doubt he’d fully recover - maybe offer him a coaching role here. I’d rather loan out Lawrence or Waghorn than let any youngster move for peanuts. A loan where they’d get wages paid to cover our arses till the takeover is completed.
  10. Oooo no famous 9am (birthday surprises, rams tv, energy drinks) tweet from the club Something’s happening
  11. How the fook have we ended up on this situation after years of budgeting under GSE? Yearly we’ve seen our better players leave (Ince, Hughes, Martin, Hendrick, Vydra..) to be in this mess is absolutely bs
  12. Check Tim Whites bed, he’s probably hiding there
  13. Ever since Rowett left, the interaction with the fans has been shambolic. The club are more than happy to post tweets about Carabao energy drinks and the mega store sale. It’s been run like a circus since MM came in w/ bad rep almost monthly- I’ve said it since 2015 and nothings changed since then. Afew training pitches he’s paid for and a fancy swimming pool at Moor Farm won’t change that. Piss poor tenure
  14. Did he even touch the ball more than five times ? Thought he was totally anonymous
  15. Is that even proven? It’s one header fookin hell man, no different than banging your head on a shelf
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