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  1. Never given a real shot as a striker. You can tell from how he plays he is a striker and not a winger. Ive never been a fan of square pegs in round holes.
  2. 2So sad to hear about your loss, its a massive void in your life when you lose a parent. Best wishes to all family members, he will be a massive loss not just to yourself but the whole DCFC family.
  3. You'll probably find we sign 6 to 8 perms as we lose around 14 players at the end of thr season (including loans).
  4. Wages might not be that high for 5 months of football. It gives them a club to put themselves in the window fpr the summer. Would like all 4 on short term deals, obviously 1 of either Rossi ir Traore and maybe mutch on a 2 year.
  5. Still some quality free agents about - Jordan Mutch only 28 CM Lacina Traore only 28 CF Rossi CF Cabaye AM/CM Maybe a decent defender out there somewhere.
  6. This could be massive for our promotion push amd maybr a cheeky deal at the end if he plays well.
  7. I would agree that the two from germany wouldn't attract massive wages or fees. Just take a look at the average wage for the 2nd division in Germany to give you some perspective. The two lads would also have more coverage playing for Derby and could be seen as a stepping stone should they have the right ability and attitude.
  8. On paper a great idea in reality relegation and promotion wouldn't work as teams would end up with the same keepers, which cant happen. Maybe running 2 normal leafues would work on a year to year basis.
  9. Can't stand the Pats they are the Man utd of the NFL world.
  10. Whatever the consensus is i don't mind 0.5pts. Btw its a 2QB league as well. I promise to make it understandable, once your in it, things become clearer.
  11. Lookong at maybe having 3 keepers, but every year you keep them they move down a round in the draft. Waivers always class as round 8 unless the waiver pick was originally choosen in the draft then they keep there original draft round.
  12. You'll get obsessed and gives people reasons to continue playing when theu can't make the playoffs.
  13. Ill be starting a DCFC NFL fantasy keeper league next season. I'll update everyone on here after the draft. Looking to complete the league 1 or 2 weeks before the the regular season starts. It will be PPR format, with a number of rules in regards to keepers etc. Looking at 10 team league.
  14. I think 10m woth future incentives including a sell on clause of 20% plus a player on loan that should do it. With 10m i would look to buy 2 players.
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