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  1. t'oldu

    Efe Ambrose - Signed on short term deal

    They will use him as a third centre back ?? Tried the system out a couple of games ago using Wisdom.
  2. t'oldu

    Efe Ambrose - Signed on short term deal

    DT says we are waiting for international clearance …….
  3. t'oldu

    Efe Ambrose - Signed on short term deal

    My guess is that his chosing to leave Hibs. was because Lennon was no longer the manager there. Lennon was his first manager at Celtic and he chose to join him at Hibs. The moment to try pastures new...…………….
  4. t'oldu

    Tom Huddlestone

    scary moment...…………………….
  5. t'oldu

    Tom Huddlestone

    Is that really true???
  6. The long awaited German CB....!!??
  7. t'oldu

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Can also play RB and defensive midfield.
  8. Huddlestone started as a CB until we moved him forward. He has dropped back this season at the end of games to give support at 'kitchen sink' time.
  9. t'oldu

    Tom Huddlestone

    IF KING is en route to Derby to complete his loan deal does that mean that the club know that Tom has completed his move to Udinese??
  10. t'oldu

    Michael Ngadeu-Ngadjui

    That's good enough ……………………..
  11. t'oldu

    Matthew Pennington

    wasn't he back home in Holland and signed his name in the wrong box
  12. t'oldu

    Tom Huddlestone

    The weather here might help him make his mind up !! Guess his family will come into the decision.
  13. t'oldu

    Michael Ngadeu-Ngadjui

    At this stage any nationality will do !!!
  14. t'oldu

    Tom Huddlestone

    The Three Amigos gave him away at 5 mins to midnight. We had no idea...………….
  15. t'oldu

    Andy King - Signed on Loan

    He will go to Swansea............

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