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  1. Still struggling to see what Bryson brings to this team in 2019. Headless chicken along with most out there. Get rid rebuild from the bottom.
  2. Only way to get round FFP is to do a villa and get some investment in. What happened to the Chinese folk who came over?
  3. But surely sending defensive cover like Alex Peace out on loan to Millwall, would/should have paved the way for someone else to come in? It’s amateur to send players out without a potential replacement lined up, especially when you’re currently occupying the top six spots. I wouldn’t have been against James Bree from Villa before he joined Ipswich earlier today. Was decent at Barnsley, still a good age (21). ..but nope. I just don’t understand how a club can sell Hughes, Hendrick, Ince, Vydra ...and not have a pot to piss in still. Not a penny.
  4. I'd argue we needed a cb, cm and another forward. Shocked how bad we are in the January window, ever since Burley left we've either weakened or stood still whilst every other club strengthens
  5. Hes looked off it recently. His passes often don't find his target, slowing down more and more. I like him and specially last season he didn't put a foot wrong, but his age and wages... Can't grumble
  6. His spending, or rather his tenure hasn't taken us anywhere though . We was on track under GSE, steady investment. Not being mugged off in the market. FFP was never a factor. Oh and we reached a play off final, something we've failed to do since under MM. We don't have a pot to pee in thanks to the endless spending under Clement - A major amateur mistake and we are paying for to this day. I just don't see a long term plan or the vision at the club since he came in 😒
  7. Get Connor Wickham in for the season. He'd add something different uptop
  8. Using Givens geordie links with this one ay
  9. Without them we'd be fooked. I dread what this side could look like in the summer without them and not a pot to piss in. A side full of academy lads thrown in at the deep end by the sound of it or Bryson getting another 5 years
  10. Why does he always make late fookin changes?!
  11. We used to have a pretty good relationship with them years back, didn't we play for the Derbyshire trophy or something each pre season? Then they had the cup run back in 97, amazed how much they've fallen over the past two or three seasons. Being run to the ground
  12. Getting Kenneth Zohore on loan would improve is massively. Doesn't seem to be getting much game time at Cardiff. He's a giant at 6'2
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