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  1. Some guy on Twitter is claiming that the administrators have turned down serious interest from an American Private Equity firm. Probably nonsense but I thought I would share. Things feel a little less optimistic after what’s been reported today. I’m sure there will be lots more bumps in the road until this resolves itself one way or another.
  2. I’ve not quite caught on the buzz of anticipation that some have about Ebosele. His pace and power are obvious attributes but he doesn’t look much of a footballer to me.
  3. Reading it again I think your right.
  4. That’s a fair statement but calling him a flop isn’t fair in my view.
  5. https://metro.co.uk/2021/10/02/Derby-county-owe-arsenal-8million-for-transfer-flop-signed-by-arsene-wenger-15352953/ According to Metro Bielik is a ‘Transfer Flop’.
  6. Fair enough, I did say it was a personal choice and I don’t condone what he did but it’s clear we sacked him and not the others for reasons that are all too obvious now. Most people would probably sue for unfair dismissal in such circumstances. Personally for myself enough time has passed and I can think positively of what he contributed to the club. I 100% accept that some people won’t give him any quarter.
  7. I will probably get absolutely shot down for this but the the club, fans and players have been all though so much I think it’s time to let bygones be bygones. For a large number of reasons the club hasn’t covered it’s self in glory and we would all cry foul if the wider football world were to condemn us to eternity for our misdemeanours. It’s a personal choice and the world isn’t a very forgiving place these days but I’m glad that Keogh accepts time is a healer and still has a place for Derby in his heart.
  8. Surely Mac 3.5 as it’s on a part time basis
  9. It was disgusting but unless something else has been said it happened years ago (which doesn’t excuse that but wasn’t relevant to the crowd today).
  10. Sibs can learn a lot from how Max Bird has improved the parts of his game that we’re not part of his natural attributes. On Bird, his forward passing has never been in doubt but I’m so impressed by his positioning and his all round play when the ball is coming towards our goal.
  11. If your not a pessimist can any pessimists hovering the fingertips over the keyboard please refrain! I might liquidate myself after reading that 😂
  12. Whatever his beef is, he or an associate have presumably leaked this. Given that people have just found out that they will be losing their livelihoods it’s extremely poor form from Gibson.
  13. I don’t see why that Niall lad from 1D can’t get his 41.3 million Twitter followers to donate £1.21 each to clear the debt. If they could stretch to a couple of quid it might fund a transfer war chest to mount an assault on promotion. This is the impact this is having on my mental health
  14. I’m still appalled by the communication to the club employees from the manager to the general staff and think that was brushed over to a degree. That alone is unforgivable and any leader of any organisation needs to own that responsibility. Morris in this respect has not only failed in this but didn’t show nearly enough contrition for this in my opinion: That said, the detail he shared about the events that have transpired over the last three years does shine a light in the ridiculous way the EFL & the Premier league try to administer the rules and regulations that determine the fiscal landscape that clubs operate within. Institutionally football is broken and Morris thought he could break through that. Clearly he couldn’t and he gambled with our club to try and achieve that with the devastating consequences we now face. From a wider perspective he might be vindicated in the years that follow this but unfortunately this has come at the expense at the club he claims to support and love.
  15. Makes the point against the baggies even better. Proud of our team, manager and fans today.
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