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  1. EnigmaRam

    Marcus Maddison

    Yes mate
  2. EnigmaRam

    Jack Marriott

    I sincerely hope so. Younger and an upgrade on all our other striking options imo of course
  3. EnigmaRam

    Tom Lawrence

    Our financial issues are the wages to not cash. We need to lower them. If we want more signings then yes we need to sell someone for a good fee
  4. EnigmaRam

    v Southampton (H) Match Thread

    The way it’s going (naff all happening) it would be easier to guess the year it will be finished. If not decade!! Might not be this one!
  5. EnigmaRam

    Tom Lawrence

    So you want to get rid of one-off our youngest prospects? You don’t make sense at all!!
  6. EnigmaRam

    Tom Lawrence

    Your talking a humungus pile of steaming flat 2 mate!!
  7. EnigmaRam

    Matej Vydra

    As much as I agree I do think that if Frank asks him to work hard and high press he will or he won’t be selected for the next match. if he sees goal opportunities by doing it he will do it.
  8. EnigmaRam


    Out of all our strikers he would be the best to keep. However any chance of securing a fee for him and moving him on I’d take it to free up funds
  9. EnigmaRam

    v Southampton (H) Match Thread

    5632 in attendance, I counted them all. Don’t ask me about the football though I was busy counting the attendees! 🙈😂
  10. EnigmaRam

    Plan B needed or not?

    Plan B is either a change of player. Formation or a change of style of game management. best example is Martin would have been great to have last season. When playing Fulham the ball just kept coming back. Martin would have taken the foul, and moved the team 40 yards up the pitch slowing the game down and taking off the pressure on our defence. It could also be all the above but depends on the requirement to change. Do we need a goal, need to protect a lead or just relieve pressure or apply it.
  11. EnigmaRam

    Tom Lawrence

    Not me. Always rated him
  12. EnigmaRam

    Tom Lawrence

  13. EnigmaRam

    Tom Lawrence

    They can have Jerome Anya and Blackman though for £10 mil a piece
  14. EnigmaRam

    Tom Lawrence

    Sorry but can’t see it myself. Can’t even see stoke buying him after McLean and Ince if they go there.
  15. EnigmaRam

    v Southampton (H) Match Thread

    Not literally I hope!! That would be just wrong! 😳😂

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