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  1. I would say that first 30 mins was typical of Derby for at least the last 5 years against any team that wants us to break them down. It was poor. I agree entirely with another post on here though, Rooney and his mindset about how he failed to perform against Everton and Liverpool at Anfield. It was distinctly dull, those words were followed too closely. Perhaps with fans it would make more sense. We were better in the first game at theirs. The only thing I will take the from the match is that we have finally scored after conceding first!
  2. Thought we were by far the better team in the first game this season. Should have won. Other than that, agree.
  3. Wisdom and Clarke had formed a great partnership last season. Any outside playoff hope we had, eroded with Wisdom being attacked. I think Wisdom just needed more time to recover, he clearly wasn't ready at the start of the season.
  4. Tough/impossible to know. I think we can all agree we wasted 2 matches with the ridiculous group manager and we messed about not naming Rooney permanently quick enough.
  5. Make the rule simpler. Base it on the feet, none of this armpit nonsense. Use thicker lines, if the lines touch, onside. Increase the margin for error. If not clear after a set time limit, benefit goes to attacker/original decision stands. They are trying to be incredibly precise based on three moving points, attacker, defender, ball player. This level of scrutiny is far harder to do than something passing a fixed point, and we don't use humans for that!
  6. Knight and Buchanan? Don't think Shinnie was too bad. The bigger problem though was our attacking hopes were reliant on the return of Lawrence and Waghorn. I think you could see the difference Lawrence could make in his first game back under Cocu, but he returned to tripe after. Waghorn has been poor all season. Lawrence had his best season for us last season. He then followed it with his worst so far. The reason he gets picked and will continue to do so is because he can be a match winner. The only other we have is Sibley.
  7. You must have read my mind. Barely watched a full game for a long while for much of the above reasons. I do wonder about a new sport.
  8. I have never felt we would go down. Since that appalling Blackburn game, we have generally been in the games, but it is all very fine margins. Most of our matches have been decided by a goal. Those fine margins and lady luck have turned more in our favour under Rooney but I never saw it continuing that way. Had Rooney picked up his wins against the teams around us, I doubt anyone would need to worry.
  9. Not sure how you can praise Rooney for mixing it up here(in other games he has gone more direct when needed)when he has quite clearly said his team did not play the way he wanted them to! I am almost certain Rooney has no intention to play hoofball at all. Fans were quick to criticise the slow game of Cocu but I thought he was quite clear that he wanted his team to play quicker and take more risks. In the games we did that, we looked good. Being brave on the ball was something he said repeatedly. Rooney said the same thing after the last game. I agree that players have to take more
  10. Yes. People exaggerate our performances and give no mind to the players available under Cocu and increasing speculation about his job based around his captain. There was a graph on here the other day that showed the biggest negative impact on the team as a player was Rooney, the two best positives Bielik and CKR. I am not criticising Rooney as manager and I have plenty of respect for how he has handled this difficult situation. No one can prove it either way though. Anyway. I don't believe we will get relegated, I never did.
  11. I think if we had started the season without Rooney as a player and Bielik fit and CKR. We would be absolutely fine with Cocu. Sure we were poor in games, but equally we dropped points in very tight games.
  12. It is an interesting problem. If you looked at our squad from the first game, you would think where are the goals coming from. Waghorn and Lawrence scored 22 between them last season. This season so far, they have 2 between them. Under half a season to go, any chance of them adding 20 more? Considering last season was Lawrence's best for us. CKR might be on course to match Martin. But we have lost goals elsewhere in Rooney. After those it is then Knight and Sibley with 6 each...2 so far for Knight. We have only added Gregory as a recognised scorer. Even then I would say h
  13. I have another worry that the amount of work Knight and Shinnie get through is going to catch up with them. It is great our defence has improved, a settled back four helps. But that has never been the biggest problem. Teams know if they score first we are finished. Under Cocu we scored 5 goals. 12 under since with 4 in one game. Moved from 0.45 per game to .075. 0.52 if you take out the 4-0 fixture. That is has to improve and quickly.
  14. We only have 2 players in this squad who can score out of nothing. Sibley and Lawrence. One doesn't get picked and the other is injured. Add to that Waghorn who has seemingly buried his shooting boots. Be prepared for a long scrap.
  15. My concern here is that we are without the main reason for that form. Bielik. Do we know how a Rooney team functions without him?
  16. I guess you see the difference Bielik makes
  17. I think Martial was expecting contact so he started to go down. No contact, so he doesn't make a fuss hoping to not be booked for diving. It is hilariously bad and appalling character to dive at 6-0. As for the offside against Adams. Another poor decision. Then you look at the red for David Luiz. The ridiculous thing there is if he had gone to get tha ball and got nowhere he would have got a yellow! My love of football is slowly eroding away and garbage like those decisions only make it worse.
  18. I think it is a confidence thing. Taking risks, making those forward passes. When he first had a run of games last season he did plenty of driving forward with the ball aswell, not sure if like others he just became Rooney reliant. As a midfielder, what better praise to be rated by Rooney, Cocu and Lampard. Same could be said for Knight. You could argue he has actually had the perfect managers to learn from, the technical nous of Cocu and now the drive and attacking instinct of Rooney. If you modelled your play on both of those you wouldn't go too far wrong.
  19. Aye, me too. Somewhat saddening selling young talent for 700k, particularly when he has moved up in the world. Not sure what saddens me more, him going or the knowledge Swansea are the better option for development! Anyway, I hope he proves a lot of people wrong.
  20. I don't understand the logic. Fine, I understand we can't develop him now, but in 10-15 games time we might be in a position to give him a long run. Then decide his future come the summer. Surely we should be the ideal club to develop players. If selling him covers the cost of loaning a couple of players for 6 months is that worth it? I agree this is a great move for him. That in itself saddens me about the state our club is in.
  21. 7 games in 28 days coming up. Given the amount of work our midfield get through, this will be a serious test of all. Players coming in need to be ready to play straight off.
  22. I have my concerns that we are just becoming a team of grafters. In part I can see why, but the sale of Whittaker and the non shows of Sibley concern me. I have no idea what level Whittaker could reach but the fact a team looking at being in the Prem next season has taken a gamble on him should say something. Why are we seemingly pleased to be selling our own potential for 700k? Is that amount really worth it? I am still disappointed we gave up on Elsnik!!
  23. My concern is that he has gone to club in a better position, with a manager who works with young talent. If Swansea are willing to gamble on him, then why haven't we? It concerns me that Sibley gets such little game time and now we have ditched another young talent. If we had signed a young player from Man Utd/Liverpool and so who had Whittaker's U23 record we'd be loving it.
  24. I think this could prove to be a very poor deal for us. Would rather we made a decision in the summer on him.
  25. Bit disappointed. Though the Swansea manager clearly knows his English talent so he sees it worth a go. Think he could go on to do well. But he needs game time.
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