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  1. any one out of the stands would replace him even me with my knackered knees he is a pretender get rid now
  2. Definitely join in with that one on Saturday who’s starting it off ?
  3. S K ram we should both have a lift with him as we both no where he lives only joking Wayne 😁
  4. Derek is an incredible man I have known him since I was 9 years old he has always preached about the Rams around our area no matter who you support he is a real Legend had time for a chat with anyone and now DCFC are looking after him as they should
  5. I might get him to pick me up on his way to the game 😁😁
  6. Luckily we are slightly higher than the dam so didn’t have to move out the whole village will continue to be on shut down until the end of this week which is nothing to wot could of happened
  7. Nothing to do with football for a change I would just like to say wot amazing emergency services we have in the U K they have worked around the clock to save our village from disaster it’s not over yet but thank you all amazing people bless you
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