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  1. I know Bryson has his fans but last night was cowardly on the ball. He was just passing the buck. As an experienced player and one who professes to love the club that is unacceptable. Even if he was following instructions, you can see it isn't working, change it yourself and deal with the consequences after. I can't believe he hasn't been subbed off in matches recently. I could have done his job last night, run around a lot, receive the ball under no pressure and pass it backwards. Is it any wonder our best spell came when he wasn't in the team. Bryson at his best was about getting ahead of the ball, making those forward runs, using his energy in a positive manner. If that is gone, he offers very little if anything in a possession based team.
  2. Interesting. The odd thing is that not a single one of our midfielders remotely plays like Lampard. Maybe as a coaching team they have massively misjudged the league?
  3. There was a moment to me that summed up the whole match, Tomori won the ball, played it into Bryson who played it safe back to Keogh. Tomori didn't look happy as Bryson easily could have turned and gone forward. Bryson was guilty of this all night. He made one run beyond the strikers. Huddlestone was poor due to misplaced passes. Bryson was poor due to being very accurate but always backwards and sideways. Any chance of catching Millwall unsettled was constantly lost. It was painful. Another big issue and this was evident against Ipswich, when we do go long, we know Waghorn and Marriott won't win it but never do we seem ready in place to win the second ball. Tomori was the best player. Did his job and tried at times to get us forward quickly, didn't always work but he took risks. And I hate agreeing with those clowns on Sky but they were right, all our players first thought was backwards or sideways. Fair enough if winning easily or the first part of game but not the whole time. We have gone from new look Mac1 to the dying embers of Clement in a few months. The players and the manager need a spark, maybe Monday will be that.
  4. People using Solskjaer as an example... He had 8 years of managerial experience prior, won things. Fans wanted a return of something like Ferguson, in some ways a perfect fit. This is the very definition of a free hit as he is a manager on loan. I think it would be stupid of Chelsea and Frank to consider it at this stage. But as said above, football is stupid so it wouldn't surprise me.
  5. I think for a long while this summer has been seen as the clear out/ re start. A point we needed to get to. Good performances raised expectations, poor performances haven't lowered expectations and all that leads to is frustration.
  6. Oh come on. Hardly like the Chelsea job becoming available is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
  7. A physical and pacy option. Defenders would be frightened of his pace in behind. But really we don't know how he would do up top. I just think Nugent doesn't offer a threat himself anymore when on his own. I could be very wrong, but I don't see what we have to lose in trying it.
  8. Aside from Wilson, he produced the only other moment of vision against Preston. I think he would offer more than Nugent up top. He has a great leap on him, wins more headers than he should. Really can't be critical until he has a long run of games, which he never seems to get due to injuries.
  9. He worked well in a 4 upfront when he could just run and bundle into people...
  10. Thinking more about it. I can't think of seeing it happen watching a match and I certainly have never seen when playing myself and that is over 10 seasons of 11 aside on a Saturday. There are some pretty careless players out there but still not seen it or been involved in it. When playing a contact sport there is a basic duty of care, if you can't follow that you shouldn't be playing. I don't think you can prove it is deliberate but being an accident doesn't absolve of any responsibility. Why bother reviewing if you can't do a thing about it? Had that been say Harry Kane trod on, I wonder what the outcome would be. In situations of dangerous/violent conduct they have to be able to take action even if the ref has done so on the day.
  11. How many times do players get their head trod on? It really doesn't happen often and for the same player to do it twice.. Something isn't right there, deliberate, clumsy, careless? Doesn't make it acceptable.
  12. I don't think there is any damage to his credibility. We are not the club under investigation. Paul Jewell and his film, now that was a credibility crippler. Clough and the knee Davies saga, is that not morally worse? Yet may have been the best thing he did. Manager annoyed by opposition cheating? People may well remember the situation in the future, it may well be regarded as a baptism of fire but no one will think less of him for it in the game. Anyway, if he proves himself here or elsewhere, Chelsea won't give a fig about what he said during the incident.
  13. I don't condone the Johnson nibble but Sky made a real fuss about it. Regular tweets and such. Much like the Leeds keeper on Holmes, far more dangerous and violent than a nibble on a shirt. Yet I see very little on this stamp and the keeper boot. Both deliberate. Vile.
  14. Spat our dummy out? The whole situation was bizarre, unbelievable. Frank couldn't help it that it was all the press were interested in. Much easier to give a measured response when you aren't in the middle of it. Frank didn't go to the length of organising a press conference to try and justify why he was annoyed about it. My only gripe with the situation is that we as a club let it get to us for the match against Leeds, nothing we have done or said says to me spat our dummy out. Perhaps it showed inexperience in the performance, but that was a situation that some if not most managers will never have faced in their entire career. I would expect a bit more sympathy for him from his own supporters. As for Chelsea, not ready, a entirely different beast. The way Chelsea operate, there will be many chances for Frank to manage Chelsea should he wish.
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