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  1. Middlesbrough v Derby County match day thread.

    Somebody mentioned earler about Ledley going to Sunderland and we might do better with a more energetic type like Kiftenbield. One thing I will say for Ledley and very much like Eustace, running around like a whirling dervish in that posistion is not the be all and end all. What I recgonise with players of their ilk is that they just seem to know where to stand and are then able amble to a part of the pitch its neccesary for them to be occuyping. The athleticism of the modern game has many attributes but I think there is still a place for insticntive readers of the game.
  2. Sign Joe Ledley

    Eustace got injured though in the 13/14 season in the Jan at Norwich if i remember (probably wrong) I think if he stayed fit we would have been promoted Also seem to remember that Thorne came into the team in the march and results picked back up again, so a midfield option of hudd, thorne or ledley could be the ingridient
  3. Sign Joe Ledley

    The new Eustace
  4. Middlesbrough v Derby County match day thread.

    I think it’s interesting how Rowett seems to build platforms for a series of results. I think the Cardiff result will prove to be a pivotal game we look back on at the end of the season and the draw at Fulham seems to have set up this mini run.
  5. Middlesbrough v Derby County match day thread.

    Let’s hope Tim Ram doesnt get the Shilts after his curry tonight
  6. Derby County V Notts Forest

    Great result today and makes the Cardiff result look even better. There’s definitely a platform that Rowett can build on and if some individual performances improve than we can go on a decent run. I don’t fall out with the assessment of Huddlestone not having a good game and thought Ledley had to balance that off with simple effective play and good positioning. Going forward I think it will be straight choice between Thorne and Huddlestone with maybe Rowett rotating them between key games and home/away fixtures.
  7. View from the outside

    I think it’s unrealistic to hold managers against every statement they make. Our reality over the last 30 odd years is that we’re predominantly a second tier club that has on three occasions got into the top division. Cox, Smith and Davies managed it whilst the rest have failed in that quest. Some of those failures spent more money, some probably had better ‘footballing’ teams (thinking of Mac1 and Burley, of course the the Smith prem team was probably the best of these). This reality is sometimes unbalanced against the size of our fan base and our facilities etc.. which gives an expectation we should be a prem club but the number of fans you have or training grounds don’t earn you promotion. Who knows what GR can do with the team but he needs at least 3 transfer windows in my opinion. When the football is dull it can be difficult for fans but I think the team and GR need a bit more support and patience from us fans.
  8. Rowett didn't bounce.

    I think that what did for Clement was the expectation of the fans that we needed champagne football as the 13/14 season was still fresh in the mind. Effective winning football was not on the agenda at the time and that was a lot of grumbles about style of play even when we were winning. I think this got to Mel and when we got a few poor results the trigger got pulled and the whole Derby Way spin was created which was probably half truth and half excuse for the trigger happy approach. I don't feel there's much difference between Rowett and Clements style but Clement probably had a better squad.
  9. Bristol City v Derby County

    Maybe there's some weird mystical link between the current loading speed of the forum and our midfield
  10. Bristol City v Derby County

    Whilst we seem off the pace, you've got to give BC some credit I think they look a decent outfit
  11. Midfield

    😀 more than a fair assesment
  12. Midfield

    I'm being hard on myself any team Paul Jewell suggested at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon gets that title
  13. Midfield

    For me its a fine line what looks like hoof ball vs getting the ball forwards quickly to get in behind. Leicester are an obvious example of what can be achieved by the latter and maybe Ipswich of the last few seasons are the prime example of the former. Like any formation and tactics you imbue within the team the two main factors which determine whether your Leicster or Ipswich (or most likley somewhere in between veering more towards Ipswich) are the personal you have at your disposal and how they buy into the managers vision. This is the team I would pick to match as close up to leicster in terms of current players if all were fit (this will cement any doubt in my own mind that if nothing I am a s**** armchair manager). Carson Wisdom Shackell Davies Lowe Kief Thorne Thudd Lawerence Forsyth Bennett Clearly some odd choices on the face of it but in my my weird thought process a combo of thorne and thudd play the drinkwater through ball role. Kief might be our Kante, Lawerwnce is our Mahrez and Forsyth matches up Marc Allbrighton ( I think CF is our best crosser although im sure somebody will think he is worse than Nick Pickering or something) and Bennett probably has the most potential as being vardy like. This could also be the worst team anybody has ever suggested.
  14. Online fanbase, more harm than good?

    This is a debate that doesn't really have a definitive answer or answers. People have different perspectives on what constitutes abuse or what's a plain old whinge ( I assume there are forum rules on what becomes criminal abuse). What I find interesting is when one poster is having a right go about someone or something will respond by abusing them for abusing a player ( in my experience some of the anti-booing brigade are amongst the most abusive of online posters). In my opinion the players receive the lionshare of the criticism as this is the main source material of the forum but when you take a step back and see how people generally treat each other when they happen to have a different opinion, the players are not particularly being singled out. Humans have an never ending propensity to be hateful and abusive to anybody for anything. In regard to the OP, I guess creating this forum makes you a bit like God. I'm sure God sits looking down with his hands in his head thinking "I created man in my own image, how did the world end up having so many Ars*holes in it?"
  15. Official: Will Hughes joins Watford

    This is what was posted in their match thread for today Reservist 3-2 to the 'orns. Two dramatic late goals from debutant strikers off the bench rescue victory from the jaws of another defeat to Self Pity City. The Sun snap Troy Deeney looking glum in the stands, and speculate that a big money move to Derby County is imminent.

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