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Time for a new celebrity Ram thread?

Carl Sagan

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With the huge @Niallofficial Derby love-in at the moment, young Mr Horan has leapt to number one as the most well known Ram of the moment, but who are the others?


We had Tulisa at Pride Park tweeting Derby love not so long back, brought to the club by Alvaston actor Jack O'Connoll.


Blur's Graham Coxon's a Ram too, so if I were a club marketeer, I'd see the idea of a DCFC supergroup beginning to form, maybe with Libery X's Kelli Young on backing vocals?


Good to have a few modern Rams stepping up, though, talking of vocals, aren't they Robery Lindsey's blaring out at the iPride every home game, singing Steve Bloomer's Watching?


Other older timers are of course Tim Brooke Taylor and Blue Peter's finest, Simon Groom.


In the world of football journalism we have Ivan Gaskill, Mike Ingham and Henry Winter.


So, who've I missed? While I did meet the real Carl Sagan, I can't say the topic of his unexpected Derby love ever came up in conversation - but you never know...

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Despite wanting to believe it, I never found any evidence of Tracy Shaw's Ram-supporting tendencies. Otherwise she would be mine, oh yes...


I met her at a game and she was supporting Derby. Lovely bottom. She is from Belper.

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Poor Tosh, nice bloke, nice family. 

Tim Brooke Taylor was on celeb pointless the other week - when asked what questions he would want - he said, Derby County the 70's.  

Funny how some people have become Derby fans through their parents - like Niall who says his dad supported us in the seventies, and John Motsons son? correct me if I'm wrong - he's a Derby fan and obv our very own Troy? why did he become a Derby fan?

Ruddy hell, I've got Alan Hintons question mark virus...........

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John Motson lives in Harpenden I think - he was a local celeb when I lived around there a few years back. His son is a Ram fan. The story is that he was looking for a team to support that wasn't one of the London sides, picked us by sticking a pin in the league tables and has been a fan ever since. Comes to matches too, or used to.

Didn't know Henry Winter was a fan. Always thought of him as a closet Manure fan. What's the Rams connection with him?

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