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DCFC Fans - Wolves, Preston, Lawrence & Grumpy Scott


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Well....erm.....this week is a slightly down podcast as Scott struggles to lift himself after the Wolves performance. Alex couldn't be bothered to turn up so we dragged Robot Richard (Sage) back on to share the woes!

The Megastore voucher draw also took place whilst we were recording, for full transparency so no calls of fix! Here is the video as it happened. Voucher codes will be in your inbox in 30 seconds @Heisenberg


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39 minutes ago, Srg said:

well done all who have made it through... I apologise for my rant on the first home game of the season.

I made it and enjoyed it as usual. Agreed with you for the most part. Exactly the same as in recent seasons. I wouldn't mind us losing if I could see us trying to do something different - no such luck so far.

Have a beer and Tyler the Creator on stand-by in case we lose tomorrow night :thumbsup:

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Just listened to this (missed the one before as I was in London.)

I want to enjoy the podcasts but I sometimes find them a bit unbalanced.  Would like to hear a bit less of @Srg (sorry) and a bit more of the others. Think you have a personable but dominating style Scott and could do a better job in mc-ing by bringing in alternative opinions and then not talking anyone who disagrees with you down. I'm hoping that because you sound such a confident guy that you won't be offended by my opinion. :ph34r:

@sage was, well, quite sage with his comments and thought you could have expanded on those and discussed them further with him.

Two positives - after all that negative hyperbole last week I am expecting a really upbeat "We're on our way to the Europa League" broadcast this week after back to back wins. Secondly I am not a subscriber to iTunes so I won't be leaving a negative review! ?

Lastly I agree with some of the comments in the reviews @David - you do need to turn your mike up and have a bit more confidence in what you say - you are usually spot on. And I also like the guests and the forum chit chat. Well done to all for your efforts - you're all much braver than me! 


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