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  1. Pre-Match Music Poll

    I've decided it's the half time music I don't like. I'd rather listen to ramstv match analysis and scores around the country to keep up to date. pre match is fine though
  2. Pre-Match Music Poll

    Maybe he could do a rap tailored for whichever opposition we have.
  3. Chris Martin

    Martin is frustrating at times Martin falls over alot martin isn't in the under 23's martin doesn't run around like a headless chicken martin isn't quick he sulks and moans a lot. he chews gum thats some of the reasons some people don't like/rate him. For everyone else with a footballing brain he's a good footballer that is technically better and quicker thinking than most of the players around him.
  4. January 2018 Transfer Suggestions Thread

    So if we bring in a midfielder who do we drop? Personally think a wide player who can score is required. We can't rely on Vydra s goals all the time. i agree regarding not buying someone though. A loan would suffice if it doesn't cost much.
  5. Gooooooooaaalll!

    But I thought our style of play was boring?!
  6. Pre-Match Music Poll

    I'm happy with everything as it is. Just get rid of the moaning woman next to me and my matchday experience will be excellent. Sick of her booing Chris Martin even when he's warming up. Sad people
  7. Loan watch

    Can't be true, the bloke can't hit a barn door according to some!
  8. Man Utd ticket details and KO Time announced.

    Rip off. Enjoy if your going.
  9. Do we have 2 Johnsons?
  10. v Villa (H) - Predictions

    Derby 2-1 Villa vydra
  11. Lawrence injury - need another winger?

    Russell, Johnson, Bennett, Thomas. We should be alright
  12. Barnsley F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    I reckon the subs bench could beat the first 11 😂
  13. v Barnsley (A) - Predictions

    Barnsley 0-2 Derby martin
  14. Mr Brightside

    To be fair it's probably been the most entertaining thing at some matches. I love Mr Brightside and thought it goes quite well as a mash up but would quite happily have them both played just separately. seen quite a few people Shazaming it around me
  15. January Transfer Window

    Left back for me

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