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  1. The reality is

    The reality is we must be bored and not have much else to moan about if threads like this pop up! Who gives a damn? I'm sure we've all got certain things we say a lot, or things we do a lot even though we may not realise.
  2. Nelson Oliveira

    What's any of this got to do with Nelson Oliviera?
  3. Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    Don't think it is a youth loan and I think he's been injured recently also mate
  4. v Cardiff (H) - Predictions

    Derby 2-1 Cardiff Palmer
  5. Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    Sod it Carson wisdom. Keogh. Davies. Fozzy Johnson weimann. Palmer. Vydra. Lawrence Nugent
  6. Fans Forum 13th March

    I agree with this. The academy will never be self funding or sustainable if the players don't get put into the first team to sell to make a profit to re invest.nobody will buy them for £10-£15 mil if they have never played in at least a championship team for a sustained period of time. if all we do is release them, let them go on a free or never play them it's all a bit of a waste of time and money. Currently we are developing players for other teams to benefit from after we've not bothered to play them. just my opinion of course
  7. Fans Forum 13th March

    What's this physically weak nonsense? Have you seen some of the players in the championship and premiership? In fact the world over. Do you have to be 6 foot 6 and 18 stone of prime muscle to play football? sessegnon was hardly physically developed when he was thrown in at 15 was it? Stirlings hardly a muscle bosun either and it doesn't stop him.
  8. Fans Forum 13th March

    Put your hands up if you'd rather have Luke thomas playing instead of Anya. Bogle On the bench in stead of Baird. They are hopefully the future, so why not give them the chance? We will never know unless they get to play for a good 5-6 games. i don't want to see 36 year old players that are either out of contract or not in the managers plans for next season taking up space in the match day 18. Be courageous Gary and give them that chance, see if they take it.
  9. FFP going into next season

    Might not be so bad after some of the dross we've bought over the last 4 years!! 😂 Might even get some of the youth playing and values increasing if we were under embargo.
  10. FFP going into next season

    As far as I can tell we will have room to spend. Whether we spend it r not is another matter or even have it to spend. imo we are 4 first teasers short of a promotion team. LB, CM, L/RW, striker. Quality in these areas will be crucial to progress.
  11. Rowett

    Can't make a decision so opt for them all! hes not necessarily gone up in my estimations as a manager but as a Derby fan he has. Showed more passion than some of the players have in recent games (yesterday excluded)
  12. Notts Forest F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Good game from start to finish. Very entertaining without any goals. Forest were pants and we were unlucky. oh and sky ratings are abysmal.
  13. Notts Forest F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Play someone, anyone that can pass to their own team mate would be a step in the right direction.
  14. Team For Sunday

    The old 5-0-5 formation. Could work

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