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  1. BondJovi

    Neil Warnock as Derby manager.

    You'd only have to sack him as soon as you get promoted.
  2. BondJovi

    let's not get carried away

    Isn't this why you follow football though? For the highs and lows? Last night was a high in months of lows. If nothing else it showed me the players do have the fight and they do still believe in the manager. I am not deluded to think all is now rosy, just enjoying the moment.
  3. BondJovi

    Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    Of course. But it looks somewhat pedestrian. I certainly won't be expecting anything pretty.
  4. BondJovi

    Keogh ....New Centre Back

    It is appalling. Were it a one off you could put it down as a brief lapse of judgement but it is far from that. I can't work Keogh out, looks like a top level champ defender when the season starts, by the end, i have no idea what he is thinking. He has had some very solid cb partners at Derby in Buxton, Shackell and Davies. Unlike those, I just don't think he has the mentality, the calmness in pressure situations.
  5. BondJovi

    Nigel Pearson......

    I believe Pearson was onto something. But he was a complete disaster, who knows if we had stuck it out. Maybe behind the scenes it is too much jobs for the boys. I maintain my belief that players/staff have it easy at Derby, all in this lovely cushy bubble. Once inside it is incredibly difficult to change. Something i think may have developed in recent years. Doesn't seem to matter who plays, or who manages.
  6. BondJovi

    Rowett is staying so...

    I think our aims this season changed after the summer window. I don't think Rowett got the overhaul that he wanted, which in turn led to the decision to loan out numerous of the under 23s as our squad was too big. Instead of being a transition season, it became a half hearted effort from January onwards due to our good position. I believe the pressure to get promoted has proved too much for both the manager and the squad this season. I also believe Rowett has tried to do too much, too big a machine for him to manage without more support. What we need for next season is that youthful energy, that lack of fear. Players playing who have something to prove, a desire to better themselves with the club. Too much of our current squad is playing at their level, coasting along. We certainly need to get more out of Lawrence. Rowett needs to adapt his style to achieve that. There were signs pre-Christmas that there was a style which could work. So it isn't all a nightmare. I can't for one moment think that Mel and Rowett will sit down at the end of season and be proud of it. The last few games of this season and the first few transfers in/out will be very telling. I would keep Vydra but I understand why he may need to go. Carson and Davies are the blocks to build around, all the experience you need is there. After that... That is as positive as I can be.
  7. BondJovi

    Under 23s,derby v West ham

    I take it you trust the judgement of Phil Brown then?
  8. BondJovi

    Can we still do it?

    Teams with nothing to play for are dangerous for us! We have previous...
  9. BondJovi

    Mel Morris - Please read.

    I have no issue with Davies saying it, might actually have impact coming from him. Plus he isn't a player I believe would ever give anything less than his all. Normally I would agree with you on this matter, but way past the usual post match waffle.
  10. BondJovi

    Rowett - In or Out? - mk 2

    I voted out but now I feel uncertain. The football has been dire but every time we have had this melt down, our response has been to sack the manager. Maybe it is time to give the person who has witnessed it first hand the chance to see if they can sort the problem. As we should have done with Mac1 and 2. My bigger concern is that I believe there is a sort of cushy culture at Derby, players and staff have excellent facilities but do I sense a genuine will to do the best? Comes from the top. The club needs an identity and an ethos. Our first team is the QPR that we were once the very anti of. In some ways maybe Pearson was the right sort of appointment, someone who didn't have any history with the club, someone who treated us like any other club. Obviously he was a disaster though. Something drastic has to happen in the summer as we are a soulless entity. Instead of building on the good of Clough/Mac1 and a team we could identify with, we have ripped out all that was good about that and still not fixed the problems we did have. What Rowett decides to do in the last few games will tip me one way or the other. But if we do just replace Rowett, i don't believe that is enough.
  11. BondJovi

    Why do Derby fans not want to give Rowett time

    By not being here, they have magically increased abilities and have become the solution.
  12. BondJovi

    Why do Derby fans not want to give Rowett time

    In fairness, a lot of those have been consistent in their views about the standard of football. I started the season thinking it was a building season, regain some identity and a finish in the top half would be ok. Rowett hasn't been able to do the business he wanted, I guess due to lack of interest in some of our players. What I saw glimpses of earlier in the season was an attempt to hit on quick counter attacks, more direct but at a high tempo. That now seems to have become pedestrian. For what we have got out of this season (so far) we may aswell have appointed someone like Warnock. McCarthy. We have a more likeable but lite version. In that respect, we could have just stuck with Pearson! I am disappointed that we have got down this route, preferring experience. We'll have to completely overhaul the squad come the summer wherever we finish. Despite all of Rowett's talk, we still had the post January slump. We show too much respect to the opposition. We have lost any sense of aggression. Vydra is having a great season but in recent matches I can't help feel that we could get so much more out of him and other players if we weren't so negative. I am all for giving a manager time, but time can only be given if they are working towards something. I only see short term thinking...
  13. BondJovi

    Wolverhampton Wanderers v Derby County

    It is no right but having been so well placed and the "experience" in our squad... We certainly won't have got there through style or finesse.
  14. BondJovi

    Wolverhampton Wanderers v Derby County

    Very disappointing. So much so I nearly put Masterchef on. I didn't expect a win but i at least expected to give Wolves something to think about (in the end they didn't even need to think about football). One stark contrast to me was that Vydra got fouled several times, nothing major but enough to annoy and disrupt. We never really got close to their danger men, Hanson on 90mins.... We stood around admiring them. We show too much respect at times and when it isn't going our way it is tough to turn it around. I don't know what to make of it all. This style will get us nowhere in the prem if we get there and i am failing to see Rowett be anything other than stubborn. Failure to finish in the play offs and coupled with an overly negative approach, Mel will have some thinking to do. If we do finish in the playoffs then job done but certainly with minimal confidence in what lies ahead.
  15. BondJovi

    Home Advantage

    I'd say expectations here are higher than most clubs at this level. The bigger problem is the general apathy and the seeming split in fans. There is an increasing amount of voices who seem to want the club to fail, the Cardiff snowstorm showed that. Our support doesn't match the arrogance of our pre match beliefs. First sign of danger and we are doomed, it isn't naive to believe that a nervousness in the crowd spreads to the players. However, our current playing style does not put us on the front foot at home. In the old days you'd have a moan post match and that would be it until next game. Now we spend all week prancing round in circles reading more opinions, keeping that disgruntled fire burning. Next match comes and the moans are pre loaded, ready to fire. Football is a sport, it is massively different to a job. You don't see a tennis player get abuse for putting a routine shot in the net. Maybe it is just the world today and how sad that is.

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