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Quick Podcast Update


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Just a quick update on the Podcast and also a chance to say a big thanks for all the feedback we have received both on the forum and social media, 900+ downloads for our first ever is pretty awesome, we wasn't expecting that many at all.

Podcast Update

1) Some people had difficulty finding where the Podcast was at and following the comments, I've heard you! the Podcast has been moved into the main forum and can be found easily on the homepage.

You may notice that the comments all have today's date, this is down to comments being stored in a different database table which have been reposted and the author changed. I will work on a fix for the dates very soon.

2) srg, again we've heard you! he has now agreed to join us as a regular and will be part of the podcast along with myself and Ambitious each week plus a forum guest.....weekly? thought you said fortnightly....

3) We originally planned for the Podcast to run every fortnight, late last night we agreed it should be made weekly, it has gone down better than expected and we could potentially miss out on talking points which would quickly be old news. 10pm tonight the microphones will be back out to record a new Podcast which will be available to listen tomorrow, Tom from the DCFC 1884 Group will be joining us.....both myself and Ambitious have new microphones so hopefully we will sound much better!

Keep the feedback coming, good and bad, really appreciated, thanks!

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1 minute ago, MuespachRam said:

Podcast was really good last week, keep it up. Particularly impressed with SRG....quite the professional.

Stop creeping to get on.

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8 minutes ago, Mostyn6 said:

cannot believe how much I am looking forward to this. Having met the three regulars over breakfast, they all have the right temperament and humility for this, all that's needed is an absolute-sausagehole to come on a stir it up a bit! :lol: 

*enter Chris*

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Just finished editing last nights Podcast, off to bed now to listen fully to double check, if all is ok I'll upload first thing. We had audio teething issues yet again, @Ambitious new microphone suffered from severe flatulence overtime he spoke, ended up using his headphone mic. 



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