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  1. Problem was the whole team were waiting for Rooney to do something.nobody else stepped up
  2. My rams TV went off so many times it was a joke.actually turned it off and listened to radio Derby
  3. Thought he was poor against millwall.should have scored 6 goals really. LOL
  4. Bin on this site.not saying anything about getting the code
  5. I've already paid for next season's,but with 22k st holders I think the fairest way 1 game in 4 is the correct way.we are all Derby fans
  6. Is their any way I can stream rams TV off my phone to my Tele ?????
  7. I've been paying for mine and my sons,monthly since February for next season.Do I cancel my payments ????
  8. Type in contagion on sky.watch this film you will then have some idea about what football will be played this year.😭😭😭
  9. A lot of clubs are now doing this.will Derby follow suit
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