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  1. The funniest thing in football ever, ever... would be.... Derby survive relegation even with a points deduction and EFL pets Middlesbro go down.
  2. Westwods club doing their best to join Derby in League 1 without points deduction. What an utter utter muppet.
  3. Arthur Cox ran straight to him after the game. Best goalkeeping display he had ever seen which is really something considering Arthur was on the bench in the 1973 FA Cup final when Jim Montgomergy kept Leeds at bay all afternoon.
  4. First half resembled a non league match from both teams. The defending from Derby in injury time would not look out of place in Derby Taverners leagues.
  5. This is pretty much a first from me after all these years on the site. Its a very rare venture into commenting on the matchday thread. I dont usually comment because im too emotionally involved in the outcome and get far too knee jerk in my post match reactions with either a win or a loss. Huge hug to all my fellow Rams fans right now. A pandemic to deal with, total lock down for most so the excitement of finally getting out and about and for some even going to a stadium to watch a game. And what do we get? Dross.. utter dross. Today was a bit of a final straw for me and I feel a need to comment. Its actually truly shambolic. Us older ones have seen sustainable shambolic performances before so we know it when we see it. For example... the goal kicks that now Curtis takes sideways to Roos. A cunning plan of extraordinary measures.. or just admitting our goal keeper is a better kicker than our defenders. Why.... WHY have we got 4 holding midfielders?!!! Ravel, Billy Backwards, Graham ” The Trap ” Shinnie and Capt Tom all played there today. Its feckin retarded. I dont even understand where this particular ” plan” comes from. You would assume that Rooney remembers how they set up at United in his playing career. Cant remember Scholes, Butt, Beckham and Cantona all playing holding mid...at the same time...in the same game. You would also assume Rooney and side kick watch other games both live and on telly. I cant recall one team in the history of modern football playing 4 holding mids! This plan we have must be genius huh? Lawrence being made captain!! Again... I assume they reckon giving him leadership responsibility will up his game. Tell you what a leader does. When we get a penalty in a pre season friendly, the leader figures out its a good idea to give the chance to score to young Stretton. Try to up the lads confidence and get his goal scoring for first team up and running. But no... our leader decides its a good time to show off and take a fancy peno. I could go on for hours. Its just too painful in relative terms. They are even laughing at us! Again.huge hug to you all. Try to enjoy the rest of the weekend. Us older ones also remember a team being put together of players you didnt know or had hardly ever heard of in the late 60s who went on to conquer the land. We can dream.
  6. Enjoy B4 mate. Ive never been to that ground still. Hope we can grab all the points too.
  7. Didnt miss the build up at all. Thread is about Shinnie and regardless of what poo play went on leading up to the moment I have highlighted, it was still abysmal play for this level.
  8. Correct. Good heart and pro for sure. But that is not always enough. Just watching tonight v Salford how much more intelligent positions young Hutchinson picks up.
  9. On Saturday at 1-0 up...and just before their equalizer. Ball comes into Shinnie out wide and his attempts to control it but giving it away leading to Curtis giving the free kick away... looked like Sunday morning football. Not just in ability but in braincells too. We have too many players last season making bad decisions during games. Far too many for this level of football.
  10. I can help here. If he speaks for ten minutes then he will say ” Erm” for 9 minutes out of the 10.
  11. Theres a photo of my ex missus smiling somewhere if i dig deep enough.
  12. You are describing 99% of football supporters I have ever sat next to or near... for 50 years.
  13. I was with Rams fans... so I could have let time convince me the penalty was infront of where we were sitting. And also, confession time, we had gone to the game with a lass I fancied, so my attention wasnt all that I suspect.
  14. But the 2 v Real Madrid count as x 100 each. Sublime. If it wasnt for Youtube I swear that I had dreamed that game.
  15. I was there right behind the goal at Maine Road. My mate turned around to me as Quinn saved and said ” We are down then”! Thoroughly miserable season all round.
  16. I dont think Fifa can revoke the individual nations membership. Its pretty set in stone as we bailed them out the financial cart many moons ago.
  17. Been trying to get that bus to come to Stockholm for 25 years.
  18. Its on my bucket list to come over to Australia one day and watch NRL and some Ashes Cricket too.
  19. Ive been lucky enough to watch a number of great Wigan sides...the early 90s team was as you say incredibly good. I loved the Radlinski, Connolly, Paul, Iro brothers era too. Ive a Man City mate in Sweden who said before Man City v Wigan FA cup final ” so lovely that a small town like Wigan gets a day out at Wembley” to which I answered that there is no other town in England knows its way to wembley better than Wigan.
  20. Injured since end of May as are two or three more. Tough season for Lam and our young squad. Platt was a hell of a player in his day. From memory Dallaglio and Mils Mulliana have won world cups at both 7s and XV Union.
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