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  1. BondJovi

    Bloated Squad?

    I guess we will get a better idea in the next few friendlies as those considered the first team will get more minutes. If that list is true, then I am not overly fussed about any of those. Loans for Hanson and Guy would certainly be of benefit to them.
  2. BondJovi

    Florian Jozefzoon

    I think under a manager who actually wants us to have the ball, Lawrence could become a very good player and I suspect he won't have to do it all himself!
  3. Pull yourself together. (Had to get in before anyone else) No point being negative about the unknown.
  4. BondJovi

    Craig Bryson

    Whilst I think he could still offer something this season, I also think it is probably the best all round. Not a player I have ever held in that high a regard, certainly not the way some talk on here.
  5. BondJovi

    Scott Carson

    Nixon. Throw enough crap and some will stick somewhere. He is up there with them Gloucester lot. Player X in surprise move to club X. More cryptic garbage. Buy my paper to read more. Prey on the desperate nature of football fans. Anyway...Carson is the only player I would be pissed off to lose.
  6. BondJovi

    Matej Vydra

    Or who is or isn't in the building.
  7. BondJovi

    Kasey Palmer

    Not sure the club has done any such teasing.Some fans have as usual got themselves whipped up and then blame others for not getting what they want. Maybe it is all this warm weather...
  8. BondJovi

    World Cup VAR

    What is with this new thing of after a penalty awarded and the player is ready to take it, still swarming the ref and also players standing next to the person taking it trying put them off. Seemed to be the same guy doing it to Kane on both penalties, he did get booked eventually but sportsmanship has taken a huge nosedive this tournament. Lots of good suggestions here about how to improve VAR, it would slow down the game far less if players couldn't surround the ref and generally hold up every decision. It should also be used post match to punish anyone who obviously fakes an injury from a challenge. Also, if diving can get a yellow, why can't rolling around holding your face when you got a nudge in the back?
  9. BondJovi

    Social Anxiety

    I think @Alpha covered all the points rather well. Sometimes I find it really hard work to talk to people. My concern always seems to be saying the wrong thing. A lot of time in conversations with more than one person, I probably won't say a lot, just chip in with the odd one liner and rely on poor comedy to see me through. Yet other times I can be chatty. Being part self-employed I am forced into having to start conversations with strangers sometimes and I hate getting the conversation started, once going I am fine and it flows freely. In conversations I don't tend to reveal much about what I am really thinking or feeling but in written form I find it far easier hence my writing of some rather drawn out blogs. Sometimes my wife has to ask me about my feelings and opinions because if she doesn't ask I probably won't say but that is happening less. What I think some struggle to understand is that I am perfectly happy to be "boring" and stay in and keep my own company. I find big social events draining and after a few hours I'd rather be back home. I am probably far happier sat behind my drums letting them do the talking for me. It took a long time to accept the above but I now understand myself better and if I say something that seems garbage, I just laugh it off. We are all different, some of us loud, some quiet, some talk a lot just because they like their own voice, others because they want to share things, some prefer to listen.
  10. A farewell then to Kevin "Limpet" Phillips. Probably a good thing but really I have no idea what he offered and I guess we will never know. Sucks to be Poole and Summerfield. Always nice to be shafted by a mate.
  11. BondJovi

    Most underrated band of all time

    Bob Seger.
  12. BondJovi

    Most underrated band of all time

    Thunder. What a brilliant band.
  13. BondJovi

    Most underrated band of all time

    Del Amitri.
  14. BondJovi


    And we still pay a hefty price for an unfinished game. Just making mugs of us all and we lap it up. Maybe call em Kitbags. A bit of cash his way and ol David will grant you entry to one of his many bags of tricks.
  15. BondJovi

    Most Overrated Bands of all Time

    The Boss...no chance. He is brilliant and his band are always excellent. Oasis, yes! Never understood the worship.

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