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  1. I’d take it, duck it, do it for a year then get a move back to the Prem to finish his career. to be honest I’m just bored of the whole Bale saga. Papers and sky just seem to do things to death these days
  2. Hudds is great when we have the lions share of the ball. When the possession stat is tipped in the oppositions favour he becomes a liability with his immobility. Different opposition will determine who needs to play in midfield
  3. Some players thrive under certain managers and style of play. We all know that. If Cocu thinks he can improve us then sign him up if we can afford him
  4. Starts in August, finishes in May 🤷‍♂️😉
  5. Roos Bogle. Keogh. Evans. Malone Shinnie Holmes. Dowell Zoon. Lawrence Waghorn
  6. 19:45 kick off at the mighty Pride Park Expect the kids to get a run out with a few senior players mingled in. Might see Dowell start to get up his fitness. Hopefully Marriott and Shinnie will be involved and get some minutes under their belts.
  7. Half the time it’s not even opinion, it’s just pointless facts everyone already knows.
  8. And then there was one, The Bachmann
  9. I guess it depends on what a decent amount is? If it’s a few mil and he’s only 23, if he was to bang in a dozen goals he’d quadruple in price. If sold then Knight will have another season under his belt filling in and be ready next season if he’s good enough
  10. Oxlaide chamberlins fit again also I think
  11. Your right, we normally get beat about 4-1 by Burton in competitive matches 😂
  12. Think you were sat a few rows behind me in a leather jacket? Your missus had an Orange too to match?
  13. Not seen the sun but mail saying we are after Bachmann and some other paper saying we are after Wilson back so nothing we didn’t already know
  14. There is a goal keeper thread guys. Just sayin
  15. Really enjoyed that game. I thought Evans, Zoon and Dowell had excellent games. young lads all did well enough. Knight looks to be a good prospect and looking forward to seeing Sibley get more game time. Hopefully Marriott, Holmes and Shinnie will be fit enough to get some minutes on Thursday against Girona
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