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  1. You said we have our top scorer back. I just corrected you as he wasn't our top scorer last year.
  2. Actually I think we're about to sell our top scorer 😩
  3. He'd do anything for a free meal the fat ****! πŸ˜‚
  4. How do you know they don't get on?
  5. If Β£8 mil buys his left foot are they just after his big toe?
  6. Thought it was Β£7.2? Aren't the bids meant to go up? No wonder we give our best players away!
  7. If he plays 433 after selling Will I give up. I can see Will not fitting in a 4231 which is why I thought we sold him but surely his best formation is with a DM behind him so he can link up with the midfield runner and the 2 outside forwards?
  8. Is that a euphemism?!?!
  9. Don't worry mate, you had to be there πŸ˜€
  10. Haven't a clue how that ended up in this thread!! No wonder some of the stuff on this forums doesn't make sense when posts just get randomly dumped in a thread. That explains some of the nonsense some people post, no offence πŸ˜‚
  11. Please don't make it any worse for me, losing him is bad enough just by itself
  12. I wouldn't like to rely on either of those two as first choice for a season. Lowe as fill in but not a regular yet.
  13. To me it's more to do with 4 managers, 5 systems, 3 playing styles and changing players positions every other game. Not to mention 4 of out most influential players being injured or loans out for all or part of the season. Couple that with inferior replacements and what do you expect?
  14. Stuart Dallas would work well
  15. Personally i like the wingers to mix it up swapping sides like we did under Mac 1 to keep the full backs on their toes. We've become so rigid and one dimensional it's easy to defend against. Ince and a right footed winger swapping every so often would be good. Like Russell and ward used to