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  1. Must of been the his and her Rolex's that tipped him over the edge
  2. Left in 2013
  3. Be interested in seeing where Rawson fits in to this equation, career stumbled slightly and he may be looking for guaranteed first team football.
  4. Tyred of these bad jokes
  5. Can't understand this link? MacDonald is a lefty as well?
  6. Can't agree more TBH, just glad he's admitted he's made mistakes, unfortunately micro managers and controllers just struggle to let go full stop, hope MM can change
  7. Not another sacking?
  8. Red dog scum were right again, not.....
  9. Love Russell, his personality, work rate, effort, but what he needs is a new club, his quality is woeful and short of the standard required IMO, needs upgrading, so frustrating
  10. Mel said the best a man can get?
  11. Agree
  12. Just the pre 13/14 fans stating this, don't worry mate
  13. Carlisle in the cup to add to the league fixtures
  14. The substitutions may not be responsible, but did the substitutions contribute, I would say yes?
  15. Post has the feeling of attention, a cuddle, or mummy