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  1. Shef Utd away last season aswell. I agree @G STAR RAM about some performances. I think the difference being we play to win this season and not play to lose
  2. EnigmaRam

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    Like that team, if we don’t win I’m gonna give up thinking I know better than Frank! 😂
  3. I just hope he’s a Mangaer that stays with us for years. Hopefully he can get us promoted in the next couple of years to allow us to keep him. the clearout in the summer will hopefully pave the way for younger, hungrier exciting players that can play to Franks standards. even though it’s our worst points tally at this stage of the season for 6 years and we’ve scored around 6 goals less and conceded quite a few more than last year it still feels exciting and the football is much better to watch.
  4. EnigmaRam

    v Reading (H) - Predictions

    Derby 2-0 Reading wilson
  5. Thought he was class the other night. I hope he progresses with us
  6. EnigmaRam


    It’s a travesty he’s not played more since coming back from Injury. Our best performances were when he was in the team. i hope he makes the eleven on Saturday. We need someone with physical presence up front
  7. EnigmaRam

    Ashley Cole

    Well Nixon has for half a story right so far
  8. EnigmaRam

    View from the outside

    Probably “we lost to Frank Lampard Derby County”
  9. EnigmaRam

    In defence of the defence

    I’ve got no issues with our CB pairing. Do the job of the keeper and DM half the time aswell as their own
  10. I’ve always liked him, prone to being out of position and not winning headers at times but the amount of times he gets back and cuts out a poo is overlooked imo. id sign him in a heart beat
  11. EnigmaRam

    Kelle Roos

    I’d okay him Saturday but I don’t think Frank will
  12. EnigmaRam

    Southampton vs Derby FA Cup 3rd Round Replay match thread

    Great result and nerves of steel in that shootout
  13. Southampton 2-0 Derby no FRGS
  14. EnigmaRam

    Southampton vs Derby FA Cup 3rd Round Replay match thread

    Roos bogle. Keogh. Tomori. Malone Evans Holmes. Mount waghorn. Lawrence Marriott
  15. EnigmaRam

    What Players are Derby fans happy with?

    Johnson and waghorn, we’ve been poor since they both haven’t made the starting 11!😂 and Marriott and Wilson of course

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