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  1. Surely maddison should be a viable option. Played well with Marriott, always get loads of assists. Cheap as chips
  2. Any of you have tickets for NFL UK? I've managed to get a pair for the Texans game
  3. Not long now till draft day surely. Do people want it as close to the season starting as possible?
  4. We need so much more creativity after losing Wilson and Mount so I would make the assumption that's were we need to start. Van Ginkle would be amazing, I do think our AMC needs to be a permanent move to take us forward into the next 2 seasons. Couple of loan signings in the wings and maybe another CM. We have Waghorn, Marriott and even Martin to fill the striker role. Can't comment on our youth system players as I haven't seen them play but hoping a few can get promoted and make an impact on the team.
  5. We need to give them time like we were giving Frank. They can't come in and work wonders in 1 season especially with the current squad and spending we have at the moment. Hopefully they believe in the youth team and promote a few gems into the first team.
  6. Nothing else needs to be said, can someone pass this onto Mel. Keeping a style and getting a manager in that matches that style. This way everytime a manager is changed we don't need a whole new team. Bravo bravo
  7. I wouldn't mind Bowyer if they leave although my forst choice is still Arteta.
  8. Just finished booking this years nfl trip. Starting at the Atlanta vs Saints for thanks giving then off to Houston vs New England on the Sunday, throw in an NBA game with either the rockets or spurs add in a walk around Nasa Houston and the Alamo followed by 2 days at universal studios and that's my week sorted.
  9. Arteta for me no one else comes close.
  10. I have to disagree, Nugent just isn't good enough or fast enough anymore. Leeds could press us higher as their defence could sit a further 20yds higher due to the very real lack of pace from our frontman. He doesn't iffer us anything anymore and ive said this sice before the season started. Nice guy don't get me wrong just not championship standard and certainly not play off team standard. Marriott is by far the better option and his 10 goals this season seem to justify that.
  11. I would rather go ESPN as well. I dont mind what people want size wise or ppr non ppr thats why i did the voting for it.
  12. 10 team PPR format? Yearly redraft leagues it is.
  13. I must admit I am a big fan of both the ESPN and Sleeper Apps they seem far better then the NFL official app.
  14. Just finished my first dynasty draft (money league) on sleeper app. Took a full week to draft all vets and rookies. Now fingers crossed for no injuries.
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