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  1. Potentially the side with most to lose should the season restart... Somehow I knew it would be them.
  2. As far as I am aware does recently cover the last 20 years?
  3. My issue is that Cocu has been criticised for not making subs, or leaving it too late, this time he goes early and same response. In this instance maybe the change was 5-10 mins too early but we had to get more height in there to repel the long ball. Our only option was Davies and Knight the only real choice to be sacrificed. Probably says more about our squad than being negative. You also have to factor in how poor our away form has been. I suspect if results had been better away from home that change may not have happened so soon.
  4. I meant he is more exposed this season. But those are his two main areas to improve on.
  5. Not helped by the Cbs alongside him. Any mistakes he makes now are far less likely to be recovered by fellow defenders. Bogle was part of a pacey defence, now he is the pace!
  6. Think how many teams currently sit between us and the bottom 3. That is a lot of teams that have to have a substantially better run in than us.
  7. I think you are being somewhat pedantic to the overall post. Of those actually available for 80% plus of matches. 2 are GKs, 4 academy players. Davies is 34 after having missed nearly all of last season. Malone is highly unpredictable, likewise the disappointing Jozefzoon. That leaves Waghorn and Lawrence to build a team around. How can a spine of a team form from that?
  8. Neither can Martin, Davies too. 3 important parts of the team have to be rotated. I think a lot of this is unfair criticism. Waghorn and Lawrence are the only two attacking players who are reliably fit and have the required work rate. Only Knight and Bird (plus Rooney since he arrived) have been fit and available all season for midfield! Not to forget Clarke has missed a chunk of the season through injury. Lowe gets suspended just as he makes himself first choice. Add into that the general changes in form... This in part has led to us being a distinctly average team. Losing at Bristol and losing Holmes finished any hopes of the play offs. Aim for a couple more wins and then look towards next season, give those younger players we may want to use next season a go. And tell Bird his phone and his agents are off all summer.
  9. Bird you could put down to lack of experience. Shinnie though...
  10. Rooney, Bird and Holmes certainly is the most balanced we have had for a long while. Did I expect such a thing this season? No.
  11. I genuinely believed we had a good enough strike force this season in Waghorn, Martin and Marriott. But in part it relied on Marriott being the main scorer. I have seen so many missed chances from Waghorn and Marriott(though not really seen him have chance in a while) If we don't take these chances the pressure increases on our defence which we all know is hardly reliable. Add to that keepers I don't see anyone else in the league being interested in. The season we finally look like having a midfield and the parts either side of it are now crap!
  12. We don't exactly have alternatives. Our biggest problem for away games is the shocking lack of pace in the team.
  13. You can lead a horse to water and all that.
  14. If Bogle doesn't take it on board is that still the fault of the manager? If Cocu has spent all season being very careful and arm around shoulder and it isn't working, something else has to be tried. Sometimes you need that wake up call, maybe a dent to the confidence. Determination to prove wrong. Likewise fans expecting young players to get better every season. Does it work that way? Who would have predicted that Bird would look like an accomplished midfielder alongside Rooney?
  15. I still expect them to get something tonight but I had to endure the first half. If we had put in that kind of performance this place would be in chaos.
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