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  1. With all the strife and aggro about DCFC's situation and the angst over our 'fate', with points deductions and relegation possibly on the horizon, it's as well to check back to reality, with a fine young footballer, Bournemouth's David Brooks, now diagnosed with lymph cancer. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58903956 Here's wishing Brooks a successful outcome and with best wishes from Rams fans.
  2. It's very good that the various supporter groups have sustained their cohesion at this time, as the Supporters Charter Group. Being able to meet the Administrators will have conveyed the passion and unity of the fanbase to them. The team and the club needs that show of loyalty, and it is a good advert to prospective investors. It's also a representative body of fans that can remain in place to meet future new owners of DCFC to establish regular, open communication.
  3. They didn't all do the same thing, in the law books. Others were in charge of, and driving vehicles whilst over the drink-drive limit. They subsequently had convictions, fines, bans, public service orders, so there were clear legal parameters on the record for those prosecutions. In a sense, they 'paid' for their crimes - whilst (as others have said!) Derby ended up paying for Keogh's misdemeanours, lack of judgement, poor leadership, whatever - in more ambiguous areas of judgement - and that the EFL process contrived to find in his favour. Keogh was an average player, a loyal journeyman defender, who only ever held The Brian Clough Trophy in his hand as a Ram. He's beyond contempt for the impact his neglectful, brainless behaviour caused the club, in financial and squad morale terms overall.
  4. Yes, the EFL is not the only place where things move slowly! In a way, should clubs and EFL put time constraints on the duration of disciplinary proceedings (nigh-on impossible, I concede, due to lawyers!) then it would mean other 'punished' clubs in the future enjoy quicker resolution - when I'd want them to endure the same torture, out of sheer spite! The spotlight is gradually turning to overall game governance and the turnover-spend crisis in the Championship - are Parry & Birch man enough to tackle that, or will they just continue to hide behind their rules?
  5. All that the report conveys is the same EFL stance regarding DCFC that was conveyed in the EFL's meeting in July with the FSA (Football Supporters Association). The EFL meets reps from supporter groups across the divisions, twice a year. The meeting notes from that latest one have just been published, read here: tps://thefsa.org.uk/news/fan-reps-meet-efl-executives-july-2021/ Interestingly, the two clubs represented from the Championship were DCFC and Reading FC. Credit to Pav from Punjabi Rams for putting the DCFC case. He clearly took on the EFL about the never-ending disciplinary proceedings, EFL attitude against Derby, the unfairness of the Derby <> Wycombe fixture-swap fiasco - but got told that no vendetta was proven, the EFL were transparent, they didn't control the duration of hearings, have to uphold rules, and blahh. Pav achieved pretty much the same as what Birch recently dribbled out during the recent Ed Dawes interview and the podcast(s) - and he no doubt felt the same frustrations. We will have to see how the DCFC Administrators marshall the facts, and stress the prolonged 'silent' punishments already inflicted by the timescale and EFL actions - like how the EFL unfairly applied their ' professional standing' and later, 'experienced players' squad size rules to limit DCFC player recruitment/retention this summer - to help mitigate against further multiple penalties.
  6. People are realising that the EFL are on a hiding now in the media, as the focus turns towards how 'big' clubs like Derby fall into the mire. Birch and Parry are being pressed to explain and act regarding the fiasco of increasing financial losses, with the scale of income-to-expenditure of Championship clubs (they are spending 120% of income!) and the vast disparity between parachute and non-parachute clubs. DCFC may be the tip of the iceberg for the clueless committees to navigate, and the Premier League will send a two-word response for EFL requests to sit round a table and renegotiate the meagre 9% of income that the EFL receive from the Prem. The reply will be on gold-embossed letterhead and will read, simply, "---- Off". My pic shows the EFL committee assembling to discuss Football League financial concerns.
