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  1. Orphanram

    Best start in seven years

    It is encouraging but we have got to see how we stand up to the stronger teams in the league. We have currently beaten teams that are 18th,21st,23rd and 24th in the league (granted its early days and those teams could well be in a false position). The positive in winning these games is that they are still easily lost in the Championship and you’ve got to put the points on the board. I think everyone can see the team progressing and hopefully we will be taking points from teams at the other end of the table as well.
  2. Orphanram

    Scott Malone - Signed on a 3 year deal

    I think Frank is picking up the ‘Wheeler Dealer’ mantle from uncle ‘arry. He will be on Sky Sports news tomorrow with his window wound down on his Range Rover as he heads in to do training.
  3. Orphanram

    I am buzzing for tonight game

    Right boys & girls this means the season has officially started, the B4 rallying call to alll Rams across the globe 🌏
  4. Orphanram

    Peter Marples and Mel Morris

    If there is any criminal or suspicious activity going on at PP, Marples will solve the case
  5. Orphanram

    Greatest stroke of managerial genius by a Rams manager

    Gary Rowett jumping from a sinking ship after receiving some advice from his mentor Kenny Burns
  6. Orphanram

    Official: It’s Frank, 3 year deal

    Thanks 👍🏻
  7. Orphanram

    Official: It’s Frank, 3 year deal

    Is there anywhere you can watch the whole press conference again?
  8. Orphanram

    Stadium Naming Rights

    The ‘If it’s Frank’ Stadium
  9. Orphanram

    If it’s Frank

    Beat me to it!
  10. Orphanram

    If it’s Frank

    I’ve just had a premonition of JT in the full Derby kit charging round Pride Park with the Brian Clough trophy
  11. Orphanram

    If it’s Frank

    Bloody hell, Mel needs to take the threat of this FFP stuff more seriously. I mean getting the board in on a Bank Holiday Monday when they will all be grabbing on time and a half is just being frivolous.
  12. Orphanram

    Fulham F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Good point this. A number of posts were made post transfer window slump and you only have to look at mitrovich going to them in January to see what happens when you get it right. The future does look a bit cloudy, Is it likely Huddlestone and Davies will have as good a season (I’m speaking realitvley to our own team) next season? Vydra has been top scorer but isn’t first choice? Jerome has had a decent run of late but how likely is it that he’s going to be a top six striker given he is 31? Does Lawerence look like he is committed to developing into a top championship player or does he have an air that he thinks he is already above that? Is this one too many failed seasons for Keogh, especially at his age? After two seasons of mostly downs is Bradley Johnson likely to be a driving force in a side pushing for promotion? Do any of our academy prospects look likely to cement a first team place? Will there be suitors of newly promoted clubs sniffing around Carson? Whtever the answers to those questions the real concern for me there is so many questions to answer and given Mel’s comments comments earlier in the season that we won’t be adding too much to the squad this summer as there is a belief that we have a strong foundation in place, I think were in for some challenging seasons ahead. Hope I’m wrong.
  13. Orphanram

    Fulham F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    The better team did win but given the investment over the last few years, all the managerial changes, the changes in style of football etc... it’s hard to know where we are going. Part of me understands the oh weren’t we valiant against a really impressive Fulham side and another part of me is why the hell are we playing second fiddle to Fulham in the second tier of English football . Maybe that’s just misguided entitlement but we have been big hitters in terms of transfer fees and wages but in some way it doesn’t feel like the team is progressing towards a more likely promotion. This isn’t a Rowett out post but my hope for us being a team pushing onwards and upwards feels a little bit extinguished. Then again it’s football, who knows what will happen...
  14. Orphanram

    Will Hughes Article

    I know there is a Will Hughes watch thread in football talk but this is an interesting article in the Mail which refers to him leaving Derby and not being a Rowett type of player, which maybe worthy of debate outside of that thread. The comments about the improvements he has made through the coaching he is getting at Watford also make for interesting reading. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5665221/Will-Hughes-not-wonderkid-anymore-cultured-midfielder-impressing-Watford.html

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