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  1. deano180

    Tom Lawrence

    There are 92 other clubs doing the same?
  2. deano180

    Tom Lawrence

    Nixon saying 18m for traore Think Lawrence is good for 12m in this market. We could sell and purchase a good replacement and striker and loan/sell at least one other striker IMO
  3. deano180

    Florian Jozefzoon - Signed on a 3 year deal

    Zoon zoon zoon everybody say way ho WAY HO
  4. deano180

    John Terry

    4/9 sky bet, as player or coaching role
  5. deano180

    East Anglian Rams

    Me and my family are ST holders from ipswich, there's 4 of us that travel to every home game. There's robglosta and admira on here live very close who attend regular from Ipswich aswell. Will give your Twitter a follow.
  6. deano180

    £10m FFP Bill

    He writes for the telegraph
  7. deano180

    Chris Martin

    The problem with the potential reduced sale price is because of his wages, we only have our previous poor decision making to blame for this.
  8. deano180

    Chris Martin

    A point most overlooking. Would contribute to cost cutting.
  9. deano180

    Is Rowett's style boring?

    Boring poll
  10. deano180

    ST Money Back & “the bet”....

    Must back other side to 'Qualify' or whatever terminology used by specific bookie as normal WLD is over 90 mins only
  11. deano180

    ST Money Back & “the bet”....

    If we get to the final I will lay Derby, will study prices and bet correct amount to guarantee at least a half price ST regardless of result. I pay for 4 STs, just worth hedging IMO.
  12. deano180

    Luke Thomas

    Story feels like it's been pushed from the local Cheltenham rag, possibly because they have a monetery value associated to a deal. West Ham may have enquired like clubs do, but doubt there's little else in it as it stands.
  13. deano180

    Our inept and disfunctional website

    The club were trying to sell approx 22k of tickets in just over 24 hours, this was a bit of an exception to the rule, why have a system and associated costs that can work to this level of demand at all times? Why wernt ST holders given more time? Level out supply and demand? STs holders are over two thirds of home seats, why didn't the club allow them to have two thirds of the time from 3pm Sunday until KO Friday? Then allow a free for all in the last third of time remaining? Some ST holders were unable to secure tickets by cut off yesterday and are now in a free for all today and potentially will miss out, which is unfair. The other option was to allow ST holders longer to reserve there seat, and General sale could start overlapping periods and allowing General sale individuals to purchase non ST seats at the same time? Club are under he cosh for 48 hours and likely to sell out by midday today, more costs to ticket office and club to cope with this when the game doesn't commence until Friday? Crazy.
  14. deano180

    Bradley Johnson

    Big players turn up for big games, 3 more performances like this Bradley

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