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  1. What I find bizarre is that people prioritise defending the position they took on Cocu or Rooney over discussing the reality of where we are heading. A combination of things, most of which were called out along the way by the good folks on here have led us to the position we are in. Last night I thought Bradley Johnson had a distinctvley average performance but as you churn through the games the know how of this type of championship player massively contributes to be at a required base level to get through the championship season. Nothing has cost us this season more than the lack of general c
  2. I’m most definitely a half glass full person but I’ve started to accept that I think were down, it looks a struggle where we’re getting any points from. The only slither of optimism is we can have a complete reset but let’s be honest it’s utterly shattering.
  3. Mr Spock as .Erik Alonso. if he reads this he will be claiming he will be reopening and refurbing the Vulcan Arms on Dairy House road for the best pre and post match drinks experience anywhere in the world.
  4. I did some searches on this Oktohari character and translated some articles from Indonesian. In the last year he has seemingly been involved in fraud and embezzlement cases regarding his father’s property business who have denied involvement (his father is a prominent politician). It says that the original investigation by the police was not very thorough which led to accusations of them being too friendly with Oktohari. I can’t be bothered to copy and paste it all on here as it was across a few different articles but he is known as RSO and his Dad is known as OSO, look it up if you go
  5. Play like that no complaints from me, well done and unlucky Derby 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  6. CKR is starting to look like the player we thought we’d signed
  7. I’m fairly ambivalent about this. The realist in me says it’s likely to be similar to the last few years. Some up’s up’s maybe a few more downs. Optimistically I see it might be a bit of a roller coaster. One thing that is certain is that everything that happens over the next few years (and probably forevermore) will be overdramatised. When I was younger I remember blowing these off field events completely out of proportion. When you take a step back you realise they’re actually the rule and not the exception at our club. This over reaction is amplified in present day by the internet and we ar
  8. Another potential option to add Excited for when the first inevitable crisis hits of not being able to secure Martin Waghorn on a new deal due to Alonso’s wealth being tied up in Nazi gold, somewhere in Argentina (possibly at Esteban Fuertes house).
  9. Costa not mucha, valued at a lotta Casa del dolor Stadion der hitlerjugend
  10. Before putting Brian Clough on a Tory vs Labour moral pedestal, his views towards Justin Fashanu sexuality and his flexible socialist attitude when taking a bung make uncomfortable reading. I haven’t got a problem with Brian Clough whatsoever and still consider him a hero but in today’s cancel culture society it’s remarkable how we find a way to excuse the misdemeanours of those we love and weaponise what we can against those we dislike. Michael Jackson, David Bowie and John Peel seemingly get a free pass when it comes to being cancelled whilst poor old Leon Brittan’s family were utterly houn
  11. A really good thread this. We are blinded by fitness & technical ability as key measures of what makes a good footballer these days. I’m not saying those things are not important but what seems lacking for lots of teams, not just ours, is the ability for players to think for themselves and adapt to the game as it changes around them. You see glimpses of it every now and then but nowhere near enough as you’d like. It’s seems to be an accepted fact that football automatically improves with every passing year but I think I’m in a minority in thinking that isn’t true. The ability of knowing wh
  12. It wasn’t much of a surprise we lost this. Injuries haven’t helped and up to the last minute of the first half we had done OK. In general the creative outlets of Sibley & Lawrence were ineffective but Lawerence gave a timely reminder of what he gives you, especially away from home if you perform defensively. Knight is a bit out of sorts at the moment and his game seems a bit in-between everything. Bird had a very mixed performance. On the plus side he showed when there is movement in front of him he can impact the game and tactics and formation seem to help or hinder him more
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