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  1. I think it’s fair to say there have been some fantastic performances this season. There have also been woeful performances. A lot of tinkering at times and some bizarre team selections. But I will say is that Frank has done what we wanted all the others to do. Cut the wage bill, reduce the average age of the squad, blood some of our fantastic academy prospects, increase the value of the players AND play attractive football. I truly believe he’s done all that and STILL managed to get us to Wembley in his first season as a Manager. Whatever happens this season has been a success and I hope for many more to come!
  2. My only gripe was and still is is that they didn’t release all the blocks from start. So as a ST holder I’ve got worse tickets than a non ST holder. It’s stuoid I couldn’t buy the more expensive tickets!
  3. Personally I hope you have to get on the coach you booked. We are on 14. Otherwise it’s gonna be bedlam before we’ve set off
  4. If anyone starts wafting a flag around and obstructing my view I’m gonna drop kick them! 😂
  5. All I can say is I’m glad to be a ST holder and didn’t have to go through the stress of non ST holders today. Grats if you got one and commiserations if not
  6. Also when I saw keogh leading the guys through that pub I immediately thought of “hooked on a feeling” from the reservoir dogs go for it @OohMartWright 😂
  7. I want a Tom Lawrence song to the tune of Ground control to major Tom
  8. Their midfield destroyed ours so we were under constant pressure and never had the ball. Similar to previous games against Leeds. If we can get in the ball more we will be fine
  9. You know your car won’t be there when you get back don’t you?! 😂
  10. At least with the early releases it’s plenty of time for the fakers in Turkey to reel a load off in time for my summer hols!! I like the Southampton white kit
  11. Rowett or Pullis after Bielsas gone would be tremendous. Anti football back at Elland Road.
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