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  1. Lawerence was brilliant today, I hope his performance doesn’t go unnoticed today
  2. Fantastic, away fans sounded brilliant👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I’ve got a feeling Mason Bennett has got a significant part to play in our remaining games.
  3. If we go back to the start of the season we would have taken where we are now based on high number of fans saying this would be a season of transition. If you look at the teams above us they have either spent more money than us (West Brom, Villa), have managers who have been through their own transition of bringing their own identity to their teams (Norwich & Bristol City) and managers who have promotion nous with teams with decent squads(Middlesbrough and Sheffield United). If we could take a step back and think we have a rookie manager that has a had to cut its cloth to adhere to financial regulations, blooding academy youngsters and trying (but not always succeeding) to play decent football following a majority of supporters criticising the playing style from the prior seasons then we should at least acknowledge that this has been a decent season so far. I get the frustration with team selections, formations and tactics at times but we haven’t got the luxury of having the best squad in the championship and if a few poor results occur in the short term to build a longer term plan for the club we should at least try to be supportive of that. The communications coming out of recent forums tell us we are not going to be splashing cash around like some other teams will and in my mind that means we have to take the Norwich and Bristol City approach and build a longer term philosophy. There are echos of this happening in the past (BC’s first and second season) and it working. On my part I’m going to look forward to the next five games and if we don’t get in the play offs but build some momentum that will be alright with me.
  4. He made a great run prior to his goal that was reminiscent of vintage Bryson where Waggy laid it off and the keeper saved it. He should have scored but it was really good to see him running in behind the striker (and for his goal). I don’t think he haas ever been a great on the ball player but when you have your striker playing like Waghorn did today then Bryson can be very effective. He got in the right positions today and could have had a hatrick as well as mount.
  5. Mount, Bryson and Waggy were very good today, but I thought Ashley Cole was superb as well. Man of the match @reveldevil for his tip! Just needed 1 more goal for another 280 quid but no complaints from me.
  6. I’ve got a tenner on 5-0 for £280🤞🏻
  7. Thank you reveldevil, I bet 7.50 on Bryson to score first after I saw your post and won 112 quid :)
  8. Absolutely not in the ‘Lampard out’ brigade but I found he was very nonchalant in his post match interview, very frustrating listening
  9. Don’t disagree, I was trying to be ironic and have clearly failed 🤭
  10. I was thinking a bit more out of the box and perhaps we could hold a seance to call on George Jobey or Brian Clough for advice. I don’t normally go in for the supernatural but I’m a convert after witnessing the apparition of George Evans in our midfield today.
  11. Frank might be slightly unfortunate that the current trend is to call for a manager to be sacked immediately when things are going wrong. What happened to the cliche of asking for an older head to come in and help him out.
  12. Let’s trust that Frank knows what he is doing. Hopefully he hasn’t bitten off more than he can chew with Johnson’s selection
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