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  1. Anya & Blackman out, Bogle in

    Straight swap for hughes will do. Send em both home!
  2. v Sheff Weds (H) - Predictions

    Derby 2 - 0 wendies lawrence
  3. Derby County V Sheffield Wednesday

    Like we usually do. Any team that's having a mare gets their season back on track after playing and generally beating us. I feel we are a different team now though and things like that won't happen *fingers crossed* i would imagine the same team with BJ on the bench for winnall barring any injuries to players.
  4. Does entertainment/style of play really matter?

    Unfortunately once Mac started losing no possession based attacking football made a blind bit of difference. Then again no possession based non attacking football did either ala Clement. funny old game ain't it!!
  5. Does entertainment/style of play really matter?

    This hasn't really got. Yes or no answer to me. Any managers first season he needs results. Doesn't matter how he gets them as long as he does. This gives him time to to express his tactics on to the team, which in turn should make them more attuned to the style of play and play it better. Add to that bringing in better players for that particular style will increase the entertainment as everything is quicker, quality is better and the specific players are right for that team. its important rowett gets the results first, which is why he plays Johnson over Vydra away to make us more solid. Win at home, don't lose away if Rowetts additions next summer are successful the entertainment should be better and so will the results
  6. Extend Joe Ledleyโ€™s Contract Please.

    I'm more interested in Thorne getting fully fit and getting a new contract as his is up at the end of the season? As to Ledley, he could be a great signing for the remainder of the season. are we really up to our FFP limit as some suggest? Or are we working within a framework as stated by Mel and GR therefore we have a wage structure to work within?
  7. time to go to war

    Where's Nick Blackman when you need him!
  8. B4 type battle cry.....Bring on the forest

    That's absolutely NOTHING like a B4 battle cry! May the best team win?! Sod that, lets batter the red scum!
  9. George Thorne

    I'd guess at Ledley and Hudds with Vydra returning to the number 10 spot
  10. View from the outside

    No one EVER wants to go to Millwall! ๐Ÿ˜‚
  11. Another Chris Martin Thread

    To be fair when he wears our third kit he does wear pink and it's his default position after being fouled and relieving the pressure for us ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜‚
  12. Another Chris Martin Thread

    No he's better at what he does. Every striker has different attributes, strengths and weaknesses. Martin is better at some things and Griffiths batter at some other things. Why does one have to be twice as good as twice as bad? Not everything is black and white, a part from Derby of course!
  13. Another Chris Martin Thread

    Thought Martin was excellent when he came on. Lovely touch, cracking strike and always in and around the positive moves. Great ball in by Anya also right into the danger area.
  14. Unless you were playing Derby last season where they gave you free reign in the box at every corner and free kick! ๐Ÿ˜‚
  15. halloween when play hull city


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