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Somebody will undoubtedly try and shoot me down here, but sorry, I don't think you can knock me off my perch tonight.


I just really want to say thank you to Sam Rush and John Vicars, and anybody else who was involved in finally making the incisive decision to change the way the football side of things were being managed.


Having spent 4 years voicing my heartfelt opinion, whilst inadvertently upsetting, annoying, winding-up and generally falling-out with Derby County fans who held a different opinion, it was totally stagnant being a Derby fan for me. I don't believe there was a time where I was sitting here a bit 'gobsmacked' cos a result went our way!


I sit here now, and something is just buzzing inside me, I cannot wait for Wednesday. I spent Friday trying to convince a few mates to come to Wigan, cos I felt something exciting was going to happen.


We are now a club with positive intent.


Everything feels so different. I acknowledge that Nigel Clough rescued and nursed the club back to health. 


Listening to the radio after the match and Steve McClaren wasn't as happy as he could've been, but instead of singling out any particular player for criticism, he mentioned the collective team as having the wrong mindset, but praised Lee Grant for "winning the team 3 points".


I think the standard and expectation from the manager is higher, and in my opinion, instead of just expecting the team to do better, the coaching staff are putting things in place to make it improve.


I do not see the same arguments any longer on here, I do not feel like some outcast for disagreeing with people on here. Derby fans generally seem united and it's all down to a positive decision to make a tough change.


Thanks Sam.

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Glad Mac has not got carried away and he's zoned in on the second half. As Derby fans we know what happens if you let teams get back in a game. We've got Grant to thank it seems and I like the idea that we don't want to thank him again.

Not negative. But when people say "results are all that matter" I think it's short sighted. Rather focus on what gets those results and we only did that in the first half.

Just like his response to a goal at QPR. I love what he says.

I hope we feel the full benefit of his great times at Boro and Twente and his not so glorious time at Forest and Wolfsburg. Very experienced man. Really want to believe that his criticism from Twente fans (2nd spell) and his Forest farce hit home and he's back stronger than ever.

Plays quick football doesn't he? Sometimes think passing at that pace can get you rushing things too much but we're more than holding our own in a strong league this year.

Strongest Championship in a while. I know people say it stays the same every year but I'd rather have Palace and Cardiff and Hull down here and the likes of Leicester, QPR, Watford, Reading, FA Cup winners and all somewhere else!

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Any up and coming comedy writers need only to get themselves on here to read

the articles of self absorbed, need to make one last point, see if they only just listened to me merchants

And they will have the next Alan Partridge on their hands.


so, What's your opinion? Are you not happy that Rush took the decision? Thanks for the compliments. It's nice to know people admire what I write.

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Where is my congratulations?


I started the Clough bashing first


There are thousands of fans in Spain who bashed Clough far more than you did, Bris.



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