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  1. Ipswich have signed bree from villa, they now have 6 loans, one to many for match day squads so likely Pennington move is on
  2. Station hotel for a stack loads of pre match beers me thinks paid for by ITFC for there generously competitive match tickets. Hope they treat league one supporters the same next season?
  3. The whole 90 reminded me of Brighton away, Mac 2 last game in charge.
  4. The first thing I would like to see before we even look at formations is someone from the management and coaching team to sort out our ability to stop crosses please.
  5. Waghorn was just coming good playing wide right, with Wilson in the middle then got injured. He will feel like a new player when he gets back in the side, I'm still confident he will come good.
  6. Evans now returning, if he was going to get an opportunity it would of been when he was injured.
  7. Love B4s passion, but sounds like a Liverpool fan far to often.
  8. Wonderful, we all recognise people, sadly the title says recognition. I'm happy to get the posy removed, but on further thinking Arthur Cox is another we don't recognise for there achievements.
  9. I have no idea how Jim is keeping, or how his health is these days, in reality the guy is an old man. But, in reality he's a modern day legend at Derby, and IMO is never given the recognition on his achievements when he joined the club in the summer of 95. So what I'm getting at, or wanting to see happen is to see our club recognise his achievements whilst he's here for us to chant his name. Please get this message to whoever make these things happen at Derby, pre match pitch walk on (bald eagles barmy army chant), HT walk on, anything would be amazing, maybe his health can't support something like this? Just hope his not another respect on death player or manager.
  10. Walked into the ground without one
  11. Derby 3 - 1 Shadow of the Brum. FRGS Wilson
  12. Money in the pot from these two cup games, hopefully Uncle Mel continues to back Frank in Jan, this side has every opportunity this season
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