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Forest allocation


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5 minutes ago, deano180 said:

So we give them 3,030.......why?

just guessing but I guess it would have something to do with segregation and exit routes from the ground. Maybe if they reduced allocations there would be areas of the ground with exit routes that dint have shutters to prevent rival fans access.

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On 27/02/2016 at 00:46, philmycock said:

Give them exactly what they give us, no more no less


On 27/02/2016 at 07:26, steve brummie said:

Shame them with our generosity.

How about giving them a voucher for a free pie at full time?

As long as all seats are intact and Brad Johnson doesn't need to show off his martial arts skills!?

I'm with Phil. They're not shamed, they're just laughing at us after overtly stating that we'll have the absolute minimum at their place.

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The segregation required for high risk games sets the capacity of the away section. We can only sell those seats to away fans. Reducing Forest's allocation would just mean empty seats. That would reduce DCFC's turnover, and in the light of FFP be an unwise decision. I know Forest do it to us, but which club has an embargo and s string of winding up orders?

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3 hours ago, Rampage said:

Cash on pick up from our stadium for their ticket allocation or no tickets at all. Hopefully no need to enforce this next season.

Took some thinking about did that mate, but I think you've cracked it! Great idea.

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