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get behind them on Tuesday

kyle mccabe

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I think the crowd has generally responded well to the overtures from Mel and staff - and the active fans' efforts via the 1884 Group - to dissipate the negativity that bordered on toxicity at last season's failures and the abortive Pearson debacle.

The home record is good even if performances have often been patchy.

The fans need to treat the Burton game like a Trees local 'derby' and give fervent support; the team need to start fast and hard and (please!) play for 90 minutes - at intensity.

As Nigel has already alluded to next Friday's game at the Pirelli vs. Blackburn as 'the big one' on his horizon, we should be able to overcome them, surely?  We owe them a hot reception for that soft-touch defeat at the Pirelli... :angry:


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19 hours ago, kyle mccabe said:

This is not over yet and the Chase is still going. Let's get the 3points and push on it can be done. Coyr

Might need a bit more conviction for this mob mate - they're a tough crowd. Maybe a Shakespeare - Churchill mind-mash type of deal. Imagine Dunkirk meets Richard the III.

Come Tuesday battle once again ensues, as our brave young men lace their boots and await the hour of reckoning. No sheep to the slaughter, no walking quietly into the night, but to the tumultuous rattling of sabres, our foes will quake at our intent and feel our furious desire and conviction. We will fight them in defence, we will fight them in midfield, our boys brimming with pride and resolute in their endeavours, no easy three points for those who dare to challenge us, no gilded access to our goal, but instead the steady and serried ranks of foot soldiers swathed in white and black, waiting to vanquish all those foolish enough to take to our hallowed fields.

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