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  1. Johnson and Roos should get new contracts. every team needs a player like Johnson to do the battling to allow the powder puff players to do their thing we are a much poorer team without him
  2. It’s funny how players play better in a more settled side. It’s shown how we’ve got better the last few games with a settled team. The back 4 has been a constant with only Lawrence coming in for zoon. less chopping and changing will see better performance both individually and as a team. Bogle certainly looks better for it
  3. Well he was injured for a while. Came back against Wigan and took a right nasty knock. Really struggled all second half. has been a late sub the last 2 games so not sure it’s fair to say he’s out of form
  4. EnigmaRam

    F1 2019

    And the first post is that Charlie Whiting has died. His name has been synonymous with F1 since I’ve been watching the sport. RIP
  5. EnigmaRam

    F1 2019

    For those of us that like our F1 to discuss the season
  6. Good game, good performance. Just a pity we didn’t win. Don’t think there’s any need for scapegoats after that performance.
  7. Love Craig for the memories. A hat trick against forest and a great 13/14 season. Problem is as much as he runs around a lot he’s very ineffective and has lost 5 yards he’s so slow. utmost respect for him but we need younger stronger quicker players in our midfield. good luck to him wherever he ends up
  8. As @MackworthRamIsGod said it’s a different Maddison who also played for Peterborough. Most assists in the football league last season and again this season. Could of had him for a couple of mil
  9. We should have bought Maddison last year when we had the chance. But we bought Zoon and Evans instead. i also said Bradley Dack but he will be too expensive now.
  10. Leeds look so full of energy
  11. Totally agree with the OP. The problem I have is he isn’t great defensively, we all know that, he’s young and makes mistakes. So if he isn’t great defensively he needs to be good at attacking. However with no goals and 1 assist I think it is I’m not sure what he’s actually contributing. wisdoms no better so I’m not sure where we go from here.
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