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  1. Mate u private message me ur number or ur parents number and that will happen , I can’t promise the rangers game but Craig will be back down in Derby and be happy to meet u
  2. Mate I will arrange for that to happen for u
  3. And still to this day think if he had started Derby would have been a premiership club but hey ho we will never know
  4. ha ha i would love Derby to get back up to the premier league , fantastic set up and great club
  5. i hope shinnie is half as good for the club as bryso has been but main thing is i am getting my daughter and grand son back up the road and will always keep an eye out for Derby result , great club and best of luck for the season ahead
  6. kent was useless in championship and ojo isnt good enough for the championship so off you pop to scotland , the spl is of brutal quality , celtic wouldnt win the championship as they are a poor side so id expect the current rangers team to be in bottom 6 of english championship , of rangers current team only morelos would play in last years Derby team
  7. bottom line is lampard rates him , and played in the same area of the pitch so that should be good enough reason for him to stay
  8. Derby fans are the most fickle I’ve ever care across frank lampard plays him nearly every game when fit in a position that Craig probably doesn’t enjoy or revel in , he wants to get forward but mason mount is the guy doing that however sometime u have to play in a position for the benefit of the club and he does that week in week out and just gets on with it but some of the stick he gets is ridiculous and whatever he does at end of the season whether that’s staying with derby or moving on he will Continue to give his all , I’d love to see him play further forward and so would he probably but time will tell where that will be
  9. Angie the stick him and keogh get on forums is laughable , two guys who have gave everything for the club for a long long time and if keogh wins player of the year again which he should imo that’s about 5 out of last 8 seasons they have shared it between them
  10. No mate i still don’t think he’s getting played where he should be but the abuse he gets on here from Supporters is disgraceful , he didn’t have good game midweek but he wasn’t alone but him And keogh seem to be the scapegoats at every bad result derby have , i would say lampard knows a midfield player and he keeps picking him
  11. Never knew supporters who talked as much pish as derby fans frank lampard rates bryso but u diddies after midweek game blamed him for the defeat and after watching the game he wasn’t the only one who was piss poor u guys blame Keogh and bryso at every turn and these two guys have gave more for the club than anyone else in the team they might no be great every game but they give their all every game and just want derby to be successful
  12. Think this is worrying times as looks like all players out of contract are not being kept on and loan signings are going back to their clubs , doesn’t leave much I can see Lampard walking at end of the season
  13. And Bryson but if both start and we win Saturday it will be the correct decision
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