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  1. PP Song Suggestions

    What didn't you understand the first time?
  2. food for throught

    This post instantly sobers a pissed person up, unbelievable, miracle cure
  3. Brentford V Derby County

    Casino stats, filth
  4. Time to go !

    Rowett completely disrespected the back end of last season, "can't wait for the season to finish, "games were meaningless", "already made his mind up", "know what I want to do". Is it unfair to do the same to his start to this season? His arrogance smelt of mouldy zan fish.
  5. Time to go !

    I could do with the razor version right now please
  6. Craig Bryson - signed for Cardiff season long loan

    If a smeg fridge can kick a ball better than Carson yesterday then I'm up for this transfer
  7. Ramage talks sense

    Pipe down Ramage
  8. Rowetts record so far

    TBH I'm not interested in Rowetts results/performances from last season, he was pretty disrespectful about the remaining games when he took over and stated he couldn't wait for the season to finish, he had already made his mind up with what he wanted to do. I'm well behind rowett, but I'm only taking into account Sunderland onwards
  9. Barnsley v Derby County

    Do you think spurs will sell 75,000?
  10. Derby County v Hull City

    Have you supported Liverpool in a previous life?
  11. Martin/Winnall

    Think they could work well together in a 4-4-2
  12. Chris Baird

    He's a right back, end of, a good one to! If my memory serves me right he made either his debut or full start debut in a FA cup final for Saints in the early 2000s This midfield stuff is a international desperation task set by NI in previous campaigns which had relative success
  13. I guess we are sticking with 4231

    He was spearing nothing, hammered celebrating, boasting how he's had us by the balls knowing we were desperate, only wanted 5 a week, got 15!
  14. I guess we are sticking with 4231

    Just seen Jay Spearing in McTurks, so problem over
  15. I guess we are sticking with 4231

    Rowett wanted a versatile squad, able to change formations if required, oops

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