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  1. My partner and son cant make the game tonight, one adult and one 15-17 Season Tickets in SWU, 25 pound the pair. Cheers Dean
  2. Well said, Mel said in more than one fans forum in the past whether our fans can accept the time and change needed when playing youth, the answer has become clearer tonight.
  3. Lost to bolton and rotherham after Man U and Chelsea
  4. Expect new years days fixture at home v Barnsley to be a sell out and on sky
  5. Full blown David Mellor session in a Kapper 13/14 home shirt. Cheap and and exceedingly cheerful?
  6. This new era feels much more the time for the so called 'Clement' legacy Mel spoke of when he appointed him.
  7. Cheltenham are obviously desperate for their sell on fee and obviously have inserted a fee in the deal for Gloucestershire Live to hurry things up
  8. Blackman deal runs out end of this season
  9. Hes not a serial tweeter, although hes probably hacked off he didn't start, to be honest I hope he is hacked off, you want your players to want to start every game. Something isn't quite right, what that something is the magic answer
  10. Worst case scenario you could purchase the ST at the ticket office? Especially if you are then looking to get a Wembley ticket before general sale tomorrow?
  11. Well said, buzzing
  12. We are detective - The Thompson Twins
  13. If you go online there are still a handful on the site?
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