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  1. Random guesses obviously... Karlan Grant Or Lukas Jutkiewicz
  2. Papahet


    Hmm, I think they'd want 10 million plus and they aren't in a situation where they'd need quick fire sales surely?
  3. He needs money, the fact we even spoke about the play offs not so long ago with all the poo he's had to deal with this season, surely shows he's not done so bad - with limited funds and countless off field drama.
  4. Probably pulled his hammy for the season saying that any road, wouldn't worry.
  5. Papahet

    Max Bird

    You can’t blame Lampard. If we are stupid enough to sell at that price, who’d blame Lamps for buying him?!
  6. I honestly can’t remember the last time the club had good press (none DET) you know, it’s been one thing after another for years.
  7. I’d rather have Carson back
  8. My mum still seems ok ish, but next week is massive... She coughing, got the runs and a temp at the minute.
  9. Unreal. My mums just had her second test within a month yesterday, low and behold she tested positive. Literally hasn’t been anywhere but Derby Royal since January, just end 2020 🤬 Poor woman needs a fookin break
  10. Turning into a nightmare 😥 Derby hospital have had restrictions on visitors for three weeks already - my mum has already been in there since January. It’s messing her up no end being away from family, she has lost track completely of the outside world and now been taken to the Radbourne mental health unit... she was perfectly fine before this lockdown. I get the whole “stay inside save lives”, but my mum tried to kill herself because of this policy last Saturday and again on Wednesday. It isn’t helpful whatsoever to be away from her family and I’m an absolute nervous wreck not knowin
  11. It’s alright being in lockdown for however many weeks in the UK. But all it takes is for someone (infected) to get off a plane or use the channel tunnel and we are back to square one again. Why haven’t we stopped incoming travel?! Herd Immunity will be the next plan
  12. Can’t remember the last time DET broke a story before Percy. They rehash anything he puts out and then Nico will be all cryptic on Twitter (when in actual fact he knows sod all behind the scenes). Percy wouldn’t have tweeted that without a reason, he’s one of few journalists who don’t sprout BS
  13. My mums been in Derby Royal since the End of January. They’ve been stopping visiting hours since last week there - rang her today and the docs think she’s got the virus (she’s coughing, being sick, struggling to breath..), results back tomorrow. Nightmare
  14. Take Rooney off ffs. Overplaying him massively
  15. Crap team selection, absolutely amateur to play this eleven against a inform United. Whats the obsession with Forsyth at CB?
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