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  1. I think the issue is that the opening question can easily be read as a negative, even if not the intention. Regardless, can't expect any kind of informed discussion on a player who has played 3 matches for us. Neat and tidy and let's see what else he can bring.
  2. In for a long old season if this is the approach. I thought the level headed and sensible who roamed these halls would at least give the usual 10-15 games before damnation. Tough act to follow with a tough crowd. Dear oh dear.
  3. Good job we judged Hughes on those kind of stats...
  4. Our whole season hinges on this moment... I can't take the tension.
  5. The best thing Thorne could do would be to drop down to League 2. If he still has it, he will soon move back up but he needs to rebuild his career and has the time. As for Martin I would hope he still has a part to play and I think Cocu isn't one to relegate players. Up to Martin to show he can do it.
  6. Don't see how they can prove it. Totally laughable that this is what makes it all too far. Nevermind having stadiums named, surprised all Stoke fans aren't betting maniacs. Maybe they have finally realised the whole thing has gone far enough, but to make a stand with a squad number? Clueless. It is cheap political and moral point scoring. People need to take responsibility for their actions, those in government, those in the fa and the football league, long before they become all high and mighty at Derby.
  7. I remember I agreed with Curtains on something and I was backed up. The same thread on the same topic only a few pages later we completely disagreed, he managed to argue with himself and then disagree with me for agreeing with him. I learnt a lesson that day.
  8. I saw that. Madness. Does that mean any number associated with a betting company is off limits? Are all clubs with 32Red banned from using number 32 on shirts. Clubs are doing what they have to keep going and competing.
  9. Not those. The whole thing stinks. One moment Rooney is an England legend, the next a disgrace. No wonder he went to the states to play. A lot of people would probably never have noticed the number Rooney wears and the link to our sponsor. Thanks to all the coverage, most now will. Probably worked better than they could have hoped. Does this mean we can't have a squad number 32? Betting has woven itself into the very fabric of football, it is everywhere. What is more obvious, the squad number, or the name Skybet championship?
  10. I can't help but think many in that situation would have thrown Davies on.
  11. I noticed Van der Weerden was also in a suit. I already love these guys.
  12. Just enjoy having such a talented player to watch, regardless of where we finish. Essentially we have failed for the last 10 years or so if promotion is the end game. All about the journey. I also refuse to believe a manager like Cocu would pin his promotion hopes on Rooney. Lesser managers, yes.
  13. If money wasn't an issue then all clubs in this league would want Rooney. Some prem clubs would still take him. He is also a dream for any manager, works hard, will play where needed. Been an excellent few weeks for the club. I think it is a work of genius on and off the pitch. I don't like the sponsor business but then I don't like sky either and that doesn't stop me giving them my cash.
  14. I still see Rooney as a player who just loves football, gives his all on the pitch and does not carry around massive ego. I can't see how Cocu would be remotely against it. Why are we trying to make some issue here? Both seemed pretty much as they normally do in interviews. I am sure though Cocu has already worked out how stupid our journalists can be.
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