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  1. Need to show the same baalocks as last time round. Unfortunately I just don’t think we have the quality nor the baalocks atm with some of these. Get into them from the off and stick someone on Hernandez.
  2. DET already dismissed it. 60 million seems like peanuts considering how much has been pumped into Moor Farm..? Look at the comments from the article, Liverpool fans don’t seem overly impressed
  3. Papahet


    Pes with the universe option file is very good. Even has our third kit.
  4. i swear you can change the stats yourself?
  5. He literally goes straight down the tunnel at full time, that’s pretty disrespectful IMO. I ain’t asking him to wave or jump up and down like a prat, but some connection surely ...
  6. He gets booed partially because he doesn’t acknowledge the supporters. The togetherness just doesn’t seem to be there like last season under Lamps and Jody- It felt like we was all in it together. Cocu seems so distant with us for some reason. Maybe he’s abit shy to bounce, but how hard can it be to come over and applaud the fans after two piss poor performances within the week? Maybe he’s hesitant after the Turkey tenure but the togetherness isn’t there whatsoever ATM. Feels so detached since FL left
  7. Just go the old skool 442 and stop fookin about. Roos Bogle Keogh Clarke Malone Waghorn Holmes Bielik Lowe Marriott Martin
  8. They have unbelievable support TBH, if only we could make as much noise at PP than they do at Elland RD and all the away games. I can’t see them failing this season, if they win today and we lose that’s a massive ten point gap between us and them. Considering how the season ended for them and losing Roofe and Jansson I’m impressed
  9. Autograph hunters eh Wayne 🙄 His arm is literally around the gal, then the hood comes up and it’s straight in a lift with another bird. Surely Colleen isn’t that thick 😆
  10. I’d argue he’s our best wide player. Better than Jozefzoon, does Lawrence do enough? Shows odd glimpses but for the price paid and the games he’s been given...very average. Paterson doesn’t seem an improvement on what we have. Getting stick but IMO, there’s other players who are more experienced and played more games at this level who fail to string a run of form together. Most average set of attackers I’ve seen in awhile
  11. Pretty disappointing start TBH. I know our three main players have gone from last season, but still we’ve got enough quality to be winning games. Everyone could see the midfield was lacking creativity, the only real addition in that area was Dowell - who looks nothing more than a average player at this level. You see Leeds losing Jansson and Roofe, yet still winning games for fun. They’ve just used the market wisely unlike use continuing to bring quantity over quality 😒 Deadline day was a major anti climax as per, we never seem to improve the squad just add to it
  12. Really isn’t doing much to warrant a start. Hurry up wayne and join us ffs
  13. How can anyone condone Malone turning his back on the actual game he’s paid to do in order to retaliate to the crowd? Why not just wait till half time or full time if he’s that wound up, rather than in the middle of the pigging game? Shows poor mentality to go off like that, especially right infront of Cocu.
  14. Pretty impressive start from Leeds considering the players they loss in the summer. Cant see them or Fulham ballsing it up TBH
  15. Always has been poor defensively throughout his career, really not a fan and would argue he’s one of FLs worst signings along with Jozefzoon.
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