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  1. There is no way that having a bad second season here would damage his chances of getting the Chelsea job. That is a job he could walk into anytime it became available. This is not a once in a lifetime chance.
  2. It is bad enough now but this rubbish was happening weeks ago.
  3. If Frank had wanted the job, it would have been very easy for him to make that clear to Chelsea with all the contacts he has there. Who knows if he was their number one target. I can't fault him for going for the job but I feel it is the wrong move for him and Chelsea. We are in a better position than last summer but we do need a lot of work. The uncertainty doesn't matter to Chelsea as they can't sign anyone anyway, but we can and all that has been on hold. Chelsea has shown no respect, ex players associated have shown no respect. Having thought about it more, I want Chelsea to fail but wish no ill to Lampard... Been a holiday romance but hopefully the next manager commits long term because some stability would be nice.
  4. Good luck to him if he goes but I can't help but hope it goes wrong so the media and his lovely ex teammates have to make terrible excuses.
  5. I remember hearing a discussion on 5 live ages ago about Man Utd before they gave Solskjaer the job permanently. There were rumours about them appointing a new sporting director at the time. The agreement seemed to be that Utd needed experience in either the manager or the sporting director but both roles could not be filled with inexperience. The same could well be applied to Chelsea. Cech and Lampard plus all the backroom staff is a very inexperienced team.
  6. The latter part of this thread is a gold mine of self improvement through food. I once had a love of chocolate and chips, those really salty slightly crunchy chips. Probably lost the plot.
  7. What a day to not pack any crisps for lunch. That said, even if I had it would only be imposter hula hoops.
  8. What other story is there for them to try and plug in football? Still waiting to see those drones Mel used and training trip fall out.
  9. How do Sky or any other media cretins know what Lampard is thinking? Aren't all these assumptions rather foolish.
  10. No. Though everyone is seemingly desperate for it to happen despite it being stupid. Also it is as if he is a free agent and we don't matter. Mother duckers.
  11. Mel could always tell them to duck off.
  12. The press, the media, they would love for this to happen so it comes as no surprise that there are constant links. I have also seen plenty of other names linked and that makes me believe no one knows. If you take the name out of it...Chelsea appoint championship manager whose team finished 6th. I'll say the same I said weeks ago, Chelsea would be stupid to appoint him, he would be foolish to go but this is football and any idea of common sense is often long forgotten. Madness.
  13. Some statement that. I am a huge Huddlestone fan but Johnson did that role far better yesterday, including the passing. Was integral in us getting to the play offs. He has easily done enough to earn a new deal but it is probably best he moves on, Bryson hasn't done enough and should also go. If we do only offer one of them a new deal, Johnson over Bryson all day. We should certainly not keep both.
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