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  1. Just wondering as making him manager also took out the worst player according to those ratings. But I wonder if Rooney and Lawrence are so badly rated as expectations are higher. All interesting stuff.
  2. Is that Rooney the manager, or Rooney the player? I know, impossible question.
  3. Golden voice, even with the older rough edges, the notes are so pure. A shame he did nothing with it for near 20 years!
  4. I think it is only fair to look at our line up for the first game and what formed the nucleus for the first few games. Marshall Wisdom Forsyth Clarke te Wierik Bird Shinnie Whittaker Sibley Knight Marriott I remember Wisdom seeming to be distinctly off pace, took him a while to get back to it. Mike had a poor start. Sibley and Whittaker are now bit part players, if that. Marriott binned off to Wednesday, not even worried about him scoring the goals to keep them up! You would probably say only 5 of those are n
  5. Love the Frontiers album. Edge of the Blade and Ask the Lonely are excellent.
  6. Bruce Springsteen, Del Amitri, Bon Jovi, Iron Maiden and Jackson Browne. I always end up back with this lot. Something for every occasion!
  7. I want to add a final thought and then I am done and no looking back. There were 3 main problems this team faced. Bielik not ready, CKR getting closer slowly and Rooney being on the pitch. All 3 have been solved. And I don't believe you can honestly know where we would be now if Cocu had those 3 problems solved. I dread to think what might happen if Bielik is not available. What I would note is the choice of captain. We had two regular youngsters playing last season and the start of this. Bird and Knight. Cocu opted for Bird, Rooney for Knight. I think that is a reflection of t
  8. I think it is easy to overlook the difference Bielik makes. We have the second best midfielder in the league available. He allows us to do so much more. I said at the time though, if Rooney as manager showed the fight and desire he showed as a player(not here though!) it would serve us well. Yesterday was evident of that. I don't feel it was wrong to have liked to have seen what Cocu would have done with Bielik fully fit.
  9. Lockdown. Rooney always needed a run of games to be at his best. At his age, I believe he simply lost whatever he had left due to the long break. Age and letting himself go.
  10. Great summary. Just to add to point 6. The Bournemouth result was a good performance, a last ditch goal line clearance from a win. The two games that followed were poor and flat. But the amount of specualtion and talk surrounding Cocu and Rooney possibly searching out coaches, made the job impossible for Cocu to keep. I believe the only solution was Cocu or Rooney. In terms of global status of the club, Rooney was the only winner. To my mind it is ridiculous to even be in that situation. We seem to love being in the media, what we don't seem to appreciate is heavy media coverage is v
  11. I think Covid has made this desperate. And I fear we will be losers for this. Who really wants a football club in the current climate?
  12. I don't think we can go back now. Not for the rest of the season anyway. If a new manager comes in and Rooney drops back to player/coach I can see all sorts of problems.
  13. I can't help but feel Rooney as a player here, post lockdown, didn't deliver what he is now expecting the players to do. However, I don't see how you can't give Rooney the job until the end of the season as a start. All the things I hoped to see as a player, the will to win, that winners mentality are coming through as a manager. Looks like the players are on board. Why disrupt it?
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