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  1. BondJovi

    V Notts F*rest (h) match day thread

    No idea how you can make a case for it not being a penalty. Lawrence gets to the ball first and then is impeded. Intentionally or not. However, what difference that would have made to the overall outcome we will never know. A fair result, not one to remember.
  2. BondJovi

    Johnson charged by FA RD

    Johnson certainly did himself no favours but Allen was equally a muppet if not more so. I wasn't aware it was acceptable to go charging into the back of people because you are unhappy and then put them in a headlock. You either punish them both or leave it as was, a yellow on the night. Sky have certainly done us no favours here. I thought Lampard being here would make us media darlings but I actually feel we are now a target to make an example of.
  3. BondJovi

    George Thorne-No longer the player he was

    They don't have to have done anything wrong. The manager does not see them as part of the first team plan. If they were good enough, they would be playing. Huddlestone has one poor game (not the only one) after 3 excellent performances at least and suddenly we need to go change it all up. Madness. Best thing to do with Thorne is forget him. If he really is physically or mentally screwed would Lampard make that public? If he was getting back to his best, he would either be in the squad or on loan somewhere. He may yet get back there, but he needs regular competitive football with no ridiculous expectations on him. Putting Bird on the bench tells me the management are looking to the future. Nothing sentimental here.
  4. BondJovi

    View from the outside 2018-2019

    Good musings.
  5. BondJovi

    Sky Red Button Coverage tonight

    Did the job just fine for me. Don't know what people were expecting, be glad it is available. If they make it too good, even more incentive to not go to the game.
  6. BondJovi

    Jayden Bogle

    Thought he had a good game. Him and Bennett looked like they would link very well, just never quite came off. Continues playing like he is and I can't see Wisdom getting in.
  7. Probably had a massive high after going on the pre season tour, then he only got about 30 mins in a game. Hanson got far more minutes only to be sold. Who knows what is going on but I am disappointed as I felt he had ability to be around the first team. What motivation is there when the route ahead is clearly blocked?
  8. BondJovi

    Which one is Igor?

  9. BondJovi

    Crazy Keogh hating

    GR dropped Keogh, stripped him of the armband. May have been the act of a desperate man but still... I have said it before about people questioning Carson and his distribution, if he is good enough at that aspect for us to be a side that plays from the back? He is good enough for the level we are at and his actual goal keeping ability far outweighs any perceived weakness with the ball at his feet and hands. Keogh looks comfortable on the ball. Davies far less so. But I don't believe the difference with what they actually achieve on the ball is that much, just Keogh looks at ease doing it. In terms of defending, Davies is a far better defender. Looks aren't everything. Keogh is not crap, far from it. Just he isn't as good as some claim, nor as bad. But the weaknesses I believe he has are not ones I feel comfortable my CB having. Not saying I agree with those who say we are the bottlers, but Keogh has remained the one constant...You can see why he gets some flak!
  10. BondJovi

    Crazy Keogh hating

    That is part of his job. I love seeing defenders bring the ball out, passing it out. Keogh has all the attributes to be a top defender except the decision making in key moments. Mistakes happen and I have no issue with them happening when trying to do the right thing. The reason Keogh has a thread about him once again is because some of the things he does are very difficult to justify. Call it the David James factor, or a lesser case of Titus Bramble...
  11. BondJovi

    Crazy Keogh hating

    Just to be picky as an example, he got tackled and lost the ball dribbling out, he was too busy moaning and left us woefully exposed. I accept the risks of passing and dribbling out of defence but I don't accept moaning when the ball is in play and you could still influence play. No desire to rectify his mistake, too busy blaming someone else. Not taking responsibility. Don't want that in a senior player. Davies has made his mistakes, but he doesn't shift blame, he makes the effort to recover. Maybe that is being picky but things like that can undo all the good.
  12. BondJovi

    Crazy Keogh hating

    Players make mistakes, but Keogh does things that I wouldn't expect youth players to do. In that position you need a calm head, Keogh is not that. For the most part he is a good player, but when he gets wrong, it seems to be costly and at key times. Lampard will make mistakes, be stupid to expect otherwise.
  13. BondJovi

    Crazy Keogh hating

    Yes, our new manager, in only his second competitive game as a manager should be criticised...and let's pick on the youth players also who are learning the game still. Yet our highly experienced captain... Enough people are picking up on Keogh and his ways for it to not be irrational. You can keep dressing Keogh up in the latest shirt but the same old things keep happening.
  14. BondJovi

    Crazy Keogh hating

    Keogh has the ability to be and has shown he can be a top end championship defender. The problem is, the errors he makes are basic and it always seems to be someone else's fault. All players make mistakes just Keogh seems to have a knack of making them at key moments. It didn't lead to a goal but Keogh lost the ball on halfway and gave away a free kick. Rather than stop them taking the free kick or get back in position, stops and moans at the ref. Ledley being exposed then fouls and gets a yellow. Very poor from a senior player and no awareness. Maybe he is just blessed with a knack of being error prone. Some players are. Footballing intelligence? Mentality?
  15. BondJovi

    5 Live EFL Preview

    Out manoeuvred by Mel. Hence the rattled snake. Lampard. What a man.

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