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  1. Championship best 11

    Carson Fredericks Boly Davies Douglas Adomah Cairney Maddison Sessengon Mitrovic Bonatini
  2. FFP going into next season

    Backed and then sacked. Granting Mcclaren his wish of getting Martin's future tied down to the club, only to sack him a month later without Mac and Martin being reunited was Mel at his finest. Before than we had Mel bigging up Paul Clement stating he was going to be here for the long haul and referring to him has our Alex Ferguson at one point - sacked a month or two after that remark(?). Those two, closely followed by Mel giving Pearson reigns to reshape the squad with an outgoing Martin replaced by Vydra. Only to sack Pearson early October and rehire the man he originally sacked in 2015. Morris has had a shocker in his tenure so far, an absolute shocker
  3. FFP going into next season

    What ticks me off is you have clubs like Fulham who can turn happily down 20 million offers for Tom Cairney from Premiership sides. Ryan Sessegnon is another who they've managed to keep hold of pretty easily - I'd imagine go for anywhere from 30 upwards. Then on top of that they've managed to bring in a player of significant class like Mitrovic. How can a club who barely manages 15k gates be in such a good position financially compared to us? They could easily fetch 50 million from Cairney and Sessegnon sales, yet seem very little pressured in cashing in. The second someone comes in for one of our better players they are off like a rocket. If someone offered a quid more than we paid Watford for Vydra, I'd expect him to be sold because we are such mugs in the market. Why have we suddenly found ourselves in a situation where we have to sell X player to generate a few quid to sign someone? Morris has thrown us back 3 or 4 years, looks like another rebuild is required on a shoestring budget. We wasn't a million miles away when he arrived, so why was the over the top Summer/Clement spree required? Absolute madness and it'll likely to haunt us for a good few years to come. Never got the love for Morris, other than spending a few bob on Moor Farm (which only adds to the value of the club when he cashes in anyway), he hasn't done a great deal right in my eyes. Comes across a very grumpy man at these fan forums also, with every answer which comes out his mouth twisted and turned into something FFP related, moaning about other clubs wages, low receipts or the new line of having to work "differently" in the upcoming window related - something he got us into in the first place with his OTT spending spree anyway. The accounts would look a damn sigh better if he hadn't signed players on ridiculous wages for ridiculous money, most likely at a ridiculous age
  4. FFP going into next season

    MM backing Mac by giving Martin a new deal at the end of Jan, only to sack Mac at the start of March is MM in a nutshell.
  5. FFP going into next season

    Rush left in May. Pearce, Thorne and Forsyth all handed new deals in the last 4 months. Jamie Hanson offered new terms -another player nowhere near the standard required. Russell was offered improved terms, glad he left because he didnt warrant a better deal here for another 3 years on most likely 20 odd grand a week. Who agreed to Bent and Baird having extensions? Why was Rowett given a new deal so soon into his contract? Then Morris has the cheek to bemoan FFP every other sentence at these fan forums. Stop bloody wasting money on new contracts for Alex friggin Pearce and Chris Martin then.
  6. FFP going into next season

    We wouldnt be anywhere near FFP if GSE were still here. Morris has totally cocked up all the work they did with his 14-15 spending spree. How many new contracts handed out since that Wembley final? Martin last year when he wasnt even at the club. Rowett not even a year into his contract and another deal thrown on the table. Thorne didnt warrant one, Alex Pearce and Forsyth, Bryson 5 friggin years... He gets a ton of plaudits but Mel Morris is the sole reason we would fail FFP, not anyone else.
  7. Fans Forum 13th March

    Interested to know the club who turned down our bid, only to accept a smaller offer. At a complete guess Boro and Albert Adomah, Villa would've offered a ott wage
  8. Jordan Graham

    Good squad player when fit, he has had worse luck than Thorne with injuries.
  9. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread 18/19

    Marcus Maddison and Jack Marriot no more golden oldies please GR, these are two players who'll only improve and increase in value if coached right.
  10. Notts Forest F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    GR bemoaning the squad size, slightly contradictive to what he said 8 weeks back. Injuries were always going to occur. What did he expect? Poor planning
  11. Mitrovic and Grabbon

    Afobe is someone we shouldve gone for. Perfect age, strong, proven champ goal scorer
  12. Queen’s Park Rangers F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Left with just Huddlestone and BJ for cm then. Jeez
  13. Derby County vs Fulham

    January window was an absolute diaster. Jerome hasnt improved us in the slightest. Static midfield, wingers arent anything flash - wasnt a fan of JR but hes better than the current crop of Lawrence, Anya and Weimann. Why does he keep alternating Forsyth and Ollson? Hoping one will turn into Carlos

    Well considering GR stated in a public press conference that JR had been offered several contracts, had declined each one and made up his mind that his dream was to play in the MLS from the get go. I think it's pretty obvious we would be a player down prior to the window opening(?) and that we'd need a replacement. It's fine looking for alternatives, but very amateur if you can't get a deal done for a single one of them and later end up being a player down for it.

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