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What going wrong lately

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This is was going wrong lately we are to slow to move the ball around not like when went on that massive back to back wins. I think we need go back hit and moving while on the move. Lets get back to getting good balls for likes of vryda and nurgent to run on and attack. And same for joeroma. Now to the defance we need get back to defanding in numbers in twos and threes this is were we failed last night.

And now for attacking full backs we need get them forwards more in order to keep that high line. But also help to counter attack teams.

And now to gary rowett you for me made mistake in getting rid of chris martin we need someone to link the play. You need to take chains of the lads it is alright to be defances minded but right now you need to be more attacking minded.

Players I like to see given game time why not go nrothing to lose but will add to enegry to the team.

I would like to see luke tomson and other under 23 player that scored again forest under 23. For me these to players will add the spark we are missing right now. It is crying out for a breath of freash air.

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I don't want to sounds negative, I am trying to be pragmatic. Whilst we have some great results and we arguably deserved to be where we were. We scored more than we conceded and we have had a strong defence. But I have thought we have had a lack of consistency through the game. We seem to play well one half and then seem to be a little more lazy / less in the oppositions face in the other half. But for the half we have been good, we have been able to defend the other half when not so good. 

I also wonder about the consistent 4 2 3 1 formation. Under Mac we played a 4 3 3 and did well until teams started countering that. In the last 5 games we have 6 points from a possible 15. Are teams starting to counter out 4 2 3 1? Do we need to tweak the formation slightly? Do we have the personnel to tweak the formation? 

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