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  1. Derby County v QPR match day thread.

    It is tiresome. Every possible negative is being magnified. It has all become a rather sad state of affairs.
  2. Rising tide of performance?

    Did you choose to avoid home games under NC, BD? PC? The Mac1 seasons are a rarity in our recent times. I feel sorry for Rowett and the team, he has made us tougher, got more out of our most expensive player yet fans seem to dropping away. Is it really that bad? Is he paying the price for not being McClaren? Rowett had a similar job to NC, get some sense of squad unity, togetherness and trim the fat. Some big money was paid, a lot of the those players have lost value, not the fault of Rowett. I think the issue lies with what happened since Mac1 and we cannot keep living and clinging to that brief period like it was everything that makes Derby. We have a new lover now, sure they ain't as pretty as our previous but they rarely let us down and will stick with us when it gets tough. We still feel burnt and are reluctant to open our hearts and embrace something different. If you only ever compare to an idealised list, you'll never be happy. It is as though many of you had a taste of the (blonde) McClaren and refuse to even consider a brunette or any other. This fixation, obsession with style of play has become a recent thing. So many arm chair experts, we see more football than ever before and in glorious detail. Why do you support Derby? Why did you ever go to matches? Is it not just Derby, but football itself?
  3. Derby County v QPR match day thread.

    How many fans at the start of the season would have taken a top half finish? Where has the ridiculous notion that we are entitled to be entertained come from? So much tripe and negativity, yet insane expectations. Our result at Fulham looks excellent in the context of their result tonight. If you could be patient for NC for several seasons you can do the same for Rowett. After such a crazy amount of change in managers, styles and having lost some big players, our current position is impressive and I like to believe that performances will get better. Derby are still expected to be challengers, we were at our recent best as underdogs, that is long gone.
  4. Zak Brunt - Academy kid

    The game has moved on. For better or worse.
  5. Rising tide of performance?

    I hope that is just football...
  6. Rising tide of performance?

    Did they have the motivation for another championship slog with us? Were they the only players we could actually get money for? You can't just keep a player, there are so many factors at work and we have no clue about most of them.
  7. Will Hughes Watch

    We got more years out of Hughes than we should. Better suited to Prem football, got no issue with us letting him go and fulfil his potential. Hope this is the start of an excellent top flight career. A complete waste of time using this as something to attack Rowett with.
  8. Matej Vydra

    Thought we lost all attacking threat once Vydra went off. Won us a few free kicks as well. Don't think he was awful, a more mobile midfield would help us no end.
  9. Fulham vs Derby County match day thread

    Derby have probably played about 4 seasons worth of attractive footy in the last 15 seasons...
  10. Radio Derby Sportscene

    In the mid 90's when I first started following football, GR and Radio Derby were my source of information for all things Derby. These days you are almost overwhelmed with reports and match details. GR made me want to listen as he created such wonderful descriptions, overly negative or not, I always enjoyed it. What recent commentators lack is that artistry, the negativity may still be there today with Dawes and Ramage but it isn't wrapped up in clever phrasing and wonderful descriptions. For a local station we were probably spoilt having someone of GRs quality, what we have had since is more of what you would expect. I do quite enjoy Ramage though...
  11. Nigel Pearson Interview.

    Maybe you got top gear?
  12. Norwich City V Derby County

    Yet the miserable and downtrodden cling on to woe like a limpet to a turd covered rock festering away.
  13. Top 20 players you have seen playing for the Rams

    What a player, always remember them going crazy about him on MOTD after one excellent finish. Who knows what would have happened had he not been cursed with injuries whilst here.
  14. Playing against 10 men can be quite difficult, certainly from a mentality side of things. Pleased that a strike force of Fletcher and Hooper did not trouble Carson. Had we scored the second when we had the chances, can easily imagine it ending up 4 or 5-0. The fact Rowett wasn't happy is more pleasing for me. I saw this as a transition season where top half would be regarded as ok. We seem in a pretty good place, especially given the reaction directly after the transfer window. I also think some of the goals we have scored have been fantastic to watch. Just need to sort out the balance in midfield and we'll be fine.
  15. Zanzala on loan to Chester for a month

    Let's not forget that he has just about lost a season of development to injury. Match sharpness will take a long time to come back.Different players develop at different rates. Not realistic to say if he isn't in the team by 20 then scrap him.

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