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  1. John Denver a guilty pleasure....well. I guess I am guilty!
  2. I think Martin would have had a big part to play for the coming season but we have to be realistic in what we offer. You can't blame either party here. But you never know, he may yet sign.
  3. And he won the free kick against Forest...
  4. I think in Bennett's case it was just so ridiculous. Shinnie's you may repeat in a career, Bennett's you won't.
  5. Until Bennett's wonder/fluke goal against Wigan(?) we were awful in that match, funny how that kind of luck just hasn't really happened for Cocu.
  6. When you have 3 games a week, how much can the manager actually do? That drive and desire has to come from the players. One of the reason Derby have got into such a position is years of blaming the manager and letting the players off. We never give a manager long enough to fix the problems he sees. In times of adversity you see what the players are really made of. I would expect Cocu to now have a very clear idea of what he needs. And I don't think in this case it is a lack of intent or desire. Just a thin squad mentally, and in the senior players case, physically shot.
  7. In a Lampard v Cocu thread, not sure that has any relevance. But I see the game.
  8. And I believe he was vital in that run of wins under Mac2 that got us up the table. Half the time I don't think we used him properly but he always put the effort in and never hid on the pitch. I felt sorry for him at the end as we hung him out to dry and gave him the same shoddy deal as Butterfield. He deserves a few marks alone for not sulking and forcing his way back in.
  9. Part of me would love that but I reckon you would see a meltdown in reaction from many! All this can't lose to Leeds carp. We have two free hits, let's try something.
  10. I believe for a large part of this season we were actually creating more chances than under Frank. One huge difference is Marriott. He was so clinical last season. Waghorn also has probably taken less of his chances.
  11. What is worse is that I think only 6 of those were under 24 at the time....
  12. I agree with a lot of that but at this key run in, Holmes has been unfit/injured. Lawrence and Waghorn banned and Marriott injured. Martin and Rooney are screwed. Just as the team were getting to grips with how Cocu wanted us to play, lockdown struck. And I don't think it is any surprise our game has slowed down in the main with each game and more mistakes creeping in with tired minds. Mentally this has been a huge time for the younger players.
  13. We ideally needed to rotate the squad but we simply don't have the options. Some of that self inflicted, some pure bad luck. I don't think many appreciate the sorry state our squad has ended up in. Both our keepers are really back up keepers. I like Roos but he won't win back the fans. We played West Brom without Wisdom, Lawrence, Waghorn,Bielik, Holmes and Marriott. That may well have been most our main team. Is it any surprise we have been flat lately. Take Grabban and Lolley out of Forest for a few games and see how they do.
  14. I think this last stretch has been a big ask on our players. Aside from Rooney; Martin, Forsyth, Evans have all had fitness/injury problems the last season and we have had to rely on them to help guide our young inexperienced players. Those who are in good shape, Waghorn, Lawrence and Wisdom have all been unavailable at the key time. Add to that Holmes being a shadow of his pre injury self. Even with our best players available, we lack pace and power in the attacking third and that is so vital in this league. This has been an unprecedented situation on top of an already ridiculous s
  15. You say that... but we have been done over by that tactic since NC. Against Brentford we showed more variation in about 20 mins than we did in the whole of the Forest game. Poor performances happen. Against West Brom only 1 player played who started the play off final. That is a huge turnover in players and that answers most questions.
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