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Homeless guy

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On 04/11/2018 at 08:32, Paul71 said:

Supposed to be, was announced this year 30 million but i am too cynical in my old age and think a big % of that just ends up in someones back pocket as people look to profit from others misfortune.

I am sure cleverer people than me know the answer but relative prosperity may not be the only answer, there were significantly more homeless people back at the beginning of the century in what was considered quite prosperous times with a fairly healthy economy, But then I dont always trust stats, they can be fudged to make them look good or bad.

One person living on the streets is too many, im sure there is something that says 90% of us or something like that are only 2 months away from being homeless.


Always telling the wife this when she is subbing  our kids because they can't pay their bills or buy their kids new shoes ,but they have the money for sky tv and mobiles.I consider myself fortunate ,nice car (bentley) nice home in a reasonable area and my own business. But would financially be up Sh#t creek within 8-10 weeks of bad luck ,illness or the business doing poorly. 

when I was 23 i was homeless lived in a multi storey car park for 6 weeks and know how demeaning and difficult it is  to get back on track.I can understand how drunk and drugs become an escape for some of these people . A quick fix for many.I would always suggest purchasing food  or a hot drink rather than giving money.But until Local authorities and government give this matter serious attention I don't see a solution.

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