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  1. whaley bridge Ram

    When You Were A Teenage Ram (14-16)

    I was lucky supporting the Rams through the 70s so many hero’s then with king Kev and Hinton on the wing the problem in those days were getting to Derby if we couldn’t get a lift it was a Bus job leaving at 9 in the morning and getting back around 8 as there was no direct bus in those days not sure if there is now it was well worth it
  2. I was at the game in the ossie end lower I think it was a Monday night I believe there were thousands locked out the place was buzzing
  3. whaley bridge Ram

    Get well soon

    Good luck on your lads op if it’s in stepping hill he will be fine good hospital 👍
  4. whaley bridge Ram

    Filling Pride Park

    if Last nights great performance does not fill p p then I don’t no wot will cheaper tickets will attract a few more but I just think it’s football in general there’s an old guy from are neck of the woods who will be 101 years old soon and he does the 100 mile round trip every home game and never moans COYRS
  5. whaley bridge Ram

    Super Frankie Lampard

    Extend his contract now we have a gem of a man who wants to get involved with the fans and the club genuine guy 👍
  6. Stoke at home in the next round then 😜

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