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  1. So are you saying under Rooney's leadership we haven't been? Cause I'm pretty sure his PPG isnt where your previous post puts him? Some slack is required here.
  2. What this post doesn't state which aged is we are a team full of free transfers, cheap punts, loan players and academy players learning their trade on the job, this along with Rooney, who has inherited a poo show, a mishmash of different players from different eras and managers all from poor management in the past, hes learning on the job, personally I think all things considered with the many terrible decisions made in the past 6 years we could be in a worse position???
  3. Another step closer to the POTS award, what a guy
  4. A MOM performance from this seasons likely player of the season......
  5. Thought it's the same as Tuesday bar conceding a goal more TBH score first makes a difference
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