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  1. Good luck to Will, Watford should be very happy with that bit of business. A classy player who dictates the tempo of the game, yes his assists and goal scoring isnt brilliant, but neither is carricks and a few others who i would class as dictators of a football. I do think its a bad bit of business on the payment side, 8 million out right with add ons would of been about right, i just hope with have a future sell on percentage of at least 20%. I really hope now he give elsnik a chance and maybe goes out and buys another CM or LW. I can see a few more leaving yet, I jist hope its some of the dead wood. All being said this bit of business is over and we need to move on, hopefully thats the last bit of business we will need to complete to wash our hands of Rush and his dodgy dealings. Move on, move forward COYR.
  2. 8 million straight up with a 20% sell on fee would be a far better deal.
  3. Once wisdom signs, i would like to see jordan ibe and ollie watkins and that would do me. Out Pearce Butterfield Bent Olsson Camara Blackman Keogh (decent transfer fee) Russell ( great work rate but thats about it ) I would like to see a few promoted from the under 23's. Elsnik, rawson, bennett
  4. I see Morata is available, if Mel pays the fee i'll pick him up from the airport free of charge.
  5. I have seen him play 3 times this year. He certainly has a lot of potential and would be hungry to prove himself. His touch is top notch and knows how to score and create. I would say 4 million max but would like a fee of around 2.5m with add ons.
  6. George n'koudou from spurs vould be someone to replace Ince if he is sold or to work alongside ince if he isn't sold. He is young and has a lot to prove.
  7. Played very well and made lpts of movement which might not be caught on the sky cameras. I would be happy with this signing, looks a great prospect.
  8. Playing well so far, plenty of endeavour and good play. I like what i am seeing, would form an ideal number 10 or alongside martin/nugent.
  9. Already had both Watkins and Wheeler in mind, thats half the reason why i am going, well that and the fact that Carlisle are my local club now.
  10. I am off to the Carlisle v Exeter match on Sunday, i'll keep an eye out for Watkins see what he is like.
  11. Baird, Hanson, weimann, camara, vydra, shacks, Butterfield, blackman and either olsson or forsyth depending on fitness issues. If bent takes a pay cut I would keep him if he doesn't I'd let him go. I'd bring in Alan Judge and Jota on free transfers and try and keep or loan back de sart.
  12. Byram would be a quality signing and would show real intent.