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  1. EulogyForEvolution

    Salomon Kalou

    Berlin is one of the best cities in the world - in truth, it probably is a slightly more attractive place for a very wealthy 32 year old man to live than Derby!
  2. Bogle, Lowe, Thomas, Guy and Elsnik for me. From what I've seen/heard, these are the guys that should be stepping up. Wisdom is great but can be inconsistent, so Bogle as backup will be vital. Lowe would be my first choice left back if he can stay fit. Thomas should be challenging our current wingers - we're hardly blessed in that department. We need some creativity and energy in centre midfield desperately - this is where Guy and Elsnik could come in if they can show Frank and Jody they're good enough. Exciting times.
  3. EulogyForEvolution

    It must be time for another Chris Martin post?

    He still has a lot to offer. He has the best football brain I've seen at the club in years. If Frank wants him he will have my support - if not, he has my best wishes. All I will say is that if we want to play fast attacking football with an injection of youth, there is no better man at our level to knit that play together.
  4. EulogyForEvolution

    Craig Bryson

    I think Frank will like him based on what he said he's looking for in a player.
  5. EulogyForEvolution

    Greatest stroke of managerial genius by a Rams manager

    Nige switching Gary Teale over to the other flank and telling him to cut in. Messi and Ronaldo then followed suit and the rest is history.
  6. EulogyForEvolution

    Fast paced, forwarding thinking and attractive football

    Promoting youth and playing fast, attacking football. That's the dream! Just adding a couple of loans and promoting youth we could see a line up something like below (with backups). Those of you saying that we don't have the capability to play good football - I think with the right management that lineup would have a good crack. Carson/Mitchell Wisdom/Bogle Keogh/Pearce Davies Lowe/Forsyth Thorne/Huddlestone Palmer/Elsnik Bryson/Guy Thomas/Harrison Lawrence/Weimann Martin/Jerome
  7. EulogyForEvolution

    Official: It’s Frank, 3 year deal

    Tin hats at the ready... Does anyone think that Lampard could spark a revival in Jacob Butterfield? He has been dreadful since Clement left, but before that he was a strong performer. He clearly has technical ability - maybe Lamps could help him put that to good use.
  8. EulogyForEvolution

    Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread 18/19

    Loan: Mason Mount (Chelsea) Kasey Palmer (Chelsea) Jack Harrison (Man City)
  9. EulogyForEvolution


    I think bringing him in, along with more of our academy, will allow us to transition back to a passing game fairly seamlessly. We have Clough and Wassall to thank for that - they implemented a particular passing style there that seems to have been adhered to despite what is happening with the first team. Playing alongside Huddlestone and a properly managed Thorne could be brilliant for youngsters like Elsnik and Guy.
  10. EulogyForEvolution

    Scott Carson

    Keep him unless Stoke want to pay silly money. Do what clubs often do to us. We don't have to sell him. He's made it clear that he's very happy here and he has a great relationship with the fans. If we ship him on for any less than 4-5 million I won't be happy.
  11. EulogyForEvolution

    New manager's objectives...

    The main objective for me is to get the academy back involved with the first team and reduce our dependence on big earners. Focus on shipping on the poor performers and replace them with young players - much like we did when we introduced Hendrick and Hughes into the team. I think we could achieve a mid-table finish with a manager like Dean Smith and a side like this: Carson Wisdom Keogh Davies Lowe Thorne Elsnik Guy Thomas Lawrence Martin Move on: Butterfield Johnson Anya Vydra Blackman Pearce Ledley I don't mean them any ill will, especially Ledley and Vydra, whom I have a lot of love for! But it might be best to cash in whilst we can. The rest will be more difficult to get rid of, but we should give it a go in the name of rebuilding and introducing our young talent that have all done well on loan or in the U23's. A bottom half finish, attacking football, and a strategy for bringing us long term success will do for me.
  12. EulogyForEvolution

    v Wolves (A) - Predictions

    Wolves 0 - 1 Derby FRGS Vydra
  13. EulogyForEvolution

    Wolverhampton Wanderers v Derby County

    Carson Wisdom Pearce Davies Baird Huddlestone Ledley Weimann Vydra Lawrence Nugent I actually think it will be tight. Could see us stealing a 1-0 after having 1% possession.
  14. EulogyForEvolution

    Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread 18/19

    I think this year will do him the world of good. Throwing him into the Championship and expecting him to perform might have been one step too far. Now he has experience in a physical league he will be much more likely to perform for us next year.
  15. EulogyForEvolution

    Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread 18/19

    Bring in: CB - Patrick Bauer from Charlton (German...need I say more) LB - Jonas Knudsen from Ipswich (the consistent performer we've been lacking) CM - Timi Max Elsnik back from Swindon (the great hope) CM - Sam Morsy from Wigan (an energetic, talented, young leader) LW/RW - Marcus Maddison from Peterborough CAM/RW/LW - Kasey Palmer from Chelsea on loan ST - Jack Marriott from Peterborough (born goalscorer, likened to Jamie Vardy) Get rid: CB - Alex Pearce (expensive bench warmer) LB - Craig Forsyth (if he doesn't improve) CM - Jacob Butterfield (just give him away to get him off the wage bill...he could probably force his way into my 7-a-side) CM - Craig Bryson (I love the guy, but doesn't seem to be in the plans. Played 90 mins in 2 of 3 of Cardiffs last wins -_-) CM/LW - Bradley Johnson (can't perform in his main position. Keep if he nails down a place in the three behind the striker) RW - Ikechi Anya (unless he forces his way back into the team and does well again this season) ST - Nick Blackman (back to Israel, I think. He seems to have done well there) ST - Chris Martin (I love the guy, but it might be time for him to move on) ST - Darren Bent (out of contract)

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