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  1. There is. But if you have two players to pick, one always puts the effort but is not as good or one has loads of ability but doesn't give it his all. Initially you can get away with picking the better player but eventually that sends out the wrong message to the squad, through the entire club. Such is modern football. I don't believe at all that Lampard thinks Nugent is the better option but this is a decision with both the player and the clubs long term in mind.
  2. As a manager you have to have standards. Lampard has made it quite clear he believes in the ability of Marriott but perhaps not the work ethic. It could well be to the detriment of the team initially but for the long term it has the benefits for both club and player. If this is an attitude/ work rate off the pitch issue then the onus is on Marriott to sort it. It should not be seen as Lampard making the wrong choice. There is clearly a demand for a certain level in training. I like that but it should be a given. I certainly don't see any of our players disrespecting the manager on a match day. You only have to look at Johnson to see that the door isn't closed,the players just have to want to go through.
  3. In theory replacing Holmes with Bryson shouldn't be a massive change but Bryson has been poor this season. I'd be interested to know how many matches we have won when he starts.
  4. Especially in this league. The two headers he has scored recently have also been great. I don't believe he is really doing anything drastically different lately so I don't buy this playing for a contract business. If you allow him more scope to maraud then I think you get best from him. Yes we do need to be looking for younger players but he may well be worth keeping around if we stay in this league.
  5. Ned Stark to return and save the day before getting corrupted by the one ring...
  6. I have nothing against Martin, but he scores his second of the season and is heralded as the messiah. I didn't want him gone but things like this are madness. I'd rather we looked to the future.
  7. Less mobile? No chance. The only thing less mobile than Martin sadly is Thorne.
  8. I have no doubt that there are younger, cheaper and better players than him and I would be reluctant to offer him a new deal unless much reduced wages. At the moment though he offers what no other midfielder can offer that we have, he can head the ball and attack it in the air. In the championship you need that at times. He tries to make things happen and I do believe he is a big part of this turn around. The way Lampard wants to play then he is not really the right player but we needed to scrap our way out of this recent form. He does the ugly things well and sometimes produces a spark. I think the reason some people like to highlight the good games Johnson has is because he is an easy target when it doesn't go well and he was signed for a stupid amount of money. He has been a good player for us on the whole, not the right fit but you can never fault his attitude. I also don't believe for one second this is him playing for a new deal, this is how he plays and I have some sympathy for him over the biting saga, which could have been his career here done (looked that way at first). He could have downed tools at that point.
  9. I think the positives for Johnson far outweigh the negatives for what we currently need. Yes he does the give the ball away but mostly in attempting to be positive. He has had many good games for us. That run under Mac2 as dm was immense. He had some great games earlier on this season and has been vital to digging us out of this poor form the last two games. The problem is Bryson just does the simple these days, he won't give the ball away because he never plays a risky pass. But these passes don't achieve anything because when the space does open up, he can't turn and move it forward. I find Bryson far more frustrating. In too many games you could fail to notice Bryson on the pitch, but not in a good way. You pretty much always know Johnson is there, his failings become obvious because he tries to impose himself on the game. Neither are the long term solution to our midfield. And I don't think either will be here next season. But on performances this season, Johnson is the far more likely to get a new deal. We have a great chance this summer to finally rework our midfield, it would be foolish to let nostalgia get in the way.
  10. Not sure how anyone can defend Bryson this season. He has been very poor. We had to have a very specific set up to get the best out of Bryson. We aren't playing that way anymore and he can't do the job asked of him. Is it much surprise that our play has started to get a bit more speed back in now Bryson is out. As for the above... Aside from the Recovery, I can't say he does any of those anymore. The only thing he is swift at is passing the buck. People need to move on from 13/14. Let us give him a good send off and onto the next chapter. Johnson has been the far better midfield option this season.
  11. So does that atmosphere only matter to you as a fan? The team won't always play well, they won't always inspire the crowd. If they aren't at it, then fans (things called supporters) then step up. If the players don't put the effort in or don't care then that is another matter but I have seen none of that. Like any relationship, give and take, but you seem firmly in the take.
  12. Using it for his own ends? Different managers, different players, yet same outcome. Happened to far more experienced managers than Lampard. But no, let's not miss a chance to have a dig at him. I don't think he has at any point not said we have been poor or this and that. I for one applaud him for taking this stance, can't be easy to do, if it is people within the club.
  13. Maybe with Ramstv, Radio Derby feel they have to bring a balance, forcing more negativity. I expect and want Radio Derby to have a slight bias our way. They also have a duty to ask the difficult questions that may arise but they have to allow the manager to answer. They also aren't the centre of information that they once were so the commentary is where it all counts. I am glad we have them but I do wish they weren't sometimes so quick to be negative.
  14. The big difference was that we started with intent. We looked to get it forward and force the issue. Poor from Malone and then Carson undid that start and it all went flat. But we kept going, subs made a big difference and we got that moment, that spark we needed. It wasn't pretty but we actually got into dangerous positions. Against Millwall we offered nothing, sure we passed it about the back neatly but there was no threat. Tonight we actually won some second balls, mainly Johnson who did what has been needed for a long time. Our confidence was shot coming into this, would have been easy to fold. We tried to be positive and got the reward. Getting the win, getting a confidence boost was far more important than the performance for the players and for Lampard.
  15. As seemingly happened to Mac2 and Clement also. Great start, eventual collapse. The one thing we haven't really done is stick. Yet Rowett who we stuck with did get a response only to fudge it with his own negativity. The club is going round and round in circles. The safe choice has become sacking. Why are we so desperate to start again. You never get to the top in sport taking the safe option all the time. Supporting Lampard, giving him the time is tough when the results and performances are so poor lately but we have no idea what he might be capable of. So what if we finish midtable, that has little bearing on where the next season might take us.
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