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  1. Brentford 1 - 2 Derby FRGS Marriott
  2. Derby 1 - 0 Forest FRGS Bennett
  3. Derby 1 - 1 West Brom FRGS Marriott
  4. Derby 2 - 1 Bristol City FRGS Clarke
  5. Stoke 0 - Derby 2 FRGS Waghorn
  6. Does nobody else think he’ll just stick Evans at RB?
  7. Scunthorpe 0 - 1 Derby FRGS Marriott
  8. Huddersfield 1 - 1 Derby FRGS Shinnie
  9. I'll be wearing my lucky pants that I wore to the West Brom final in 06/07. Or they might be wearing me, I'm not sure.
  10. I can't believe a character reference is required here, but I can verify that @Steve Buckley’s Dog is genuine, and that I am the other half of this wicked deception. I am going to speak to the club tomorrow regarding an upgrade and transfer, if it's a no no, then we've all been honest and above board. I'll thank @Steve Buckley’s Dog for his time and generosity and at worst, I've made another Derby County connection - one day I might be able to return the gesture. There is good in people, if we take the time to see it (except Patrick Bamford).
  11. Still looking for one ticket if anyone has purchased too many in today's sale and looking to pass on.
  12. Well done to all who secured tickets today and commiserations to those who were unsuccessful. I was surprised just how many people were online again today. I'm still looking for a single ticket, if anyone has a spare available.
  13. Exactly this!! And you know what, none of my mates can get their head round my perspective when I talk like this. I've got really close friends who support Sheffield United and Villa and they can't understand it, just by what is at stake. The play off second leg was my play off final, I'm just delighted to experience the actual final with this team. The weekend is going to special, whatever the result and if we don't succeed, you know what next season I will be more optimistic than ever. The only downside, it's gonna be a long ol' summer whichever league we start the 19/20 season in!
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