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GR inspired by Jim Smith. CG inspired by Bazil Brush

Inverurie Ram

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Will the new look home dressing room inspire the DCFC boys or will Colin Gibson have to take on the opposition with his new microphone.

I will always love Jim Smiths "Simplicity Is Genius" slogan that was on the dressing room wall in his wonderful time at the club, do you think the latest words will help inspire our current and future players?



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8 minutes ago, RadioactiveWaste said:

"Let's get out there and tw@t it" - Dave Lister.

"Yeah, no, like you say" - Richard Keogh.


Ah, the Campaign for Liberation and Integration of Terrifying Organisms and their Rehahilitation Into Society. I want that tee shirt. Today, however, I am sporting the next best thing - my shirt with the following atomic numbers printed on it...

56, 27, 7.

I think Lister would approve.

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