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  1. Mate u private message me ur number or ur parents number and that will happen , I can’t promise the rangers game but Craig will be back down in Derby and be happy to meet u
  2. Mate I will arrange for that to happen for u
  3. And still to this day think if he had started Derby would have been a premiership club but hey ho we will never know
  4. ha ha i would love Derby to get back up to the premier league , fantastic set up and great club
  5. i hope shinnie is half as good for the club as bryso has been but main thing is i am getting my daughter and grand son back up the road and will always keep an eye out for Derby result , great club and best of luck for the season ahead
  6. kent was useless in championship and ojo isnt good enough for the championship so off you pop to scotland , the spl is of brutal quality , celtic wouldnt win the championship as they are a poor side so id expect the current rangers team to be in bottom 6 of english championship , of rangers current team only morelos would play in last years Derby team
  7. bottom line is lampard rates him , and played in the same area of the pitch so that should be good enough reason for him to stay
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