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battles for promotion


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With the red scum just around the corner i am asking every single to stand togather. Lets have all the ground standing up i want everyone in full voice lets have scaves and flags in force. Lets be so loud whole of derby and beyound hear the mighty derby fans in full voice lets show them just how much this means to us. Lets give the lads the couage to fight and score goals like we know they can.

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We're gonna win ya know.

Ooooo I hate the build up to this match, and love it at the same time!

Convo's with my florest work colleagues will be interesting this week, got to squish them before they start, always a pleasure.

Come on you Rams!!!

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Five more days to go, till we beat the Forest....

When your tired and weary, your heat will miss a beat....

Since I was young..........

I'm glad we're at home, I'm glad we're at home...


Come on B4 join in..  Where are you, I can't hear you..  

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