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  1. Didn’t Hughes, Thorne and Keogh win the Brian Clough Trophy?
  2. Surprise, Surprise in today’s news the bottom 6 EPL clubs objections to playing at neutral grounds and fan/player safety concerns are no longer a moral dilemma it would seem, no relegation is back on the table.
  3. It is all becoming rather unsavoury. We love to hide behind a facade that we come together as a nation, pat ourselves on the back for how marvellous we are that we clap the NHS every Thursday and get all trumpety and rule Britannia about our Blythe spirit. There’s nothing wrong with any of that but when it comes down to the green stuff it all becomes an irrelevance and everybody is looking to exploit the situation for their own ends. The bottom line is Alex Neil hasn’t got a deep moral objection to clubs who’ve deferred wages, he just wants his club have an advantage. Put it this way, if Preston had needed to defer wages would he be in the press saying that he has voluntarily decided not to enter the transfer market because to the right thing to do? I don’t think so. The top clubs in the EPL want the season to continue and relegation to remain in place. Is this because they think it provides the country with a release and protects the integrity of the competition? No, it’s because they have greater worldwide revenue opportunities which are greater than anybody else and even closed door games can be lucrative to them. Keeping relegation is a strongman tactic to scare the bottom clubs to compete. Do the clubs still in the relegation mix really care more about the value of supporters, and the heart of the game is having fans attend ? Do they care more about the players well being? No, their main concern is getting another full year of EPL money when football resumes. This goes beyond football as well. Remain/labour types that are shouting the loudest want to condemn Boris Johnson as a Murderer with blood on his hands and manipulate Covid 19 death stats to condemn the UK as the one of the cesspits of the planet. Brexit Tory types think they are the vanguard of rule Britannia inc, they don’t want to hold anybody to account and manipulate covid 19 death stats to say nothing to see here move along. Why? Because people want the side they associate to win at all costs which associates to control, power and money. Thankfully (or not) it’s ever been thus. In 40 years time we will look back and say how wonderfully well we came together and the selfishness and greed of the times won’t get a look in in the mainstream story telling of the times. As for the reality of today, are we all in it together? I suppose we are depending on what IT is, if IT’s free, we can’t get an advantage from IT and IT doesn’t make us look bad or can’t make us look better than anybody else.
  4. A very different spin on the same story from the Mail https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8246695/Wayne-Rooney-WAGE-WAR-Striker-leading-Derby-players-battle-against-clubs-proposed-50-deferral.html
  5. Brian Clough & Kevin Hector - a long while since I’ve had such a beautiful pair put in front of me
  6. Rooney’s ideas on this are quite interesting. Playing a full season within a Calendar year could be quite good. Late Jan start, mid season break in the summer for rest and tournaments and Season finale on Boxing Day.
  7. Well after the first goal they were always going to have their dhandas up after the first goal
  8. Bowen should have scored. We were a bit better towards the end of the game. Whatever your view of Lawrence it doesn’t feel like he will mend his relationship with the fans and ever perform in a rams shirt again on a consistent basis. Rooney was mainly out of the game and I’m not sure how much more I can take of the “Look at his vision!” comments when he plays a regular square pass. Prediction for the 2nd half Bowen hauled off after 60 mins and a brace each for Lawerence and Rooney.
  9. What’s that? Did I read that we’ve got new Chinese investment coming in? A secret consortium of business men called The Whispers Group?
  10. I might be wrong but I seem to remember Rooney has a history throughout his career of getting his fitness up to speed after a period of not playing so it’s more than possible that we won’t see him up to full speed until at least February. I wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t on the bench against Barnsley as Cocu seems to mention players fitness levels fairly consistently.
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