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  1. Luckily we are slightly higher than the dam so didn’t have to move out the whole village will continue to be on shut down until the end of this week which is nothing to wot could of happened
  2. Nothing to do with football for a change I would just like to say wot amazing emergency services we have in the U K they have worked around the clock to save our village from disaster it’s not over yet but thank you all amazing people bless you
  3. Great day out left at 7.30 parked on a drive 12 mins from stadium at the villa end no hassle clear run back home 3 hours 10 mins not bad 184 miles saw some duck head putting up his banner don’t cry Frank in the pouring rain😂 roll on next season coyrs
  4. Great day out journey down was good left at 7.30 parked on a drive at 12.10 13 mins walk to the stadium through all the villa fans no hassle at all journey home great home for ten past 9 just over 3 hours hope we don’t have to do it again though automatics next season
  5. We were in block 223 it was crap two lads next to us I don’t think they said a word to each other all game never mind get behind the lads ffs at my ripe age I was stood up getting behind the team as we should all of done villa fans wanted this more than us no doubt were they better than us I don’t think they were let’s go again Frank and reduce our crowd to 25k far better support than 38k
  6. Agree our support was poo villa fans were deafening at times roll on next season back to the 25k loyal supporters bunch of plastics 😡
  7. I wasn’t 😡but now thanks to some very good folk in Derby we have managed to get hold of 5 tickets although it means a drive to Derby and back tomorrow who gives a jot COYRS
  8. Might be a good idea to start a north west branch up for the future if anyone is interested I certainly would
  9. Enjoy your afternoon on the couch Warrington that’s wot we will be doing here in Whaley Bridge as we also missed out on tickets so we’re having a play off bash at ours 10 of us up to now it’s second best I suppose
  10. I need 4 I no it’s a massive ask I could of got mine on my season ticket but waited till general sale for my kids and me wot a waste of time not missed the rams at Wembley since the charity shield looks like I will this time 😡
  11. It’s up there with the European games for me games that you never forget COYRS
  12. I bet the man with 3 Legs will be over starting the Bounce 😁
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