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  1. 12/12/17 - Fans Forum at The Yard

    Bet she's suffering this morning.......
  2. Mr Brightside

    Bring back ready to go by republica, reminds me of our early PP days......
  3. Goalkeeper’s distribution

    Was he trying to distribute and save at the same time?
  4. Goalkeeper’s distribution

    Grants hand distribution was superb, and would be a great attacking weapon in our more counter attacking style we possess now
  5. Middlesbrough v Derby County match day thread.

    I would go back further, Brentford away, the stick rowett got after that fixture, building blocks
  6. PPS Development

    Heard the trial went well Tuesday
  7. Fulham vs Derby County match day thread

    Cairney has been injured, he's there best player so hopefully this continues
  8. Thoughts on Lawrence so far

    Chance missed yesterday IMO with vydra out
  9. Is Rowett up to the job

    So far an improvement on late goals conceded over previous seasons, concerned we have conceded 4 goals three times this season and only a third of the way through it
  10. Our biggest strength

    Not last night, Ledley went off one nil down. Enjoy the ride, I'm sure Gary and the team have it in hand behind the scenes.
  11. Leeds United V Derby County

    He's playing it, he's it and he's telling his mate he's coming for him. I think that's what it means?
  12. Match day experience

    This use to happen when PP first opened
  13. Norwich City V Derby County

    What makes you say that, it's there core side?
  14. Norwich City V Derby County

    The usual away pub the compleat angler has been refurbished and does not take away fans anymore

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