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  1. whaley bridge Ram

    John Terry

    I for one wouldn’t mind J T at pp i don’t like the guy but wot a player and who would of thought 2 world class players at Derby at long last I am looking forward to the season
  2. whaley bridge Ram

    Next manager, who would you like in charge?

    After tonight’s interview it’s Frank and to be honest it’s s bold move by Mel once it’s confirmed wow I am actually looking forward to a new season wot this guy will bring with him could be massive for our great club this at least gives me a big lift as after nearly 50 years following the Rams I was getting to a stage of take it or leave it but if it’s frank I honestly can’t Waite COYRS
  3. whaley bridge Ram


    Agree with all the points but will it happen I don’t think so we are sinking slowly but surely
  4. whaley bridge Ram

    Wolverhampton Wanderers v Derby County

    I must of blinked and missed all the battleing we did oh dear Derby I didn’t no weather to laf or cry that was poor very poor
  5. whaley bridge Ram

    Season tickets for next year, whose renewed

    Just done mine ready for my refund 😂
  6. whaley bridge Ram

    RamsTV Meets Charlie George

    Could that man pass a ball one of my all time greats king of all cockneys
  7. whaley bridge Ram

    Derby Snow - Game called off

    Good call Derby County looking after the safety of the fans up yours Warnock you poison little dwarf
  8. whaley bridge Ram

    Team For Sunday

    Unleash Vydra and Palmer to together also Anya in for Lawrence I think we can do this 1 2
  9. whaley bridge Ram

    Are we good enough is it just a blip

    After today's result it does now seam to be Familiar this fall in form with too Many players underperforming all at once how do we solve this problem year after year
  10. whaley bridge Ram

    Wolves away on TV

    Great now it’s on live I can watch in sunny Spain 😎
  11. whaley bridge Ram

    Will it be on?

    Yes like tomorrow all roads around here are now blocked even the A6 with all the good efforts of the council the wind is filling the roads in as quick as they clear the snow so at the minute we won’t be able to attend
  12. whaley bridge Ram

    Will it be on?

    Early like tomorrow will do as all our roads are blocked at the moment even the A6 and it’s getting no better
  13. whaley bridge Ram

    v Fulham (H) - Predictions

    Wow talk about doom and gloom the place is falling apart 2 1 to the Rams
  14. whaley bridge Ram

    Stadium atmosphere

    Please not them clappers they are awful I once posted the club about the tune to Steve Howard before each game then suddenly they did I don’t no weather it was anything to do with me I doubt it but they played it and everyone joined in the crap they play now is awful sack the pa bloke
  15. whaley bridge Ram

    Brian Clough 1973

    Great report I remember it as if it was yesterday I went to that game with my dad and has he worked for Sam I think he was expected to support him so we were torn between the two of them in the end we wanted sir Brian back no doubt about that

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