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  1. It's time all football fans around the country boycotted football.its just run by a bunch of dheads called the EFL.fatcats taking big wage packets for eff all.im done with football
  2. Lawrence didn't get booked on purpose did he ?????????????.really
  3. So true.who would want to invest in this pile of s _ _ _
  4. Coco,s football is dire.we can all see it not working so what is up with this guy
  5. This team have no bottle.yet another defeat but will still be there
  6. Totally agree with the last statement.I will not be paying over £500 for me and my son's season tickets to watch this shambles.At this rate we will soon be bottom.reading were awful says it all.
  7. Why do we defend corners with 11 men behind the ball.this just invites all the opposing side in our half hence no out ball.this is why we concede.
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