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March Games


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We have a very tough March, but a much easier April. I think if we are within 3 points of 2nd place by the end of March, we will go up automatically.


Burnley (a)

Millwall (h)

Bolton (h)

Reading (a)

Forest (h)

Ipswich (a)

Charlton (h)


I reckon the best we can hope for is 12-14 points from these games. I would imagine this will be enough to keep us clear of those behind us, but will it keep us in touch with Burnley? I guess next week's game will answer that question to a certain extent. 

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Almost two weeks ago I said the idea of us finishing second seems fanciful and it still does.


Burnley have lost just once in their previous 15 games. They are hard to beat and that is something that we are going to have to emulate if we are going to last the distance.


In my opinion, until we can prove that we're doing anything more than tickling their tail, they look good value for second. They can just go quietly about their business with no pressure and no expectation, defying everyone who is expecting them to wobble. They have a settled side which is well-organised and well-drilled with a good blend of players - the experience and presence of Shackell and Duff at the back, the quality of Jones and Kightly in midfield and the raw talent of Ings and Vokes up front - that continues to serve them well.


With us, it's different. Of course, there was no pressure or expectation in the beginning. But I think it's there now and so far we've responded well. In recent weeks, we have displayed a different side to our game and showed we can dig in and duke it out. But especially when you look at our run-in, the pressure's only going to grow and grow. The majority of us are no longer content with a top six finish but I just wonder if we could be setting ourselves up for an anti-climax. Burnley are still two points ahead as it stands and could stretch that to five with another win next week. We're still the outsiders in my eyes.


Personally, I'm just thrilled that we continue to consolidate our top six position. That's all I'm thinking about at the moment. I look at that 12 point gap to seventh and it's very comforting. Perhaps if we go to Turf Moor and make a statement, even I might start to wonder.


Predictions for March? 7 wins out of 7.  :lol:

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yeh I figure home 3 wins and a draw, away 1 win, 1 draw, 1 loss. Best case scenario. 


Best case scenario 7 wins.


I reckon we will surprise a few people at Burnley next week and pull off a 'smash and grab', then steamroller the next couple of games (I think this Belgian beer is making me hallucinate)

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