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  1. Not great in the final third. Not great at the back. Don't take our chances. Hard done by today, but we look mid table at best on current evidence. For a team that wants to play 4-3-3 we just aren't good enough on the wings. A 3-5-2 would suit us much better. Clarke and Evans have done absolutely nothing to warrant being dropped. Dowell and Huddlestone have provided pretty much zilch this season so far.
  2. Yeah, he definitely wouldn't be my first choice. I just think that he's a strong runner and can whip a good ball in for the strikers. You might be right that Zoon tracks back more successfully - I just don't trust his decision making on the ball. He seems to have absolutely no confidence in himself whatsoever. That moment in the last match where Keogh laid an overlap on a plate for him and he just wouldn't move was baffling! Keogh got down the wing better than he did for much of the time he was on the field.
  3. Roos Keogh Bielik Clarke Bennett/Zoon Lowe Evans Dowell Lawrence Marriott Waghorn Hamer, Buchannan, Malone, Shinnie, Knight, Zoon/Bennett, Martin I'd be confident of that side performing. I feel like it was pretty brutal on Evans getting dropped and Dowell just needs game time to get up to speed. I'd prefer Bennett to play at RWB for now because his end product is so much better than Zoon's. If Zoon plays there he does provide a bit more pace to scare defenders a bit - would be great if he used it occasionally!
  4. Marriott has provided some hope right at the end. I would actually like to see something like this next game: Roos Keogh Clarke Bennett Bielik Lowe Knight Shinnie Lawrence Waghorn Marriott Bring Martin back on the bench in case Waggy has another game like that. He might not score but at least he has a good first touch still! I saw enough from Lowe, Keogh, Clarke, Bielik and Marriott in that game to maintain confidence for the season. We just need to find our best team and kick on from there. New manager. New league for him. Lots of new players. Short and stilted pre season. We'll get there. COYR!
  5. I think my favourite part of the game so far was when Keogh was having to teach Zoon how to play as a winger. How about you guys?
  6. Bielik and Huddlestone in midfield = ZERO MOVEMENT We miss Bogle terribly - and not because of Lowe who is deputising well - Malone should lose his shirt when Bogle returns. Waghorn has spent most of the game sprinting back towards his own goal for a touch. Lawrence has provided nothing. Way too one dimensional cutting in when Malone hardly ever overlaps him. Bennett has looked better than Zoon. Bennett has had two decent moments in the match, so not saying a great deal. Weak on the wings. No movement in the middle. Jumbled up at the back. Should have scored two guilt edged chances. We put those away and it's a different game. As it is, we're suffering from a poor team selection. I trust Cocu to get it right.
  7. Roos Lowe Keogh Clarke Malone Bielik Evans Dowell Lawrence Waghorn Marriott I think we need to play Waggers and Marriott when we're at home. Our wingers aren't really doing it for us at the moment, and Bielik and Evans should be able to provide enough cover to the fullbacks so we don't become too narrow.
  8. Wayne Rooney 32 is pushing it...but this is fine? I don't think gambling companies should be allowed anywhere near football sponsorship, but you should either allow it or not. Holding us up as an example is ridiculous.
  9. It was second season Carson-esque!
  10. Didn't have a great amount to do, then pulled off a wonder save. Would be great to see him face a sterner test, but I imagine that will depend on Roos' form. It's his shirt to lose.
  11. DCM who can step back into a CB position to see games out if we need him to. Great cover for Keogh or Clarke or Davies if we get a few injuries - we suddenly look very strong in that position! He's an absolute monster who is very mobile and great with the ball at his feet. He could be brilliant for us.
  12. He has been one of our better performers in the opening games. Like having a new signing! He does the simple things in midfield really well and allows Hudds and Dowell to be a bit more creative. Going forward, we'll probably have a spine of the team consisting of: Keogh Clarke Bielik Evans Dowell Waghorn That would be tough to score against with a fair amount of creativity in there too. Exciting times!
  13. Indeed. I don't recall seeing a lineup with so many potential formations and positions for a long time. I bet the opposition manager is having a breakdown at the tactics board 😂
  14. Hamer Lowe Buchanan Davies Shinnie Bielik Knight Bird Paterson Bennett Marriott OR Hamer Buchanan Bielik Davies Lowe Bird Knight Shinnie Paterson Bennett Marriott OR Hamer Buchanan Bielik Davies Lowe Bird Shinnie Knight Paterson Bennett Marriott 🤷‍♂️ Interesting and great to see so many academy players, anyway.
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