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  1. But we are better than Palace. We beat them!
  2. It’s Scotland, nobody works any day of the year!
  3. In, can’t keep chopping and changing all the time
  4. He may be a Bamford, but we had THE Bamford, who is the biggest Bamford of all Bamfords!! if he scores and creates who cares?
  5. Need to change my prediction to nil nil
  6. Playing devils advocate, maybe Mel and Coco were expressing that as an employer we will support our employees and let the justice system play out as it should. No doubt there will be club fines and rehabilitation but to throw them under the bus isn’t what this club is about? its a suggestion and in no way what I would have done btw as it’s too soon to me. After the court case or international break would have been better but I guarantee everyone has their own opinions and no matter what happens/happened it won’t suit all
  7. Personally thought the team gave their all. Lacked quality at times but looked like they had the desire
  8. To be fair to Roos he dealt with a lot of balls into the box. Personally thought he did well even with conceding 2 goals
  9. No I wouldn’t boo. I might question why they are playing but wouldn’t boo.
  10. Why would it? The club haven’t done anything wrong. Certain individuals have been very stupid but that is nothing to do with the club
  11. Personally I would just transfer list them and try and move them on in Jan. just so everyone can put it behind them and move on including themselves. poo happens and we've all done silly things at times but when your in the public domain and can afford a taxi home then there’s no excuse really.
  12. I wonder whether the insurance will cover this?
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