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  1. I think you've taken me to literal in what I am saying. I am not saying go out and buy Nick barmby, but we need someone or we could be in trouble come April. Our squad isnt great and needs an injection. I just dont get how we haven't got a player or players ready to sign on Jan 1st which in turn has left us in the position we are now. I wouldn't class the current crop as panic buys just poo buys from poo recruitment.
  2. At this point I would take anyone, 6 days left and we've done fudge all. Anything to get a little excitement around here.
  3. That's my team into the next round, now just to beat the Titans and that monster Henry.
  4. Completely forgot about the vouchers, yeah Rooneyrule is me. What do you need from me?
  5. I'd like to thank god, my management team, the crest of the wave chippy and you guys for making it such a fun season. See you all next year?
  6. I would love the Texans to become more consistent, just when they win a good game they go and lose the next.
  7. This will certainly be close. On one hand I want Boone to go off or the Vikings D to get 5 pick 6's as in my other 3 leagues they are all very close in the final. That means I would win 3 and lose this 1 if it's the other way round I win this and lose the other 3. God damn fantasy.
  8. I've got all 3 in my money league final. Cook, Mattison and Boone.
  9. We both have a good chance. I love Thomas and think he could have a massive game as well as Brown. Prefer Metcalf match up over Fuller and his hamstring issues. Good luck for the weekend and may the best team win.
  10. Well played everyone, I cant remember anyone fully packing in Like last season.
  11. Say 5 people dont use the waiver wire week 1 they move to the top 5 positions for the next week. And the other 5 fall in line behind depending on their week 2 score.
  12. It's because I haven't used the waiver wire that's why I am higher. If you use it weekly you drop lower.
  13. Due back from Texas tomorrow. Had a great time went and watched Falcons vs Saints and Texans vs Pats. All in all a very good trip, I would recommend Texas and especially Houston to anybody thinking about it. Glad to make the Quarters? Now to figure put how to beat Saontsram.
  14. Can we not change the default as you can on ESPN. A trade should only be stopped if it's clear collusion and that can be done after the event by the commish.
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