  7. I agree people will gravitate to panic buying when media reports accelerate shortages (just as it did with food....and loo rolls...during early Covid) but spin it is, if the availability *where it's needed* contradicts where (plenty of) the commodity is actually stored prior to transhipment to outlets. Local shortages exist in the real world - and haulage capacity has been clearly exposed as an issue. Anyroad, still dunno if I can get to the games!!
  8. Undoubtedly, fuel shortages provoked by panic-buying and media coverage. No fuel here in north Brum and can't risk touring the city / local motorways in order to preserve what little fuel I have. Not all governmental causes, true - so many haulage firms' poor pay & conditions have been exposed by the Brexit labour shortfall (in many areas of employment) - and seasoned truckers just packing it in for less red-tape delays, hassle and stress in other work or local driving, with better pay. Gets my goat when ministers say 'there's lots of fuel available' - careful spin - we know that, but it's not at the effing pumps!!
  9. So many things now are going to be hit by the fuel shortage. Probably can't get to Derby now this week. Tickets printed - but nil petrol in my part of the West Midlands. So many workers - and doctors, teachers, essential workers - not getting fuel. What a pathetically-governed country we live in.
  10. Hire an accountant in perpetuity, to closely scrutinise the accounts of Middlesbrough and Wycombe Wanderlust. In the event of FFP and P&S transgressions, the legal brief would be to bombard the EFL relentlessly with legal challenges to delay resolution of the proceedings. Vengeful, yes, but it would be great to see them suffer! I would also bribe PL referees taking charge of Leeds & Villa games to ensure the matches are fixed to ensure defeats, those clubs ultimately being relegated to face EFL charges for their FFP breaches during their successful Championship seasons. Yes, I know that's all daft and wouldn't happen (and there's many more interesting things to spend money on, anyway) but then, the thread is supposed to be a laugh, innit?
  11. We have to remember that the EFL's conduct in the DCFC disciplinary case has stoked media frenzies and emboldened gobby hypocrites like the Boro and Wycombe chiefs to dip their bread, to make a lot of spurious noise to allege misfortune caused by the 'guilty' party, their aim being to further damage a competitor. * Dragging out the proceedings for over a year and a half, allowing a fellow club (Boro) to engage in actions against DCFC whilst the disciplinary case was in progress (thereby extending the torture for a year, though the actions were thrown out) * Drip-feeding negative updates to the media without consultation with Derby (positing 'alternative' Derby/Wycombe fixture lists for a Championship <> League One swap if a 2020/21 points deduction was applied) * Stating their 'regret' that their appeal resulted only in a £100,000 fine for DCFC's amortisation technicalities * Not reprimanding the Wycombe cowboy for publicly accusing DCFC of systematic cheating Now we're in administration, minus 12 points with the prospect of further penalties, most even-minded people would surmise that Derby had copped their just desserts and a reset had been enforced.
  12. Quick Administrators, Claim Moor Farm FOC! The charge details are null and void - there is no such place in Derby called "CHADDEDSON". That's one property sorted 😉
  13. No idea which version of the (amortised) accounts will eventually be accepted. FFP / P & S results will differ in each case, of course. We wonder how aggressive or conciliatory both Administrators or EFL might be. Accounts provisionally approved by EFL by Shaun Harvey, before Rick Pariah Parry took over. Rams found not guilty of stadium sale / amortisation breaches in August 2020. Fined £100.000 re: amortisation a year later. Club has been stuffed by these charges over three seasons now and already 4 transfer windows. EFL also need to look at their conduct and procedures, not to mention the rules - which at present they must apply with the same vigour and scrutiny for other 'close. but no cigar' rule-bending Championship clubs, and there are a few of them!
  14. 'Mel wasn't sincere, wasn't heartfelt enough, wasn't honest' - Wayne's comments about MM's meeting with him this week. It seems MM spoke to them all for 45 minutes, but WR says we need to 'put him behind us....'
  15. It's still a shock to learn just how duplicitous and negligent the ex-owner has been for month upon month.
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