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Where have all the goals gone?


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After the craziness of Yeovil and Brum (11 goals in 2 matches) we've now seen 6 goals from the following 7 matches. 3 scored, 3 conceeded and 5 clean sheets.

From the defence point of view, this is incredible performance. Buxton, Keough and Forsyth have had major critics in the past but they have helped turn us into a mean defence.

At the other end, things aren't as great with no goals in 4. Chris Martin's free kick vs Bournemouth was the last goal.

Does anyone think there has been a tactical shift to change us from creating goal fests into George Graham Arsenal? Bryson has stopped scoring and doesn't seem to be in the same places to score as much, but has been injured too.

Or are we just a good team who have missed a few chances we were previously sticking away? We sneaked a few wins earlier in season and things going against us at the moment.

I probably think the latter reason, but the longer it goes on, the more you start to worry. Forest and Ipswich are gonna be tight and 2 nil-nils could be on the cards.

We will then start to feel some pressure as we will have to beat 'easier' teams to be sure of playoffs with the added problem of never scoring.

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We should have had goals yesterday,  we should have scored against Bolton as well.


That's not an issue with tactics or with team selections, it';s just an issue of strikers, defenders or midfielders missing chances.


Bamford should have had two yesterday, the one where he was clean through, no excuses, the keeper made a very decent save but the lad had 4 seconds to run onto the ball, pick his spot and only the keeper to beat, he SHOULD score. He doesn't do too much else during games, so when you play him clean through like that, he can't miss, that's HIS job.


Wards short corner to Forsyth, he should score. Bamford again while he's on his arse, should score. Then we'd be looking at pretty much the prefect away performance.


I thought we were a bit flat at times yesterday and I still don't think the football going forward is as fluent as it was but I don't think it's an issue with the way Steve has us set up. It's individuals not taking their chances, that's all.


Once the Forest and Ipswich games are out of the way, our run in wil see the goals start flying again.


The fixture list has been weird to us this season, we've got patches of 8-10 toughies then 8-10 gimmies.


Thankfully our next set of 8-10 gimmies are still to come.

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Victims of our own success unfortunately. Having a reputation for scoring a sh1tload of goals means that teams will eventually learn to play a different way against you, ie. more cautious and defensive. 


Note that at the same time we've stopped scoring loads of goals, we're also conceding a lot less too.

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Since we tightened up after Brum I think our good chances dropped off. In a couple of games they vanished and we were reduced to a bit of hopeful efforts.

Since they recognised that we tightened up too much and we need to play to our strengths we have had quite a few good chances.

A few players seem to be thinking about it too much.

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