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  1. This is now well beyond a joke and very disrespectful to our Club. I feel very sorry for the players. A two fingered to those at The Bridge would not go amiss Frank doesn't come out of this very well either. Or am I just an impatient old !???????? ..
  2. What is his contract situation??
  3. Latest on Chelsea management seems to be that it will be vacant next week …..
  4. StopAd will remove all those DT ads that makes it unreadable
  5. The plastic pitch was the main crime And the entry between 2 terrace houses …. climbing up past someone's bathroom window
  6. We aren't equipped for the Prem. We need a settled side with players that know each other so well that interaction is at an instinctive level. It takes several, seasons to build this. Going up, getting a weekly pasting, coming back down...….again......is not what we need. Been there, done that, got the tee-shirt. Home made but it doesn't make pretty reading. All that effort. all that indignity, 11 points...…………...
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