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  1. I have to disagree, Nugent just isn't good enough or fast enough anymore. Leeds could press us higher as their defence could sit a further 20yds higher due to the very real lack of pace from our frontman. He doesn't iffer us anything anymore and ive said this sice before the season started. Nice guy don't get me wrong just not championship standard and certainly not play off team standard. Marriott is by far the better option and his 10 goals this season seem to justify that.
  2. I would rather go ESPN as well. I dont mind what people want size wise or ppr non ppr thats why i did the voting for it.
  3. 10 team PPR format? Yearly redraft leagues it is.
  4. I must admit I am a big fan of both the ESPN and Sleeper Apps they seem far better then the NFL official app.
  5. Just finished my first dynasty draft (money league) on sleeper app. Took a full week to draft all vets and rookies. Now fingers crossed for no injuries.
  6. This is solely for the start up of Fantasy NFL. Just getting an idea of who is interested and what leagues and format people want.
  7. Can someone please start a vote as not sure how to do one. Do people want a keeper league or a dynasty league for next season?
  8. I would probably have the furthest to travel with ebing in west Cumbria. I would try and make it in Derby, if not just a whats app group would be good enough. If people are struggling to make the draft times. I can make each pick upto 3 or 4 hours long to give people plenty of time for time differenceor qork commitments. Usually takes about 2 weeks if done that way or less with a whats app group as you can inform the next player its their pick.
  9. I know right? Showing my age now.
  10. If we do this keeper league, shall we do an in person draft or just over the internet. Could get a proper draft board?
  11. Looking forward to the start of the season and the upcomong draft. I'll probably skip staying up this season to watch the draft though. Overall it's been a good FA with plenty of shakers and movers. As a cheifs fan I am slightly concerned with the ongoing Hill issue's and feel that losing both him and hunt would be our undoing for a few years. Loving the Browns atm simply because I have Mayfield in my keeper league.
  12. Never given a real shot as a striker. You can tell from how he plays he is a striker and not a winger. Ive never been a fan of square pegs in round holes.
  13. 2So sad to hear about your loss, its a massive void in your life when you lose a parent. Best wishes to all family members, he will be a massive loss not just to yourself but the whole DCFC family.
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