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  1. One win in 15. I don't see how that can be defended.
  2. Ermmm. We took 4 points from last 5 games. We currently have taken 1 from 7. If that gave you concerns about the following season then it certainly should this time!
  3. My theory is they paid if he played, we pay if he didn't, or at least a percentage. Wouldn't surprise me if at least a large portion of his wages were still being covered. Our sponsored manager.
  4. In January yes but in September the financial football picture wasn't great. Teams were not in a rush to do business. By January a club like Stoke wouldn't fear loaning us a player that may improve us and they had a better idea of the financial situation. Aside from that, I suspect Cocu wanted permanent signings, players he could build with. A manager not looking to just delay what was long over due.
  5. I think the Wisdom stabbing didn't help. But we had Forest, Cardiff away, Brentford, Leeds before Birmingham. A tough end. 4 from 5. Wisdom was clearly not ready to start the season. But we lost Bogle and Lowe very close to the first game. I don't think any of our signings actually had a pre season with us, they all joined gradually as the season started, soft embargo and all that. We also had no Lawrence or Waghorn, injured through pre season and up until at least game 5. Then add in Rooney was clearly in a worse fitnes state than before. Cocu wanted 2 strikers in. He ended up with
  6. Ferguson had managed before. Successfully aswell for many years.
  7. I said early on that I find it incredibly difficult to support Rooney mainly from a moral view. I can't overlook several things. His performances as a player, his fight and desire as a player. Keeping himself in shape. He was entirely disrespectful, to his manager, his players, the club and the fans by not looking after himself. He had the talent and experience to be our star but he was the opposite. He was given the job, he was who the prospective new owners wanted. Maybe we only chose him for financial reasons. He wasn't a reluctant hero, he wanted the job, he believed with no expe
  8. Seems it is like a child playing football manager. No class and arrogant. Perfect fit for us right now.
  9. I feel like one of the few who did like the ending. But I see the problem, you suspend belief and then they go for a realistic end, a comment on current society. We of all should be able to relate to someone promoted beyond their capabilities but kept in place as a tool.
  10. Already been pointed out, we dropped to midtable form. Hardly a collapse but we did well to even be in with a chance of top 6. And we did our best run without Bielik...
  11. Waghorn, Lawrence, Knight and Sibley. 34? goals last season between them. 10? So far. Maybe you excuse Lawrence due to injury, but the rest have been available for Rooney for most of his games. Who should take responsibility for that? In a team that desperately needs goals... We are as injury riddled now as we started the season. Maybe more fitness wise at the start. Rooney himself said this team should be nowhere near the bottom 3. He has played with them, trained with them. He knew what he was signing up for!
  12. Hiring Cocu, then signing Rooney being the best example. One to do the plan, one to shaft it.
  13. Those last 7 games were still significantly better than the last 7 Rooney has served up. By your own theory then, we should scrap Rooney.
  14. Well, considering we could finish level with them. Blessed be the goal difference.
  15. We rewarded failure in the first place. We appointed one of our worst performers on the pitch the big job. We are getting exactly what such a decision deserved.
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