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  1. Tough choices. I think we need a settled team but how can you not make changes after that performance? Generally the team picked yesterday was as good as we could field. I distinctly recall thinking the same thing early on last season.
  2. His first footballing managerial experience in this country. Joins the club late in pre season The pre season arranged before he joined was not suitable. Injuries. Bogle. Holmes. Marriott. Evans. Huddlestone. Keogh.. The recent after hours event. Losing the captain and our most consistent player for the whole season. Being left with a team that only just made the play offs last season despite having 3 superb loans. I am not going to say Cocu has got it all right so far. But you have to take the above into account as none of that is his fault. Would be nice for him to have a run where he can pick a consistent side. Our first ever foreign manager. Give him time and respect.
  3. We never do. Hence being in the same place before all the manager changes. Can we for once put the onus on the players? All this off the field crap has done us no favours at all.
  4. I don't see how it can be done. If they reverse this, aren't they just opening the floodgates? Gibson is a sad man trying to cover and distract from the fact his own club have ballsed up. I would guess that at some point all clubs have exposed a loophole for financial gain.
  5. Remember when the fans were number 12 or whatever it was... A part of the team. Sadly it seems the fans are currently a million miles from being part of the team. For years the opposition have known how easy it is to get the crowd unsettled and create a nervous atmosphere. It is for the opposition crowd to make our players feel uncomfortable, not our own fans! Get behind the team and January onwards will be good.
  6. I think considering the changes, the result is great. Davies, Martin, Shinnie, Bogle, Paterson. None I would say have got full match fitness, 4 of those had started the last few games. 3 games in 8 days. Big ask for fully fit players, let alone someone who has barely played for a season. There has been disruption right from pre season. Hopefully we can have a quiet few months and start to get a settled sight and see the performances grow. Oh and anyone who sarcastically cheers Roos when he does catch a ball can feck off. No need for that. Bamfords. The lot of them.
  7. Not sure about fitness. 3 matches in 8 days and considering the week leading up to the first match... Davies, Martin, even Paterson have hardly played prior to those games. Match fitness takes a while.
  8. BondJovi


    You have my keyboard(phone)!
  9. If the players are available to Cocu and they are training well, these matches are probably the ones where they are most determined to prove themselves and earn back the respect of their teammates and manager. From a mental point of view, the longer they were ditched the harder that return may become, the club has made it clear they will be rehabilitated. The decision of their punishment comes from above Cocu. Who knows what that might be but having thought about it, for the long term benefit of the squad, picking them may have been the right choice. I think Cocu is giving them a chance to earn back his trust nice and early. I have huge respect for how he has handled the last week and his job so far, I wouldn't have them back in the team until any punishment is official but he knows far more than I. Mel played last week perfectly, anytime the players came back was going to cause a split of opinions. The punishment given may split that further. On a moral issue such as this I don't believe there is a right answer. Is it really a disgrace, a great shame? Worth abandoning the club over? Sacking and scrapping the players was the easy choice.
  10. Whilst I agree on rehabilitation, I think leaving them out until the court hearing was the best for all parties. I am somewhat disappointed. My fear is that Cocu has already undone all the hard work of Saturday unless we get a great result. And it sends out a poor message to the squad.
  11. Interesting though that the statement was before the video came out. With what happened with Huddlestone, you have to think the club weren't fully aware of all the details. I think that commitment to reintegrate was correct at that point, however the evidence now and what may turn out in court will probably change that stance. Of the three, I feel it is Lawrence who needs careful treatment but I would be very surprised if Bennett and Keogh play for us again. If by some shocking twist Lawrence and Bennett play tomorrow they will probably wish they hadn't!
  12. It is disrespectful and embarrassing. Performances on the pitch haven't been good enough, these players should be doing all in their power to put that right. And handling their alcohol shouldn't even come in to it. Wednesday may have been a day off but excess drinking would still impact Thursday. They started and didn't think, if they had any respect for their job they wouldn't have carried on. They are supposedly athletes, such is the high level of fitness required for football these days even contemplating a midweek pissup is stupid. When the season is over, go ahead.
  13. The person deserving and needing our support is Cocu. Regardless of what you think of selection, tactics, we need to back him more than ever tomorrow. He was dealt a crap hand to start the season and his captain and most reliable player has just gone and shafted the season. His job was tough before this but now it is a massive task. If the fans turn on the players and staff, those who did the right thing, just because of a few idiots, then we really will be ducked.
  14. What a mess. You do reap what you sow. For the last 5 years the only people taking responsibility for what happens on the pitch have been the managers. Only two matches ago our manager said he was ashamed of a first half performance by the players. Does this look like the actions of a group players desperate to prove him or the fans wrong? It looks to me like players have been taking liberties for far too long and it has finally caught up with them. Interestingly enough it also happens to be some of our longest serving players. There has been a lot of trust in these players and far less in the managers. Time that was reversed.
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