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  1. Who knows who will be promotion chasing and who will be fighting relegation 🤷‍♂️
  2. Totally agree. Would much rather see Carrol next to shinnie or Bielik when he’s fit than Bird.
  3. We would be screwed if we got another pink kit though
  4. If it’s not the shirt and it’s not the lockdown takeaways what is it? 🤣
  5. The chip in The current cards we hold have expired according to the announcement. Yes you will have to book your ticket in a game by game basis but it is free to do so if you are a ST holder from last season
  6. Jagielka, Mengi, Morrison, Aluko I can see Jag and Mengi being the starting CB pairing so I picked them. We lack creativity in midfield so included Morrison to pick a pass. Aluko can play wide or central and further forward I can’t see any of the others being starters so left them out
  7. Bought. Looking forward to my first live match for what seems like forever.
  8. Jagielka Mengi Morrison Aluko Baldock
  9. Some good news at last and some common sense has prevailed.
  10. I really wish this would just end and we can get back to some normality. I’m so bored of embargo’s, points deductions, takeovers, submission of accounts etc.
  11. I hope it’s this type of material and quality as this is still pristine and I wear it lot
  12. Seems good to me and if I can’t make it due to a holiday or work I could still print the ticket off and give it to someone on here
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