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  1. Cancelled my tickets with only 2 payments left.regret now.😭😭😭😭
  2. Has Rooney heard something about the takeover and thinks f--- it
  3. What a shower of poo.make subs now this not working
  4. Why has Marshall got the armband when you can clearly see it's kaz giving the team talk in the huddle ?????????????
  5. Should be CAPTAIN.The man's immense
  6. Anybody else think the dcfc megastore is so poor.ive been in many stores at away grounds and think they are far superior.
  7. All a cover to keep the fans on side.The arabs have got no money.
  8. Just telling us what they want.mm this is our club.
  9. Still nothing from mm.loves the club (really).Time to explain to the fans what is going on
  10. Omg.and I had Derby for a win,can't see any goals in that team
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