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  1. Cant believe how close that was.
  2. I've got it as the same above except AFC champs as the Texans
  3. I scores B+ and expected to finish 5th.
  4. It's the first time I have taken Hunt in all my drafts I've done so far. We will see come the play offs if I have made the right decision.
  5. I use ffballers podcast which is a good source of info. Looking forward to it this year and hoping to atleast make the play offs. It's a nightmare picking anywhere other then top 3 though with Zeke, Gordon hold outs and Bell's unknown with the jets plus Brown being Brown.
  6. To be fair I have about 4 team I enjoy watching. Never really made my mind up.
  7. Announce it already so I can buy a shirt!!!!!
  8. That's fine I didn't mind either way. What about a flex or superflex?
  9. Please oh god please. Still got bags of quality especially as a no10
  10. Only thing I would like to know is if people want kickers and defence? Or maybe an extra flex or super flex position. What do you all think?
  11. That sound great. Cant bloody wait
  12. Can someone do a poll to see what app we use, what format we are playing and to get a rough idea of numbers as 2 leagues of 10 would be awesome if we could get 20.
  13. After a few years now doing fantasy NFl I would rate them - 1. Sleeper 2. ESPN 3. NFL Also use a few different apps for info like ESPN, Fantasylife and sleeper. Lately I've got in fantasy footballers podcast as well. For anyone that is starting out and wants more information.
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