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  1. We were probably in line to do even more cutting had Rowett stayed. Letting Lampard roll the dice again was a gamble too far and just made the next season a more serious cutback.
  2. The defender only tries to get the ball because of the striker. He can't know if it is offside or not. As soon as the striker moves towards the ball he is interfering with play. Any touch is minimal. You don't award a goal to the player who deflects a shot that is on target anyway when going in. That pass barely changed direction or speed. Rules are rubbish.
  3. Then doesn't that mean it had to be offside? The striker had gained an advantage regardless of that touch.
  4. It is a gamble...again. And gambling is part of why we are in this mess. Sure, we could get our deduction reduced, but if that result doesn't happen until after January, the fire sale will have happened. I can't see anyone willing to take over the club until they know our points deduction. If we are allowing a potential buyer to fund this appeal and it fails, if they then back out...back to square one and more time and potentially jobs have been lost.
  5. Say that touch rolls through to the keeper, would it have counted as a back pass?
  6. They have us in a corner. Any appeal costs two things, time and money, which just happen to be two luxuries we don't have. I don't believe it helps us one bit to still be bickering with the efl come January.
  7. Anyone else beyond tired and bored of this? The best interests are to accept whatever points deduction we get and move on. We will finally know where we stand and we can think about trying to move forward. Appeal this, appeal that, just allows the efl to keep slowly screwing us over.
  8. Maybe so. But it is an area of his game that has stayed the same since we signed him. Jerome, Nugent, Martin, CKR, Rooney, none of them seemed to change his approach. He is of the age where he needs to be that experienced head in this young team.
  9. Keogh and Mel are made for each other. They were thick as thieves back in the day. Sums up the whole rotten nature of the club. Zero responsibility. What a big massive clown.
  10. And finally when we do decide to use him again and a manager wants him, we can't/ won't afford his new deal. Once again shafting ourselves.
  11. I agree with a lot of that but have a few issues. One of my long standing issues under the reign of Mel has been a lack of responsibility running through the club. Managers have taken the fall but the players barely seemed to be held accountable for their performances. An air of arrogance ran through the club. Joiners gate exposed it all. By the time Mel learnt, he had already started to pull the plug. His recent interview just highlights this issue. This ethos had to run from top to bottom, never did. Someone I know who had his sources, frequently told me it was a doddle working at Derby.
  12. He has played alongside most of these players at some point in his career. As a player I don't believe he was someone who ever wanted to let his teammates down. Right now that is the attitude we need. I don't believe he remotely did himself justice as a player last season, not too much better at management. But he strikes me now as man who wants to put that right. He is in the trenches with his players, seems to me they will fight for each other. They sure as hell have to because the man at the top has dropped them in the crap and ran. Personally, I have decided that last season was not a true reflection of the managers, nor most of the players. They all could have done better. Whilst Mel slowly pulled the plug and checked out, Cocu and now Rooney have represented the club with honour and class. Rooney’s interview pre Stoke was a real sign of anger, care and dignity.
  13. Oh you are funny. Those wheels never came off your goal posts. Bored of it now.
  14. Similar stats to West Brom only on Tuesday...
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