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Jota - Signed for Birmingham City

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33 minutes ago, oldtimeram said:

Ultimately, looking at the overall picture and how we have regressed on the pitch, it is down to some very poor decisions at the highest level.  I think if MM looked at some of the decisons made, in an unbiased way, he would and should, probably fire himself as not being up to the required standard.

The manager merry go round has not helped us at all and that is one of the reasons the club is now so destabilised with a disjointed underperfoming team 

I accept the manager situation hasn't been ideal, but ultimately on the pitch decisions are up to the manager of the time, right? So poor recruitment, our midfield not being good isn't down to Mel, but down to the recruitment team and the manager of the time. I think we're too keen to place blame on Mel, yet many of our fans were calling for him to do the same thing.

I would have employed Pearson, so I won't blame him for that. He also pulled the trigger at the correct time for that one.

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1 hour ago, Saul Pimpson said:

Hurrah, somebody who doesn't rewrite history to suit.

He was sometimes in the same game but he gave us something we don't have now and that's legs and drive,I'm not saying we shouldn't have sold him we got a good price we have just wasted it on players that don't fit and quite frankly are not good enough.

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57 minutes ago, ViewsFromTheMiddle said:

His performances for Burnley are completely irrelevant. There's no denying he's a good player but he didn't show it often enough for us imo, therefore I was delighted with the fee we got.

Ok I am glad you are happy 

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Remember this quote from GR

The manager says he hopes Ince is still a Derby player this coming season but adds that if he were to leave then the club would look at a "very, very high quality replacement".

the signs are not looking good at this point are they !!


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1 hour ago, Doodle said:

I suspect he would say something along the lines of " If you think you can do any better, then get your cheque book out, buy it off me and put your money where your mouth is you ungrateful tw@t" 

Brilliant that's exactly what I would say to ungrateful tw@t  too

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2 hours ago, oldtimeram said:

He may be the owner and current custodian, but Derby County FC belongs to city and the fans as it has over the decades and we have a right to express our opinions if things are starting to go a bit pear shaped

I agree with this, but you're only really expressing your opinion, not ours.

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