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  1. A spot of trivia

    Has to be someone like Bobby Charlton or Bobby moore
  2. Jota - Signed for Birmingham City

    Still predicting 14th place I may stretch to 13th if I am pushed on it. Would still keep Rowett though and give him at the very least a couple of seasons to move on the dead wood. I still think we missed out on some very good signings this summer, although very very pleased with vydra so far this season.
  3. Free Agents

    There is a fair few on that list I would take some have already been mentioned. Flamini, Ledley, Kirchoff even chico, ziegler and pena would be great additions. Rossi would excite me as well.
  4. Jota - Signed for Birmingham City

    Fantastic signing for birmingham, absolutly s**** from Derby. Ill go ahead and predict 14th placed finish.
  5. Rams summer 2017 transfer deadline day thread

    No point building a prem team if we cant get there first, a few championship players needed and mutch is a top end championship player.
  6. Rams summer 2017 transfer deadline day thread

    What should be realistic with the team we have then?
  7. Rams summer 2017 transfer deadline day thread

    I am confused atm being very happy on one hand with the four players brought in, they seem to have shored up the defensive side but have lacked massively in the attacking, creative department. It's annoyed me that we have sold our best two flair players and haven't really added in that department especially centre midfield. I understand and except that players move on and i wish both hughes and ince all the best, but with all the talk coming from the club about being a progression team and having a top 6 championship team annoys the hell out of me. Jota for 6 million is a bargain in the current market and makes sense as a signing as he pips all our attacking players hands down. We havent even approached the loan market which seems strange with all the talent arriving on loan at various championship clubs Jordan mutch to burton etc. Either they need to go out and buy or loan a couple or a few attacking players or shut up spouting about being a top 6 side and offer a more realistic view to fans. I would say that a mid table finish anywhere between 10th and 15th is our realistic target with the team we have.
  8. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Anyone for Jordi Classi as he has been made available by southampton.
  9. Cumbrian rams

    I have to work that weekend in Appleby its bloody carnage.
  10. Cumbrian rams

    I take it you work at Sellafield
  11. Cumbrian rams

    Just seeing if and where our cumbrian supporters live. Looking at maybe meeting to watch a few games on tv or attending live fixtures in the north. I live out on the West coast in a village called Dearham about 2 miles outside of Cockermouth.
  12. Ince's Replacement

    Lawrence, jota would be very nice additions although i see jota playing at a higher standard. If thats the case then lawrence and ibe with another couple of additions, maybe watkins and whealen/ledley.
  13. Official: Tom Ince joins Huddersfield Town

    Goodbye ince, thankyou for your 2.5 years, i genuinely hiow he grows as a player with them. Lets move on and aign some players now Tom lawrence and watkins for me and whealen as the older signing.
  14. Jake Buxton - signed for Burton

    I would but only if we move on shackell and pearce and only as cover for LCB.
  15. Official: Will Hughes joins Watford

    Good luck to Will, Watford should be very happy with that bit of business. A classy player who dictates the tempo of the game, yes his assists and goal scoring isnt brilliant, but neither is carricks and a few others who i would class as dictators of a football. I do think its a bad bit of business on the payment side, 8 million out right with add ons would of been about right, i just hope with have a future sell on percentage of at least 20%. I really hope now he give elsnik a chance and maybe goes out and buys another CM or LW. I can see a few more leaving yet, I jist hope its some of the dead wood. All being said this bit of business is over and we need to move on, hopefully thats the last bit of business we will need to complete to wash our hands of Rush and his dodgy dealings. Move on, move forward COYR.

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