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  1. Well after the first goal they were always going to have their dhandas up after the first goal
  2. Bowen should have scored. We were a bit better towards the end of the game. Whatever your view of Lawrence it doesn’t feel like he will mend his relationship with the fans and ever perform in a rams shirt again on a consistent basis. Rooney was mainly out of the game and I’m not sure how much more I can take of the “Look at his vision!” comments when he plays a regular square pass. Prediction for the 2nd half Bowen hauled off after 60 mins and a brace each for Lawerence and Rooney.
  3. What’s that? Did I read that we’ve got new Chinese investment coming in? A secret consortium of business men called The Whispers Group?
  4. I might be wrong but I seem to remember Rooney has a history throughout his career of getting his fitness up to speed after a period of not playing so it’s more than possible that we won’t see him up to full speed until at least February. I wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t on the bench against Barnsley as Cocu seems to mention players fitness levels fairly consistently.
  5. Let’s play devil’s advocate (not necessarily my position) about Cocu changing his philosophy about playing out from the back. Cocu probably has a medium/long term view on transitioning the playing staff with his own signings, developing players from the academy and some of the existing playing squad. If he reverts to a different style to accommodate the players he has got here today then he will need to potentially need more of an overhaul of bringing in players alongside any Academy players we bring in. That brings it own risk in a) what’s realistically available to us in the market b) FFP c) developing value in the current squad. Is it likely he is taking a view that this is indeed a transitional season that will establish players from the current squad, determine which players will be sold and preparing the academy players for the next two seasons and a mid table finish privately is acceptable. I think this is actually what Lampard was trying to do but he was a little more fluid tactically and this could be a cultural thing between a European purist sensibility and a modern progressive British manger who has been heavily influenced by the former.
  6. I agree it was better and overall I’m in the keep patience with Cocu camp but he has to take some responsibility for the control of the game getting away from us due to the tactical switch and the length of time it took him to change it again. There was a good 15 minutes after the goal when he tucked Lowe in very narrow and we had no outlet on the left at all. You can’t blame him for the goal but we were getting pushed back at the beginning of the 2nd half and we should have made more of having two strikers on the pitch and tried to turn them a bit more.
  7. Frustrating afternoon. The performance in general has been a lot better than previous performances but I don’t think I can remember a season when we make so many defensive errors causing in goals conceded. I’ve been wanting to give Clarke the benefit of a run of games but I don’t think it would be unfair to drop him and give Wisdom a run at Centre Half
  8. I thought the Brentford performance might have been a line in the sand moment but for this to happen again as soon as we play a half decent team away from home with a bit of form is very concerning. I don’t think calling for Cocu’s head is the right answer but he needs to be having a long hard look at himself as well as his staff and review what they are doing. There is a real whiff of potential relegation battle brewing in this team and that’s not just the performances and results but also the demeanour and personality that they are transmitting from the pitch. Last season there did seem to be a togetherness that has disappeared. My biggest worry isn’t about tactics, selections or even the coaching but whether Cocu can bring the team back together and inspire them to play with a bit more heart.
  9. Sounds like you would be delighted with 2-3 win for Luton... It’s been a mix bag of a performance from a team trying to find some form. Fair enough if that’s how you see it but I don’t think many would agree it’s burgling a result.
  10. I’d be more tempted to bring Clarke on to help out against Jutkiewicz
  11. Paterson really came alive in the last 20 minutes, Martin changes everything about the way we go forward, Davies has been great. Only concerns are Roos who looks like he will make a costly error and Bielik looks shaky at times. Well done Derby.
  12. The reaction to articles such as Holloway’s always reminds me how powerful the media can be. In the immediate aftermath of the Brentford game there were a lot of angry opinions predominantly about the performance and a proportion about Cocu. In the following days the majority of comments that started appearing were in the it’s a disappointing start but he needs time mould. Sure, as with anything there are fans who already think Cocu is a failure but it’s ever thus with any manager in football or any other industry. As for the reaction of the fans in the stands after the game, Cocu actually referred to the fans booing and that it was to be expected to reinforce his own view that the performance wasn’t acceptable. Keogh made similar comments in the press on Monday. Holloway has been caught out a couple of times while doing punditry for being factually incorrect and it would be interesting to know what Cocu thinks about his interpretation of how IH has presented their discussion in the press. From the previous comments in this thread it shows how these stories can shift perception in an instant and there seems to be an underlying acceptance that there is a core of our fans vilifying Cocu and that he’s already under pressure from a large section of the fans, which I simply don’t think is the case.
  13. The Huddlestone debate has been reoccurring ever since his return. Plays a couple of games looks decent, plays a few more and games pass him by, plays a few more and is a liability and fans call for him to be dropped. Team play a few more games without Huddlestone and are as equally inconsistent. Fans call for him to be reinstated to the team immediately.
  14. It’s been a very strange start to the season when you compare the Swansea and WBA games to the first 20 minutes of the Bristol City game and the 1st half yesterday. Swansea are one of the form teams since the turn of the year and are currently top of the league and I thought we looked a marginally better team in that game with a slight lack of cutting edge. I think if you look at the amount of changes Cocu has made to the team (some enforced, some not) then the consistency is hardly surprising. What he can’t account for is the high cost errors experienced players in his team have made. The Waghorn penalty misses, the Malone errors and both Lawerence and Huddlestone yesterday. It goes without saying players will make mistakes that cost goals through the course of a season but worryingly these have all occurred in the first few games of the season. For all the talk of the squad being weaker (which it is) and the young players coming in this has nothing to do with the fact that it’s mainly experienced players have cost us the points this season. Buchanan did struggle yesterday but the bottom line is that neither of the first two goals would have gone if TL and TH hadn’t made those errors and left him on the back foot.
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